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blue-eyed and would
In an era when the " one-drop rule " would classify a person with any African ancestry as black, and black people in the South had been effectively disfranchised, Harding's campaign manager responded, " No family in the state ( of Ohio ) has a clearer, a more honorable record than the Hardings ', a blue-eyed stock from New England and Pennsylvania, the finest pioneer blood.
She specifically relates her attempts to seduce Höss in an effort to persuade him that her blond, blue-eyed, German-speaking son should be allowed to leave the camp and enter the Lebensborn program, in which he would be raised as a German child.
Elliott would not allow brown-eyed and blue-eyed children to drink from the same water fountain, and often chastised the brown-eyed students when they did not follow the experiment's rules or made mistakes.
With her dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes and fair skin, she won the admiration of Ali Rıza, a border guard who insisted he would only marry a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman.

blue-eyed and living
" In striking contrast to his elder brothers, he is blond-haired and blue-eyed and kindly disposed to all living things.

blue-eyed and New
Their style drew influences from blue-eyed soul, New Romantic, rock, reggae and jazz.

blue-eyed and .
The cyclist, by contrast, blond and blue-eyed, is simply unreflective, unproblematic Life, `` blithe and carefree ''.
Bertha, blue-eyed like Mamma, was from the start her mother's daughter, destined for her mother's role in life.
Many species in the iris family have a great economic importance in ornamental horticulture and the cut flower industry, especially Gladiolus, Freesia, Sparaxis, Iris, Tigridia ( tiger lily ), Ixia ( corn lily ), Romulea, Neomarica, Moraea ( butterfly lily ), Nemastylis, Belamcanda, Sisyrinchium ( blue-eyed grass ), Crocosmia and Trimezia.
In spring 1936, Thomas met Caitlin Macnamara ( b. 1913 ), a 22 year old blonde-haired, blue-eyed dancer of Irish descent.
Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Bowie continued to experiment with musical styles, including blue-eyed soul, industrial, adult contemporary, and jungle.
It is impossible to imagine a man, the argument goes, unless one has in mind a very specific picture of one who is either tall or short, European or Asian, blue-eyed or brown-eyed, et cetera.
Following Deacon's memories, Sviatoslav was a blue-eyed male of average height but of stalwart build, much more sturdy than Tzimiskes.
Arthur was blue-eyed.
During the 1970s, some slick and commercial blue-eyed soul acts like Philadelphia's Hall & Oates and Oakland's Tower of Power achieved mainstream success, as did a new generation of street-corner harmony or city-soul groups like The Delfonics and Howard University's Unifics.
The term does not refer to a distinct style of music, and the meaning of blue-eyed soul has evolved over decades.
Snow Bengals are also either marble or spotted, but are also divided into blue-eyed or Any Other Colour eyes.
She is petite, blue-eyed, freckle-faced ", and Marina Sirtis was cast as Yar.
No historical record indicates any features of Blue Jacket other than Native American Indian characteristics while all of Van Swearingen's brothers, sisters, cousins, mother, father, aunts and uncles were blonde haired and blue-eyed.
::: Euryalus, offshoot of the blue-eyed Graces, darling of the lovely-haired Seasons, the Cyprian and soft-lidded Persuasion nursed you among rose-blossoms.
White babies are usually born blue-eyed since there is no pigment in the stroma, and appear blue due to scattering and selective absorption from the posterior epithelium.
As either allele ( though not both ) can be passed on to offspring it is perfectly possible for someone who does not have blue eyes to have blue-eyed children.
He was blue-eyed and keen-eyed and ruddy-cheeked with thick lustrous hair, blond and well-combed.
It was initially a convention of the films not to show Blofeld's face, only a closeup of him stroking his white blue-eyed Turkish Angora.
In the Tang Dynasty houses of pleasure, where drinking games were common, small puppets in the aspect of Westerners, in a ridiculous state of drunkenness, were used in one popular permutation of the drinking game ; so, in the form of blue-eyed, pointy nosed, and peak-capped barbarians, these puppets were manipulated in such a way as to occasionally fall down: then, whichever guest to whom the puppet pointed after falling was then obliged by honor to empty his cup of Chinese wine.
In addition, the area has a significant population of racially mixed ( though often light-skinned and blue-eyed ) people, known locally as ' the Chestnut Ridge people ', whose specific origins are uncertain.
He meets several of their widows and is amazed to find an uncanny resemblance in their adopted, black-haired, blue-eyed sons.
The Rascals ( initially known as The Young Rascals ) were an American blue-eyed soul group initially active during the years 1965 – 72.

Watson and decided
It was easier to think now, Watson decided.
Referee Watson decided the bout, scoring it 9 – 6 for Marciano.
After great infighting at their St. Louis convention they decided to endorse Bryan but with their own vice presidential nominee, Thomas E. Watson of Georgia.
In 1983, coinciding with the departure of Watson ( who went on to found The Hafler Trio with Andrew M. McKenzie before becoming a BBC sound engineer and then a soloist ), Cabaret Voltaire decided consciously to turn in a more commercial direction, with the album The Crackdown on Some Bizzare / Virgin Records.
After his friend and council ally, Nick Lalich approached Federal MP Ted Grace for Ngo to join the ALP, Grace arranged a meeting with Senator Graham Richardson and Leo McLeay, Federal MP for Watson and Speaker of the House of Representatives, who decided that if promoted to be a member of Legislative Council ( MLC ), Ngo could be a potential " counter " to the Liberal party's Asian MLC Helen Sham-Ho.
Following a drought in his state and the cutting of his crop quota by half, Watson finally decided that he was incapable of affording the farm and again drove to D. C. the second weekend of March 2003.
Noting that it was only the second occasion he had departed from federal sentencing guidelines since Blakely was decided, Hogan stated that there would be little benefit to the public in returning him to prison, particularly since Watson was employed and taking care of his mentally ill sister.
In 1991 Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis enlisted Gary Moon ( ex-Three Dog Night ) to replace Jack Blades as vocalist / bassist and decided to reform as a trio after Jeff Watson decided to pursue a solo career.
His biological father, Leroy Watson, Jr., wanted to name him Howard Leroy III, but his grandmother decided otherwise.
His tally dropped to five goals in 39 games during the 1993 – 94 season, though the club avoided relegation again, and he managed another five goals from 17 league games in the 1994 – 95 season before manager Alan Ball decided that he wanted younger partners for Le Tissier in attack, signing Gordon Watson and Neil Shipperley while dropping Craig Maskell and selling Dowie to Crystal Palace for £ 400, 000 on 13 January 1995.
In the fall of 1901, at Longwood University five friends, Virginia Lee Boyd-Noell ( Virginia Boyd ), Juliette Jefferson Hundley-Gilliam ( Juliette Hundley ), Calva Hamlet Watson-Wootton ( Calva Watson ), Louise Burks Cox-Carper ( Louise Cox ), and Mary Williamson-Hundley ( Mary Williamson ) decided to rush the local women's fraternities on campus.
Merzario withdrew and promoted Mass, and later Guy Edwards also decided to withdraw in order to let Watson race.
Once Watson finished radiotherapy in 2008 he decided to embark on a return to music.
Riverford farm was taken over by the Watson family in the 1950s and followed the normal history for UK farms until the mid 1980s, when Guy Watson decided to convert to organic farming.
Bates decided to leave the band and was replaced by Jules Watson.
In the absence of Watson, England boss Don Revie had decided to look at other central defenders, including Liverpool's Phil Thompson and Manchester United's precocious youngster Brian Greenhoff.
Watson and Aiken decided to go their separate ways, and IBM began work on a project to build their own larger and more visible machine.
Watson considered suing on the grounds of age discrimination but ultimately decided against it.
In a move that angered many fans of the series, Universal Pictures decided to use starlet Debbie Watson ( 12 years Priest's junior ) in the role of Marilyn Munster in the 1966 feature Munster, Go Home!

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