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band and appeared
He appeared twice on ABC-TV's Jubilee USA and kept the band on the road into the 1960s.
In 1990, he appeared on " Kool Thing ", a song by the alternative rock band Sonic Youth, and along with Flavor Flav, he sang on George Clinton's song " Tweakin '", which appears on his 1989 album The Cinderella Theory.
Already in 1941 Day appeared as a singer with the Les Brown band in a soundie ( a Cinemasters production ).
Notable jazz bassists from the 1940s to the 1950s included bassist Jimmy Blanton ( 1918 – 1942 ) whose short tenure in the Duke Ellington Swing band ( cut short by his death from tuberculosis ) introduced new melodic and harmonic solo ideas for the instrument ; bassist Ray Brown ( 1926 – 2002 ), known for backing Beboppers Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Charlie Parker, and forming the Modern Jazz Quartet ; hard bop bassist Ron Carter ( born 1937 ), who has appeared on 3, 500 albums make him one of the most-recorded bassists in jazz history, including LPs by Thelonious Monk and Wes Montgomery and many Blue Note Records artists ; and Paul Chambers ( 1935 – 1969 ), a member of the Miles Davis Quintet ( including the landmark modal jazz recording Kind of Blue ) and many other 1950s and 1960s rhythm sections, was known for his virtuosic improvisations.
It features mostly new material, plus re-recordings of four very obscure Devo songs: " I Need A Chick " and " I Been Refused " ( from Hardcore Devo: Volume Two ), " Find Out " ( which appeared on the single and EP of " Peek-A-Boo " in 1982 ), and " Beehive " ( which was recorded by the band in 1974, at which point it was apparently abandoned with the exception of one appearance at a special show in 2001 ).
Robert Schwartzman is the lead singer in the band Rooney and appeared in The Princess Diaries as well as having small appearances in several films, including his cousin Sofia's The Virgin Suicides.
Lee appeared in Broken Social Scene's music video for their 2006 single " Fire Eye'd Boy ", judging the band while they perform various musical tasks, and in 2006, Lee joined Lifeson's supergroup the Big Dirty Band, to provide songs accompanying Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.
Their 1969 album The Gilded Palace of Sin was a modernized version of the Bakersfield style of country music made popular by Buck Owens, and the band appeared on the album cover wearing Nudie suits emblazoned with all sorts of hippie accoutrements.
In addition to stage work, Milford appeared in the 1975 television movies Song of the Succubus ( with Brooke Adams ) and Rock-a-Die-Baby also known as Night of the Full Moon, in which he performed music with his band Moon.
The band appeared on French television with Salvador Dalí, who splashed black paint on them during a performance of their second single " Rainbow Chaser.
They appeared in music halls and pubs during the 19th century, providing entertainment through a piano soloist, or in combination with a small band.
" The first known use of the phrase punk rock appeared in the Chicago Tribune on March 22, 1970, attributed to Ed Sanders, cofounder of New York's anarcho-prankster band The Fugs.
In February 1977, the first album by a British punk band appeared: Damned Damned Damned ( by the Damned ) reached number thirty-six on the UK chart.
Lovering continued to do some drumming, playing with the band Cracker, as well as on one of Tanya Donelly's solo albums, and on the Martinis ' song " Free ", which appeared on the Empire Records soundtrack.
The Beatles, for example, have appeared on the cover more than thirty times, either individually or as a band.
He appeared in Pet Sematary as a minister at a funeral, in Thinner as a pharmacist, in Rose Red as a pizza deliveryman, as a news reporter in The Storm of the Century, in The Stand as " Teddy Wieszack ," in the Shining miniseries as a band member, in The Langoliers as Tom Holby and in Sleepwalkers as the cemetery caretaker.
The Saint had a band of compatriots, including Roger Conway, Norman Kent, Archie Sheridan, Richard " Dicky " Tremayne ( a name that appeared in the 1990s TV series, Twin Peaks ), Peter Quentin, Monty Hayward, and his ex-military valet, Orace.
Three more albums followed: 1985's Little Creatures ( which featured the hit singles " And She Was " and " Road to Nowhere "), 1986's True Stories ( Talking Heads covering all the soundtrack songs of Byrne's musical comedy film, in which the band also appeared ), and 1988's Naked.
Garth appeared on the band ’ s first Radio 1 Peel Session, in September 1977, but due to his alcoholism he was quickly replaced with Steve Garvey, joining Dirty Looks in New York.
Hawkins's act was popular in and around Toronto and he had an effective way of eliminating his musical competition: When a promising band appeared, Hawkins would often hire their best musicians for his own group ; Robertson, Danko, and Manuel came under Hawkins ' tutelage this way.
In contrast to the rest of the band, the relatively disciplined Westerberg appeared at rehearsals in neat clothes and insisted on practicing songs until he was happy with them.
On 30 April, the band appeared at the Rock Against Racism gig at Victoria Park, Bow, Tower Hamlets.
And, despite continued denials by the band, it settled a five-year legal battle with Hudson, paying him $ 600, 000 after he proved he held the copyright to the song " Thug " which appeared on Eliminator.
ZZ Top contributed a song, " Doubleback ", and appeared as an acoustic band in the wild-west dance scene in the 1990 movie, Back to the Future Part III.
The band also appeared in the 1990 TV movie, Mother Goose Rock ' n ' Rhyme, portraying the Three Men in a Tub.

band and Beau
During the same period, he worked as a staff record producer for Autumn Records, producing for San Francisco-area bands such as The Beau Brummels, The Mojo Men, Bobby Freeman, and Grace Slick's first band, the Great Society.
Gennett is best remembered for the wealth of early jazz talent recorded on the label, including sessions by Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbecke, The New Orleans Rhythm Kings, " King " Joe Oliver's band with the young Louis Armstrong, Lois Deppe's Serenaders with the young Earl Hines, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, The Red Onion Jazz Babies, The State Street Ramblers, Zach Whyte and his Chocolate Beau Brummels, Alphonse Trent and his Orchestra and many others.
Following the break-up of the band, Beau Cook returned to his former band, Smoother.
The Beau Brummels were an American rock band.
After recording an album of cover songs, Beau Brummels ' 66, the band released a pair of critically acclaimed albums: Triangle in 1967 and Bradley's Barn in 1968.
The five original Beau Brummels reformed in 1974, and the band released an eponymous album the following year.
Although the band split up again soon after the album's release, the Beau Brummels continued to work in various incarnations from the late 1970s through the mid-1990s, including shows with The Smithereens, and often appeared in tandem with The Dinosaurs, the psychedelic-era " supergroup ".
The Beau Brummels are considered the first band to achieve widespread success in response to the British Invasion from a burgeoning San Francisco music scene that included such bands as The Charlatans, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, We Five, Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Country Joe and the Fish.
The band also appeared as the Beau Brummelstones in a 1965 episode of the animated television sitcom The Flintstones.
The band was formed in 1962 in Bergenfield, New Jersey by brothers Beau Charles ( guitar & vocals ) and John Charles ( bass & vocals ) ( birth names: Robert and John Carlos Cecchino respectively ) with fluctuating personnel until 1964, when they met Buddy Randell ( vocals & sax ) ( birth name: William Crandall ).
* D. C. ( born Paul Di Giacomo ; also in songwriter Beau Young's band )-guitar, vocals
Guitarist Beau Burchell joined L. A. band Open Hand before co-forming the post-hardcore band Saosin.

band and on
Undismayed by this contretemps, a small band of the faithful gathered at Lauchli's home at 6:30 A.M. the next day, put on their uniforms, and headed for a farm several miles away.
WBAI, the listener-supported outlet on the frequency-modulation band, has decided to do what it can to correct this aural void.
The band completed their third album and released it exclusively digital on August 29, 2009.
The tempo of their arrangement was slowed to allow for the bagpipes, but it was based on Collins ': it began with a bagpipe solo introduction similar to her lone voice, then it was accompanied by the band of bagpipes and horns, whereas in her version she is backed up by a chorus.
It hit number 1 in the UK singles chart in April 1972, spending 24 weeks total on the charts, topped the RPM national singles chart in Canada for three weeks, and rose as high as number 11 in the U. S. It is also a controversial instrumental, as it combined pipes with a military band.
* The San Francisco-based band Om mentions Absalom in their song " Kapila's Theme " from their debut album Variations on a Theme.
They withdrew to Mercia, but, in January 878, made a sudden attack on Chippenham, a royal stronghold in which Alfred had been staying over Christmas, " and most of the people they killed, except the King Alfred, and he with a little band made his way by wood and swamp, and after Easter he made a fort at Athelney in the marshes of Somerset, and from that fort kept fighting against the foe ".
They entered in the accepted way, by climbing in through the kitchen window, to find Muddy Waters ' band sleeping on the kitchen floor.
While touring Scandinavia he first joined forces with guitarist and singer Peter Thorup, together forming the band New Church, who were one of the support bands at the Rolling Stones Free Concert in Hyde Park, London, on 5 July 1969.
The German metal band van Canto uses vocal noises to imitate guitars on covers of well-known rock and metal songs ( such as " Master of Puppets " by Metallica ) as well as original compositions.
Although they are generally classified as a cappella metal, the band also includes a drummer, and use amplifiers on some songs to distort the voice to sound more like a real guitar.
Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch rap rock band formed after what was originally intended as a one-time jam-session at a festival in Utrecht on December 20, 1986.
More recently, the horn section of Antibalas have been guest musicians on TV On The Radio's highly acclaimed 2008 album Dear Science, as well as on British band Foals ' 2008 album, Antidotes.
He based it on an interviewer he overheard during his time in a band.
His mannerisms were based on a band director for Judge's ninth-grade class.
His voice is based on a band director Mike Judge had in 9th grade.
However, in 1908 with the Scottish and Irish unions refusing to be involved, the Anglo-Welsh side only sported red jerseys with a thick white band on their jerseys on tour to Australia and New Zealand.
During this period, the band teamed up with producer Mark Cunningham on the first-ever BBC Children In Need single, a cover of David Bowie's " Heroes ", released in 1986 under the name of The County Line.
Gothic metal band Paradise Lost also covered " Smalltown Boy " as a bonus track on the digi-pack version of the Symbol of Life album.
In May 2010, the band stated on their website that they were " back in the studio working on some new songs " and later revealed that they were " in the final stages of recording the album ".
It was recorded in her presence on October 21, 1958, at Decca's Pythian Temple, with Dick Jacob, Coral-Brunswick's new head of Artists and Repertoire, serving as both producer and conductor of the 18-piece orchestra, which included members of the New York Symphony Orchestra, NBC Television's house orchestra and Abraham " Boomie " Richman, formerly of Benny Goodman's band.
Queen Boadicea features in the opening lyrics of the song " The Good Old Days " written by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat for British rock band The Libertines from their 2002 album " Up the bracket ", the line reads, " If Queen Boadicea is long dead and gone, Still then the spirit in her children's children's children, it lives on ".

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