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board and agreed
It was generally agreed that the subject was important and the board should be informed on what was done, is going to be done and what it thought should be done.
When pro-reform forces came into power in the spring 1997, an ambitious economic reform package, including introduction of a currency board regime, was agreed to with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the economy began to stabilise.
When pro-reform forces came into power in the spring 1997, an ambitious economic reform package, including introduction of a currency board regime, was agreed to with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the economy began to stabilise.
* Several models of participation are possible: firstly, a model in which the employees form part of the supervisory board or of the administrative board, as the case may be ; secondly, a model in which the employees are represented by a separate body ; and finally, other models to be agreed between the management or administrative boards of the founder companies and the employees or their representatives in those companies, the level of information and consultation being the same as in the case of the second model.
On 26 January 2006, HBC's board unanimously agreed to a bid of $ 15. 25 CAD / share from Jerry Zucker whose original bid was $ 14. 75 CAD / share, ending a prolonged fight between HBC and Zucker.
Following the successful completion of EDSAC, the Lyons ' board agreed to start the construction of their own machine, expanding on the EDSAC design.
The supervisory board of Porsche finally agreed to a number of arrangements whereby the Qatar Investment Authority would inject a large amount of capital, and Porsche would be merged with Volkswagen Group.
* To All Who These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, that in consequence of propositions of peace, or cessation of hostilities, being submitted to me, as Commandant of the California Battalion of the United States forces, which have so far been acceded to by me as to cause me to appoint a board of commissioners to confer with a similar board appointed by the Californians, and it requiring a little time to close the negotiations ; it is agreed upon and ordered by me that an entire cessation of hostilities shall take place until to-morrow afternoon ( January 13 ), and that the said Californians be permitted to bring in their wounded to the mission of San Fernando, where, also, if they choose, they can move their camp to facilitate said negotiations.
On July 17, 2007, The Wall Street Journal, a unit of Dow Jones, reported that the company and News Corporation had agreed in principle on a US $ 5 billion takeover, that the offer would be put to the full Dow Jones board on the same evening in New York, and that the offer valued the company at 70 % more than the company's market value.
* Marlon Brando initially agreed to return for the birthday flashback sequence, but the actor, feeling mistreated by the board at Paramount, failed to show up for the single day's shooting ; Coppola rewrote the scene that same day.
MGM agreed to let UA back on board, and gave it the international distribution rights, with MGM controlling North American / Caribbean rights.
The board agreed with the idea.
" The name Southgate was chosen because of the shopping center then under consideration, and the board agreed that it was an appropriate name.
Joppenbergh was put up for sale in 2009, and, in March 2011, the Open Space Institute offered to purchase the entire property and sell it to the town ; the following month, Rosendale's town board agreed to the deal.
Mengel agreed to the action and donated blood, but decided not to actually pour blood ; instead he distributed the paperback Good News for Modern Man ( a version of the New Testament ) to draft board workers, newsmen, and police.
Within two weeks, the school board unanimously agreed to appeal the decision.
The transfer of ownership to the committee was legally complex, but both parties agreed that all shares in the railway company would be transferred from Haydn Jones ' estate to a new company called Talyllyn Holdings Ltd., whose board consisted of two directors from the executors and two from the committee.
On February 17, 2006, the Icahn-led group agreed with Time Warner to not contest the re-election of Time Warner's slate of board members at the 2006 shareholders meeting.
Confronted with public resistance, he agreed not to allow the convicts to land when the Neptune arrived in Simon's Bay on 19 September 1849, but to keep them on board the ship until he received orders to send them elsewhere.
After consultation with the UFA, Sifton agreed that, in addition to the college, agricultural schools would be built around the province, and that farmers would be guaranteed representation on the college's board.
As selling t-shirts and sports equipment of the club represents a major economic income, its board has agreed to, as other prestigious teams do, change each year its equipment, while maintaining a classical approach of its vestments, by which each season a small modification is made in them.
Early press releases stated that Vincent Furnier's stage and band name " Alice Cooper " was agreed upon after a session with a Ouija board, during which it was revealed that Furnier was the reincarnation of a 17th century witch with that name.

board and first
Petitioner first contends that the Department denied him procedural due process by not giving him timely opportunity, before its final recommendation to the appeal board, to answer the statement of the local board as to his claim of devoting 100 hours to actual preaching.
When the first sprinkling of green appears I remove the board.
In its ruling, the state Board of Education upheld Dr. Michael F. Walsh, state commissioner of education, who had ruled previously that the Warwick board erred when it named Maurice F. Tougas as coordinator of audio-visual education without first finding that the school superintendent's candidate was not suitable.
* In 1994, Guy Delage was the first man to allegedly swim across the Atlantic Ocean ( with the help of a kick board, from Cape Verde to Barbados ).
* In 1998, Benoît Lecomte was the first man to swim across the northern Atlantic Ocean without a kick board, stopping for only one week in the Azores.
The game was short-listed for the first Spiel des Jahres board game awards in 1979.
The convention, for the first time in the history of international aviation law, recognizes certain powers and immunities of the aircraft commander who on international flights may restrain any person ( s ) he has reasonable cause to believe is committing or is about to commit an offense liable to interfere with the safety of persons or property on board or who is jeopardizing good order and discipline.
FIC demonstrated the first Socket 7 AGP system board in November 1997 as the FIC PA-2012 based on the VIA Apollo VP3 chipset, followed very quickly by the EPoX P55-VP3 also based on the VIA VP3 chipset which was first to market.
If all four players pass in the first round, the deal is not played ; in rubber bridge the deal is not scored and the hand is redealt by the original dealer, while in duplicate the score is recorded as zero for each pair and returned to the board.
A first US IPO followed in 1989 after Ben Rosen joined the Borland board with Goldman Sachs as the lead banker and a second offering in 1991 with Lazard as the lead banker.
The second player ( B ) plays the mirror image of the first player's move, hoping to divide the board into two pieces and tie the game.
* The scene with Bruce Wayne returning from years of training abroad on board a plane reminisces the first page of the graphic novel.
Although at first the disagreement appeared to be minor and inspired by personal conflicts, for example, Lenin's insistence on dropping less active editorial board members from Iskra or Martov's support for the Organizing Committee of the Congress which Lenin opposed, the differences quickly grew and the split became irreparable.
* 1862 – Four nuns serving as volunteer nurses on board USS Red Rover are the first female nurses on a U. S. Navy hospital ship.
The game board consists of the main Settlers island as well as a few smaller islands, which award a special victory point to each player for their first settlements on them.
* 1992: Terry Brownell launches first fully graphical, iconic navigated Bulletin board system online shopping using RoboBOARD / FX.
in France, the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board and, as Mayor of Aldeburgh, the first female mayor and magistrate in Britain.
His daughter Sofia also appeared in all three ( the first two movies uncredited ): as the infant being baptized at the end of the first movie, as a young child on board ship in the second, and in a supporting role as Michael Corleone's daughter Mary in the third.
Although it had been funding British experimental films as early as 1952, the British Film Institute's foundation of a production board in 1964 — and a substantial increase in public funding from 1971 onwards — enabled it to become a dominant force in developing British art cinema in the 1970s and 80s: from the first of Bill Douglas's Trilogy My Childhood ( 1972 ), and of Terence Davies ' Trilogy Childhood ( 1978 ), via Peter Greenaway's earliest films ( including the surprising commercial success of The Draughtsman's Contract ( 1982 )) and Derek Jarman's championing of the New Queer Cinema.
In 1985, Dr. Ayaz Asmat, founder of GammaLink, produced the first computer fax board, called GammaFax.
The third issue of the first edition was bound in asbestos board.

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