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band's and first
He was in the chorus and played the tenor saxophone, winning first chair in the state band's saxophone section.
Although Hole's sound changed over the course of the band's career, the pretty / ugly dynamic has often been noted as a consistent theme in Love's music, most prominently in Hole's first two studio albums.
" Pull My Strings " was never recorded for a studio release, though the performance at the Bay Area Music Awards, which was the first and only time the song was ever performed, was released on the band's compilation album Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death.
The front and back covers of Devo's first release, the 45rpm single ( music ) | single " Mongoloid ( song ) | Mongoloid " b / w " Jocko Homo " ( 1977 ), released on the band's Booji Boy Records
2008 also saw a Japan exclusive box set containing the band's first six albums, This is the Devo Box.
The Beatles song " Norwegian Wood ", which first appeared on the band's 1965 album Rubber Soul, was the first western pop song to actually incorporate the sitar ( played by lead guitarist George Harrison ).
In November of the same year, the band's first album with Jeepster, ' If You're Feeling Sinister ' was released to critical acclaim.
The acid jazz flavours and ethnic influences of the first three albums continued with the release of Synkronized, and Jay Kay's interest in funk and disco music were shifting the band's directions towards such.
The band's first involvement was on the 1994 demo of " Dark & Gray " on his Bootleg Series Tapes, they would make three more appearances on the tapes in Watch Me Come, Only a Dog and Box # 10.
In a 2002 story for the Chicago Daily Record, Mark Guarino, the newspaper's music critic, wrote that "' Forever Changes ' is a touchstone for serious pop fanatics ..." He added that, "... the band's first three albums were since rediscovered as visionary classics, all three culminating in ' Forever Changes ' ( Elektra ), the band's 1967 masterpiece of ornate pop.
A North American tour, the band's first since 1977, was scheduled to commence on 17 October.
The first Led Zeppelin box set, featuring tracks remastered under Page's supervision, was released in 1990 and bolstered the band's reputation, leading to abortive discussions among members about a reunion.
The band spent the first few months of 2004 touring around the world, first with the third Projekt Revolution tour, and later several European concerts. At the same time, the band's relationship with Warner Bros. Records was deteriorating rapidly on account of several trust and financial issues.
The band's first 7 " EPs, Minor Threat and In My Eyes, were released in 1981.
" Straight Edge ," a song from the band's first EP, helped to inspire the straight edge movement.
Lyle Preslar was briefly a member of Glenn Danzig's Samhain, and his playing appears on a few songs on the band's first record.
The band's first release was the single " Stick to Your Guns / Toast of the Town ", which was released on their own record label, Leathür Records, which had a pressing & distribution deal with Greenworld Distribution in Torrance, California.
Despite the tour ending prematurely in financial disaster, it was the basis for the band's first international press.
On October 14, 1991, the band's first compilation album, Decade of Decadence, was released.
The band's first experience in the recording studio was recording the music to Riff Raff, a low-budget stage musical on which Sneddon had worked.
Curtis committed suicide on 18 May 1980, the day before Joy Division were scheduled to depart for their first American tour, and prior to release of the band's second album, Closer.
The single, " True Faith ", with its surreal video, became a hit on MTV and the band's first American top 40 hit.

band's and new
As the band's primary songwriter, Neil Finn was under pressure to create a second album to match their debut and the band joked that one potential title for the new release was Mediocre Follow-Up.
Recurring Dream contained four songs from each of the band's studio albums, along with three new songs.
A new compilation album, The Very Very Best of Crowded House, was released in October 2010 to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.
The new logo appeared on most of the band's album covers in various forms.
One account of how the new band's name was chosen held that Moon and Entwistle had suggested that the supergroup with Page and Beck would go down like a " lead balloon ", a British idiom for disastrous results.
First was Mothership, a 24-track best-of spanning the band's career, followed by a reissue of the soundtrack to The Song Remains the Same, which included previously unreleased material, and a new DVD.
It featured all of the band's singles since Substance as well as a few extra tracks: " Vanishing Point " ( from 1989's Technique ), " The Perfect Kiss ", " Thieves Like Us ", " Shellshock ", and new recordings of " True Faith ", " Bizarre Love Triangle ", and " 1963 ".
Musically, although Lee's use of sequencers and synthesizers remained the band's cornerstone, his focus on new technology was complemented by Peart's adaptation of Simmons electronic drums and percussion.
In April 2010, Rush entered Blackbird Studios in Nashville with Raskulinecz to record " Caravan " and " BU2B ", two new songs to be featured on the band's studio album Clockwork Angels.
On the last day of the university's spring semester, guitarist Joe Matt called the band's leader and told him that he, drummer Gratzer, and bassist Mike Blair had decided to leave the band and start a new one with Doughty.
This new configuration became very popular in the Boston area, and by the fall of 1971, enthusiastic word-of-mouth led to the Modern Lovers ' first exposure to a major label when Stuart Love of Warner Bros. Records contacted them and organized the band's first multi-track session at Intermedia Studio in Boston.
They played mainly new Stacy-penned tracks, though Darryl Hunt also contributed songs, and the band's live set included a few Pogues songs.
They Might Be Giants ' new logoThe band's 13th album, Here Come the 123s, a DVD / CD follow-up to 2005's critically acclaimed Here Come the ABCs children's project, was released on February 5, 2008.
A new song from the album, " Eardrum Buzz ", became the band's biggest charting single.
Interest in the song saw the US album re-pressed with " Dear God " included and the new version of the LP sold 250, 000 copies in the USA, reviving the band's commercial fortunes and earning critical accolades.
With the sound moving away from punk rock, the band's rockabilly influence became even more noticeable, along with some new elements: funk on the track " True Love pt.
The same day that Nicks ' new album was released, Fox Network broadcast the Glee episode ( Season 2, Episode 19 ) " Rumours " that featured six songs from Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album, including Nicks ' song " Dreams " ( the band's only # 1 song on the US charts ).
A joint statement between Williams and the group said " The rumours are true ... Take That: the original lineup, have written and recorded a new album, to be called, Progress for release later this year ," read the band's statement.
Most of the album was recorded in Munich during the most turbulent period in the band's history, and Taylor and May lamented the new sound, with both being very critical of the influence Mercury's personal manager Paul Prenter had on the singer.
During an interview for Hardtalk on the BBC on 22 September, May confirmed that the band's new deal was with Island Records, a subsidiary of Universal.
After the departures of Margolis and Krummenacher, the band's lineup stabilized in 2007 around Hickman, Lowery, Funaro and new bass guitarist Sal Maida, who had played with Roxy Music.
Although sceptical of Albarn's new manifesto for the band, Balfe gave assent for the band's choice of Andy Partridge of the band XTC to produce their follow-up to Leisure.
Albarn, however, attempted to assuage fans ' fears that the album would be electronic by providing reassurances that the band's new album would be " a rockin ' record ", and also stated that it has " a lot of finely crafted pop songs ".
This incarnation of the band has sometimes been informally referred to as " Yes-West ", reflecting the band's new base in Los Angeles rather than London.
It was announced in August 2010 that new material had been written for the band's twentieth studio album Fly from Here, the first since 2001.

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