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band and members
The founding members of the rock band Stereophonics originated from the nearby village of Cwmaman.
Belle and Sebastian are often compared with acts such as The Smiths, The members of the band see this as a landmark event, with Stevie Jackson saying, " This is the biggest thrill of my entire life ".
In October 2006, members of the band helped put together a CD collection of new songs for children titled Colours Are Brighter, with the involvement of major bands such as Franz Ferdinand and The Flaming Lips .< ref >
It was recorded in her presence on October 21, 1958, at Decca's Pythian Temple, with Dick Jacob, Coral-Brunswick's new head of Artists and Repertoire, serving as both producer and conductor of the 18-piece orchestra, which included members of the New York Symphony Orchestra, NBC Television's house orchestra and Abraham " Boomie " Richman, formerly of Benny Goodman's band.
* Blitz, a band formed in 1993 by former Ultravox members John Foxx and Robin Simon
In late 1942 after several band members had left the group, and as World War II raged, Wills joined the Army, but received a medical discharge in 1943.
For a very brief period in 1944 the Wills band included 23 members., and around mid year he toured Northern California and the Pacific Northwest with 21 pieces in the orchestra. Billboard reported that Wills outgrossed Harry James, Benny Goodman, " both Dorsies, et al.
Frustrated by the difficulties of working with musicians from different nationalities, he formed Kaygısızlar ( The Carefrees ), featuring Mazhar Alanson and Fuat Güner, future members of the band MFÖ.
He recorded several singles and toured with the band, both domestically and internationally, until the band members revealed that they did not want to live abroad.
Many bands, such as Mayhem and Gorgoroth, are noted for their controversial shows, which have featured impaled animal heads, mock crucifixions, medieval weaponry and band members doused in animal blood.
Incidents included the killing of three members of a pop band, the Miami Showband, by a gang including members of the UVF who were also members of the local army regiment, the UDR, and in uniform at the time, and the killing by the Provisionals of eighteen members of the Parachute Regiment in the Warrenpoint Ambush-seen by some as revenge for Bloody Sunday.
* CPR ( band ), whose members are David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, and Crosby's son James Raymond
* Cinema ( band ), a 1982 band formed by ex-Yes members Alan White and Chris Squire
Ingram, older than the rest of the members of the band, left to serve active duty in Vietnam, and was later replaced by Walter " Clyde " Orange, the second lead singer who wrote or co-wrote many of their hit tunes before Lionel Richie came on board.
Musician Jack Bessant, the bass guitarist with the band Reef grew up on his parents ' strawberry farm, and Matt Goss and Luke Goss, former members of Bros, lived in Cheddar for nine months as children.
Neil Finn ( vocals, guitar, piano ) and drummer Paul Hester ( ex-The Cheks, Deckchairs Overboard ) were former members of New Zealand band Split Enz, which spent part of 1975-6 in Australia and several years in England.
In 2001, the band reformed without Biafra, who had been in a legal dispute with the remaining members over royalties.
In 1986 members of the band, along with other parties involved in the distribution of Frankenchrist, were charged criminally with distribution of harmful matter to minors.
In the late 1990s, former band members discovered problems with the amount of payments which each band member had received from their record label Alternative Tentacles.

band and each
" He leaves you dangling at the end of each bridge, lets the band punctuate the trail of words he's squeezed into his lines, which gives it a reluctant soft-shoe charm.
The University of Illinois marching band, the Marching Illini, wore two baldrics as a part of their uniform until 2009, with one over each shoulder.
Qualified banks borrow from each other within this band, but never above or below, because the central bank will always lend to them at the top of the band, and take deposits at the bottom of the band ; in principle, the capacity to borrow and lend at the extremes of the band are unlimited.
The electronic structure of a crystal is in general described by a band structure, which defines the energies of electron orbitals for each point in the Brillouin zone.
The energy bands each correspond to a large number of discrete quantum states of the electrons, and most of the states with low energy ( closer to the nucleus ) are occupied, up to a particular band called the valence band.
In addition, Grammy-winning metal band Mastodon has released three concept albums, Leviathan, Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye, which, along with their debut album, Remission, make up a quadrilogy, each representing its own element: water, earth, air and fire, respectively.
In fairness to the FCC, the 42-50 MHz band was plagued by frequent tropospheric and E-layer stratospheric propagation which caused distant high powered stations to interfere with each other.
Depending on the number of different molecules, each lane shows separation of the components from the original mixture as one or more distinct bands, one band per component.
* 1957 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles are introduced to each other when Lennon's band the Quarrymen performs at the St. Peter's Church Hall fête in Woolton.
Under the terms of their contract, the band had autonomy in deciding when they would release albums and tour and had final say over the contents and design of each album.
On June 11, 2008, the band and manager Burt Stein filed suit against each other.
In addition to performing a set featuring material from Saints of Los Angeles, the band also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Dr. Feelgood by performing the album in its entirety on each night of the tour and re-releasing the album as a special 20th anniversary deluxe edition.
Since the RNA is first separated by size, if only one probe type is used variance in the level of each band on the membrane can provide insight into the size of the product, suggesting alternative splice products of the same gene or repetitive sequence motifs.
The band rehearsed with each member taking turns on vocals.
Following the release of Republic, the band put New Order on hold while each member continued on with their own side-projects.
Following the breakup, each band member devoted time to his own solo projects.
Thus, their energy levels stack up, creating band structure out of each atomic energy level.
" in imitation of In 1992, Phish introduced collaboration between audience and band called the " Big Ball Jam " in which each band member would throw a large beach ball into the audience and play a note each time his ball was hit.

band and stated
In May 2010, the band stated on their website that they were " back in the studio working on some new songs " and later revealed that they were " in the final stages of recording the album ".
Love's varying genre interests were illustrated in a 1991 interview, in which she stated: " There's a part of me that wants to have a grindcore band and another that wants to have a Raspberries-type pop band.
The band has stated the two-disc CD will be based on the seven deadly sins.
Around the same time, East Bay Ray had tried to pressure the rest of the band to sign to the major record label Polydor Records ; Biafra stated that he was prepared to leave the group if the rest of the band wanted to sign to the label, though East Bay Ray asserts that he recommended against signing with Polydor.
When asked during a 2007 phone-in interview on XETRA-FM if he ever had any notions of performing in an Oingo Boingo reunion, Elfman immediately rejected the idea and stated that in the last few years with the band he had begun to develop significant and irreversible hearing damage as a result of his continuous exposure to the high noise levels involved in performing in a rock band.
Similarly, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stated that the band were " as influential in that decade 1970s as The Beatles were in the prior one ".
While the band Korn is considered the pioneers of the nu metal genre, frontman Johnathan Davis stated: " I remember when were coming out we were fighting being called a metal band because we weren't a metal band, we were something that wasn't classifiable ," Davis says.
Rolling Stone stated that the band helped to "... spawn a new wave of bands oriented around group improvisation and superextended grooves.
Hugh Syme, creator of graphics on many of Rush's albums, stated in a 1983 interview that the Starman " didn't begin as an identity factor for the band, it just got adopted.
When Orbison started with " Crying " and hit the high notes, Goodwin stated, " The strings were playing and the band had built up, and sure enough, the hair on the back of my neck just all started standing up.
In March 2010, Aaron Lewis stated the band would start working on their seventh studio album by the end of the year.
Guitarist Mike Mushok stated in a recent question and answer session with fans that the band is looking to make a heavy record, but still " explore some of the things we did on the last record and take them somewhere new for us ".
" However, in a more recent interview with Gorillaz-Unofficial, Jamie Hewlett, the co-creator of the band, stated that since the time of the previous interview, Damon's and his own fixation on the film had lessened.
In his autobiography, Cornwell stated that he felt the band was a spent force creatively, and cited various examples of his increasingly acrimonious relationship with his fellow band-members, particularly Burnel.
Despite this, the band did not feel part of the hardcore scene ; as Mars later stated, " we were confused about what we were ".
He stated in the interview that he was " never interested " in the " decadent lifestyle " of his band days, choosing not to take drugs or drink alcohol.
Billy Zoom had also stated that he would leave the band unless its next album was more successful.
In an interview on the BBC's Newsnight, Squire stated that he thought the reunion of the band would never happen even if Ian Brown and he were on speaking terms as he would refuse, not being interested in reforming the band.

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