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background and which
The novels and stories like Pohl's Drunkard's Walk ( 1960 ), with the focus on adventure and with the dystopian elements only a dim background -- in this case an uneasy, overpopulated world in which the mass of people do uninteresting routine jobs while a carefully selected, university-trained elite runs everything -- are in all likelihood as numerous as dystopias.
Meanwhile he has been thinking about the facts surrounding the problem, facts which he knows can never be complete, and the general background, much of which has already been lost to history.
Poster Products Inc., Chicago, Ill.: a changeable copy and display sign which consists of an extruded impact styrene background in choice of colors, onto which are mounted snap-in letters, figures, or words screened on acetate or other types of sheet stock.
Ideal for merchandising use, they are weather-resistant, and have mounting pegs on the back which fit into openings in a vacuum-formed waffle-pattern background panel.
Also available from this company are Snug-Grip Plasti-Bars, extruded of transparent acrylic material, which may be cemented to any corrugated acrylic background material.
In a set of case studies of teachers with various social-class backgrounds, Wattenberg illustrates a variety of approaches to students and to teaching which depend upon the teacher's personality as well as on his social-class background.
He explained the background of the case, ending with the tenuous clue which had brought him to Gulf Springs.
I was reminded, amusedly, by a poem of Kenneth Patchen's called The Murder of Two Men by a Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves, which Patchen himself read on a record against jazz background.
This, in brief, was the historical background out of which Zen emerged.
We went into Mrs. Monmouth's library, which had low bookshelves all along the walls, and above them a Modigliani portrait, a Jackson Pollock twelve feet long, and a gorgeous Miro with a yellow background, that looked like an inscription from a Martian tomb.
This education, history, and background are hinted at in the Margaret Rutherford films ( see below ), in which Miss Marple mentions her awards at marksmanship, fencing and equestrianism ( although these hints are played for comedic value ).
By studying these images, they can detect solar system objects by their movements relative to the background stars, which remain fixed.
One of these corrections is that for lamp flicker noise, which is independent of wavelength, resulting in measurements with very low noise level ; other corrections are those for background absorption, as will be discussed later.
Total absorption is measured with normal lamp current, i. e., with a narrow emission line, and background absorption after application of a high-current pulse with the profile of the self-reversed line, which has little emission at the original wavelength, but strong emission on both sides of the analytical line.
In addition, as the same algorithm is used for background correction and elimination of lamp noise, the background corrected signals show a much better signal-to-noise ratio compared to the uncorrected signals, which is also in contrast to LS AAS.
GCC, which had a background in creating arcade games, designed their new system with a graphical architecture similar to arcade machines of the time.
There is also an assignable background color, which will be visible wherever another object has not covered it up.
Wedge-shaped polycrystals were identified by transmission electron microscopy to grow out of the amorphous phase only after the latter has exceeded a certain thickness, the precise value of which depends on deposition temperature, background pressure and various other process parameters.
Fisher submitted examples of Li ' l Abner to Capp's syndicate and to the New York courts, in which Fisher had identified pornographic images that were hidden in the background art.
According to the director, the advantage of using this technique was " the incredible amount of interaction between the background, which doesn't exist, and the foreground, which is usually your character ".

background and is
It is from this unpromising background that the fictional private detective was recruited.
But in looking at Faulkner against his background in Mississippi and the South, it is important not to lose the broader perspective.
This is not to assume that his work was without merit, but the validity of his assumptions concerning the meaning of history must always be considered against this background of an unprofessional approach.
The pressure for our entry to the Common Market is mounting and we will proceed towards this amalgamated trade union by way of a purely `` economic thoroughfare '', or garden path, with the political ramifications kept neatly in the background.
In these readings, the double bass is either kept discreetly in the background, or it is dressed in clown's attire -- the musical equivalent of a bull in a china shop.
If the background of design is too smooth, or you wish to create a wood-grained effect, it may be added at this time with a dull tool such as the handle of a fine paintbrush.
In following this general principle, Mason provides the observer with a natural eye progression from foreground to background, and the illusion of depth is instantly created.
Cellulose acetate butyrate is used extensively for vacuum-formed signs, background panels, and molded or formed letters because of its exceptional toughness, ease of forming, and excellent weathering properties.
The purpose set forth at the beginning of this book was first to introduce the reader to a general background knowledge of the various types and capabilities of the forecasting methods already in use, so that he might then be in a position to evaluate for himself the validity of the rather astonishing empirical correlation that is to follow, and to appraise the forecast that its interpretation suggests for the future of farm prices over the years immediately ahead.
While this influence is a complex matter, depending upon personality factors in the individual as well as upon his social-class experience, there probably are some general statements about social-class background and educational policy that can be made with a fair degree of truth.
The actual surface becomes both ground and background, and it turns out -- suddenly and paradoxically -- that the only place left for a three-dimensional illusion is in front of, upon, the surface.
One had to manage the given subjects, three diverse recent events, so as to make them part of a classical frieze, -- that is, a pattern of large figures filling the space, with not much else, against a blank background.
A brown hatching reinforces and broadens shadows, and much of the background is solidly covered with a dark coat.
Experience showed, however, that it is very difficult to paint a dark umber background in fresco that will not dry out spotty and uneven.
It is curious that at its best, the work of this school of painting -- Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Still, Robert Motherwell, Willem De-Kooning, and the rest -- resembles nothing so much as the passage painting of quite unimpressive painters: the mother-of-pearl shimmer in the background of a Henry McFee, itself a formula derived from Renoir ; ;
The 53-year-old Shea, a prominent corporation lawyer with a sports background, is generally recognized as the man most responsible for the imminent return of a National League club to New York.
He is, by background and living standards, better fitted to endure hardship uncomplainingly, to demand less in the way of subsistence or comfort, and to look after himself when thrown on his own resources ''.
`` Donnybrook '' is no `` Brigadoon '', but it does have some very nice romantic background touches and some excellent dancing.
In Heidegger's phenomenology, Dasein is always in a meaningful world, but there is always an underlying background for every instance of signification.
Decoration is characterized by fine hatching, and contrasting colors are produced by the use of mineral-based paint on a chalky background.
The tower is decorated with monograms of Jesus ( JHS ), Maria ( M with the ducal crown ) and Joseph ( JHP ), made ​​ of ceramic pieces that stand out golden on the green background that covers the facade.

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