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basement and level
A belowground basement can cut the fallout radiation to one-tenth of the outside level.
In the reinforced concrete structure scheme, the core has a similar arrangement to the steel scheme and the wind shear is taken out from the core at the lowest basement level and transferred to the perimeter diaphragm walls.
In order to reduce large shear reversals in the core walls in the basement, and at the top of the tower base level, the ground floor, basement levels 1 and 2 and the 5th and 6th floors, the floor slabs and beams are separated horizontally from the core walls.
It also gives access to the S-Bahn and the basement level food floor of the Arkaden shopping mall.
40, 000 square metres, the lowest ( basement ) level being a food floor ; there are also four major hotels, and Europe's largest casino ( the " Spielbank Berlin ").
The headquarters of the " piano bank " is below street level in the basement of the Steinway Hall in Manhattan, New York City.
This sandy core began to erode as it was exposed to a strong current along the island's steep basement when the sea level rose 8000 years ago.
Two years later it was moved to the Centennial room in the basement level of City Hall.
Liz summons an elevator, gets into it, and presses for the basement level.
Surveys of the structure show that the basement level is perfectly aligned, indicating use of professional drawing and measurement, but each subsequent level becomes less and less regular.
Building A is a long connecting building, it has ground, first floor and basement level and holds the auditoria.
The Fairfield Street entrance, at basement level, serves the car park, taxi rank, and the Metrolink station.
The CBI headquarters offer to its staff a large cafeteria which can accommodate 500 persons, separate gyms for men and women, a terrace garden and a double level basement parking for about 470 vehicles.
This saw a new ticket hall, dealing with both lines, built in the basement of the Bakerloo station, the Bakerloo lifts removed, and new deep-level escalators opened down to the Bakerloo line level.
A gallery running around the castle at basement level has 32 loops for hand-guns covering the moat.
They removed old fixtures and a gas stove from the main level and various junk from the basement.
The Permanent Collection in the basement level of the building showcases ancient art from Egypt, China and other locales.
The basement level houses arrival facilities, including customs and baggage claim.
Many ranch style homes and manufactured homes utilize a main floor slightly raised above ground level, but have an overall flat layout with either a crawlspace or slightly raised basement below for plumbing, electrical, and heating systems.
Elevated circulating level of growth hormone and estrogen get to multipotent cap cells on tip of TEB through a leaky thin layer of basement membrance and promote specific gene expression.
In the next level, Doc Ock pulls a heist on the bank, like he did in the movie and the main console version, and after Spider-Man defeats several of Ock's crooks and saves several security guards and civilians, he confronts Ock in the bank's basement.
As no basement was possible because of the low level roads beneath the library and a tall book stack was deemed inappropriate because of the desire to keep the height of the building low so it didn ’ t overwhelm the surrounding buildings.
He faced the brick with stone, added a tall chimney to each corner, and lowered the ground level on one side, exposing the basement level and forming a new principal entrance.

basement and Atherton
Thereafter, the Ghostbusters ' office is visited by Walter Peck ( William Atherton ), a lawyer representing the EPA, who arrests the team for operating an unlicensed nuclear device in their basement and orders their ghost containment grid deactivated, unleashing hundreds of captured ghosts onto the city.

basement and Hall
On 25 January 1939, a Columbia University team conducted the first nuclear fission experiment in the United States, which was done in the basement of Pupin Hall ; the members of the team were Herbert L. Anderson, Eugene T. Booth, John R. Dunning, Enrico Fermi, G. Norris Glasoe, and Francis G. Slack.
The Philosophy Hall at Columbia University, which housed the basement laboratory where Armstrong developed FM radio.
Working in the basement laboratory of Columbia's Philosophy Hall, he invented wide-band frequency modulation ( FM ) radio.
As the situation escalates and events transpire, Sheffield City Council is directed by the Home Office to assemble an emergency operations team, which establishes itself in a makeshift bomb shelter in the basement of the Town Hall.
In June 1983, the first class of 13 U. S. Army students began in the basement of Bell Hall at Fort Leavenworth.
In the basement of the new Ellicott Square Building, Main Street, Buffalo, New York, Mitchell Mark ( properly spelled Mitchel Mark ) and his brother Moe Mark added what they called Edison's Vitascope Theater ( entered through Edisonia Hall ), which they opened to the general public on October 19, 1896 in collaboration with Rudolf Wagner, who had moved to Buffalo after spending several years working at the Edison laboratories.
| Historic Slade Hotel located in Adrian, Minnesota has been renovated to apartments, and the basement houses Adrian's Senior Citizen Dining and Community Hall
Its studios are located in the basement of Firestine Hall on Woodlawn Ave.
A three-story building with a basement on East Pearl Street ( formally known as Broadway Street ) became known as the Boehringer Hall because of the dance floor on the third story.
The owners of Beechwood Hall buried their silver and kept their horses in the basement to prevent them from being stolen.
Scheduled to be opened in 8113 AD, it is located in the basement of Phoebe Hearst Hall.
Additional food options on campus include a convenience store / coffee shop in the Campus Center, a bakery in Claflin Hall, Collins café outside the movie theater, El Table, a student-run sandwich shop located in Founders Hall ( an academic building housing many of the humanities classes ) that uses many local and organic products, and the Cafe Hoop, a student-run cooperative cafe in the basement of the Campus Center that is known for its late hours, queer-friendly environment, eclectic decoration, and ever popular nachos.
In 1944, KRCC began as a two-room public address system in the basement of Bemis Hall.
Rose is the campus ghost, widely believed to haunt the basement and staircases of Sumner Hall.
Located in the basement of Evans Hall, it continues to host live music shows and other events several times each week.
When KJNB first started out in 1954, it was located in the basement of Mary Hall ( where Bat Cave is supposedly right now ).
The location now ( the basement ) used to be Rat Hall, filled with dormitories that housed the ROTC students.
On January 25, 1939 an experimental team at Columbia University conducted the first nuclear fission experiment in the United States in the basement of Pupin Hall.
The West Bloomfield JCC houses two gymnasiums which can be made into three gyms using a movable wall, a workout area, an indoor full size and kiddie pool, an outdoor full size pool, a kosher restaurant, a Michigan Jewish war veterans museum, an in line hockey center, a library, ceramics / art rooms, a large auditorium type room ( Handleman Hall ), an art museum, an area dedicated to teaching and learning about tzedakah ( charity ) called Shalom Street, a performing arts theater in its basement, a preschool, offices for summer camps, the previously mentioned preschool, and other administrative offices and organizations.
Also in 2007, a varsity weight room was opened in the basement of Kenyon Hall, exclusively for the training of varsity athletes.
The SFS has a burgeoning stock of various games in a library at the basement of Riley Hall allowing for such an event to take place.
Located in the basement of Van Winkle Hall.

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