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band and filed
On June 11, 2008, the band and manager Burt Stein filed suit against each other.
The original group had filed a lawsuit in California against the Seattle grunge band in 1992.
The band of writers wanted to change virtually everything and were arrested with several cases filed against them on various charges.
As a result of the replacement, DeYoung filed a lawsuit charging that the remaining members of the band were using the Styx name without his consent, and he in turn was eventually countersued by Shaw and Young for using the billing of " Dennis DeYoung, the voice of Styx " in his solo concerts.
Then, Sanctuary Music, Poison's former management company, filed a $ 45. 5 million breach of contract suit against the band.
In September 1994 another damaging controversy erupted when top heavy metal band Metallica filed suit against Elektra to terminate their contract and gain ownership of their master recordings.
In 1977, the band filed an official land claim with the federal Office of Native Claims regarding the land.
Cadogan filed suit, alleging wrongful termination, adding that his production, recording, and songwriter royalties were withheld since being kicked out of the band.
On February 23, 2011, it was revealed that Fredianelli had filed a federal lawsuit against Jenkins for over eight million dollars in damages for not giving him credit for past work with the band.
Jesse Jackson administered the service and as the mourners filed in, Curtis's band ' The Kingpins ' played " Soul Serenade ".
* Dudes Where's My Tour Diary ?, an audio tour diary filed by Calgary band The Dudes,
Assault charges were filed, but the band considered it to have been entirely accidental.
" " Jack Pepsi " was released as a single, but Pepsi filed a lawsuit against the band due to the cover art on the single, which was the Pepsi logo with " Tad " in place of " PEPSI.
In 2006, Jay Black filed for bankruptcy due to gambling debts, and his ownership of the name " Jay & The Americans " was sold by the bankruptcy trustee to Sandy Deanne ( Yaguda ), Black's former band mate and original member of Jay & The Americans for $ 100, 000 to pay Black's debts.
Geils names band members Richard Salwitz, Danny Klein, Peter Wolf and Seth Justman in the lawsuit filed in Boston Superior Court, claiming they " planned and conspired " to exclude Geils from a tour and are unlawfully using the group's trademarked name.
In 1985, the band was forced into breaking up when Solid Gold Records filed for bankruptcy protection.
Cadogan filed suit, alleging wrongful termination, adding that his production, recording, and songwriter royalties were withheld since being kicked out of the band.
On December 4, 2008, a lawsuit was filed by Satriani accusing the band Coldplay of plagiarizing " substantial original portions " of the album's sixth track, " If I Could Fly ", on their 2008 song, " Viva la Vida ".
In January 2008, Victory filed a lawsuit against Virgin / EMI Records alleging that " Virgin / EMI improperly induced platinum-selling band Hawthorne Heights to repudiate its contract with top independent label Victory Records ", including allegations that Virgin / EMI funded the initial phase of Hawthorne Heights ' lawsuit against Victory.
A security guard and, to a lesser extent, the band were implicated in a lawsuit which was eventually dropped with no charges filed.
Consequently, the Romantics filed a lawsuit against their management in 1987, and the legalities involved prevented the band from recording new music until the mid-1990s.
But, a lawsuit filed by Black against his former band L. A.
On July 7, 1997, Corabi filed a $ 4-million lawsuit against the band for alleged breach of contract, fraud, and slander.

band and suit
In addition, another controversy that hit the band in 1988 was a law suit made by Matthew Trippe.
Staind was unsuccessful in their suit prompting Stainbrook to pursue litigation against the band for including false statements in their application with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.
If Stainbrook's suit was successful, Staind would have had to change their band name and forfeit all trademark claims.
Finch can be spotted in the fashion show sporting a brick-patterned suit and in the parade leading the all-accordion marching band.
Bonnecaze, who brought his suit to the United States District Court in New Orleans, argued that the band owed him money " based on his role in fortifying the band's reputation ," according to Rolling Stone.
The suit claimed that Biafra had failed to pay the band royalties on Dead Kennedys albums.
* General Porfirio Díaz orders a mariachi band to wear upper-class clothing ( a charro suit ) when they played for the visiting United States Secretary of State Elihu Root ; this is the beginning of modern mariachi, as well as the traditional dress of future mariachi stars.
Johnson followed suit and, as a result of the departures, the band dropped out of a planned co-headlining tour with Suicidal Tendencies.
He briefly changed the name of the band from " Coral Reefers " to the " Coral Reef Band " to suit the HLS & R's request as they thought " Reefers " was a drug related reference.
The suit was resolved by 1999 when the band reunited for a brief tour and they finally began to resolve their personal differences.
In January the group and Elektra jointly announced that they had settled the suit, and although a non-disclosure agreement kept the terms secret, media sources claimed that " a significant increase in royalty payments to the band as well as a renegotiation of the group's recording contract were key factors in Metallica and Elektra coming to terms.
Although Fry was the only member left, he had a backing band and adorned the album cover in his trademark gold lamé suit.
By the middle of June the riots in Los Angeles were dying out but the riots spread throughout California to cities in Texas and Arizona while incidents broke out in other cities such as Detroit, New York and Philadelphia, where two members of Gene Krupa's dance band were beaten up for wearing the band's zoot suit stage costumes.
Although the tracks did not suit his vocal style, the band soon wrote the majority of the following Head On album in their earliest rehearsal sessions, some of which were immediately incorporated into their live set.
The attachment ring system uses a support ring inside the suit and a clamping band outside the suit to tightly hold the suit and the separate hood / boot / glove together.
The transitional album somewhat evocative of such American rock bands as Weezer and the Pixies catapulted the band to mainstream success in Japan, and as Sawao remarked in one interview, many fans and critics felt that such style was the pillows ' strongest suit.
Black concentric rings surround the globe ; to the right of it is the black silhouette of a man in a black suit holding a gun at his side, and a black band beneath the globe and the man features the name " U. N. C. L. E.

band and against
They withdrew to Mercia, but, in January 878, made a sudden attack on Chippenham, a royal stronghold in which Alfred had been staying over Christmas, " and most of the people they killed, except the King Alfred, and he with a little band made his way by wood and swamp, and after Easter he made a fort at Athelney in the marshes of Somerset, and from that fort kept fighting against the foe ".
In March 1964, " Elverket Spelmanslag " was up against another band in a talent contest, The Hep Stars.
The suite which includes a Scottish pipe band, Irish and Welsh harpists, Galician gaitas, Irish uilleann pipes, the bombardes of Brittany, two vocal soloists and a narrator is set against a background of a classical orchestra and a large choir.
Around the same time, East Bay Ray had tried to pressure the rest of the band to sign to the major record label Polydor Records ; Biafra stated that he was prepared to leave the group if the rest of the band wanted to sign to the label, though East Bay Ray asserts that he recommended against signing with Polydor.
It was believed that the Encyclopédie was the work of an organized band of conspirators against society, and that the dangerous ideas they held were made truly formidable by their open publication.
Because an unamplified upright bass is generally the quietest instrument in a jazz band, many players of the 1920s and 1930s used the slap style, slapping and pulling the strings so that they make a rhythmic " slap " sound against the fingerboard.
An upright bassist auditioning for a blues band might be asked to play in a Swing-style walking bassline, a rockabilly-style " slapping " bassline ( in which the strings are percussively struck against the fingerboard ) and a 1950s ballad with long held notes.
It was reported by AAP that a band member had initiated legal action against McDonald's as the hamburger chain had copied trademarked elements of the band's look.
A band of " Scythians " set a naval raid against Pontus, in the northern part of modern Turkey.
:" The tragedy of Dokdokwas is deepened by the fact that most scholars now agree that Frémont and Carson, in their blind vindictiveness, probably chose the wrong tribe to lash out against: In all likelihood the band of native Americans that had killed three men were from the neighboring Modoc ...
Second, while playing Scandals Disco in Edmonton, a spurious " bomb threat " against the band made the front page of the Edmonton Journal ( June 9, 1982 ); assistant band manager Greif and Lee were interviewed.
For example, the intense backlash against country band the Dixie Chicks, for remarks critical of President George W. Bush onstage in London in 2003, was described by newspaper columnist Don Williams as the price for freely speaking political views disapproved by supporters of the Iraq War.
The left-wing British band Chumbawamba recorded a song protesting against the accent: " R. I. P.
With albums such as Wish You Were Here ( 1975 ), an ode to former band member Syd Barrett and screed against the music business and Animals ( 1977 ), a concept album based on Animal Farm by George Orwell, they were firmly in the realm of symphonic prog.
Byrne took legal action against the rest of the band to prevent them using the name " Talking Heads ", something he saw as " a pretty obvious attempt to cash in on the Talking Heads name.
" Man of the Earth ", which the band had high hopes for, was due to be the third single from the album, however Epic Records decided against it when The Stranglers failed to secure a tour in America.
During 1980, six years after Vangelis decided against joining Yes, he and Jon Anderson, the lead singer of Yes, released their first album together, Short Stories, under the band name of Jon & Vangelis.
In May the band played a high-profile concert at Manchester's International II with James organized by Dave Haslam to raise funds for a campaign against Clause 28.
Silvertone owners Zomba Records took out an injunction against the band in September 1990 to prevent them from recording with any other label, but in May 1991 the court sided with the group, which was then released from its contract.

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