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book and presented
On the way they tried to discover all they could about Burma, and they were disturbed to find that Michael Symes's book had not presented an altogether true picture.
The former option is one presented in the book ; the latter is known in the Amber community as an " Amethyst " game.
He wrote three books on chess strategy: Mein System ( My System ), 1925, Die Praxis meines Systems ( The Practice of My System ), 1929, commonly known as Chess Praxis, and Die Blockade ( The Blockade ), 1925, though much in the latter book is generally held to be a rehash of material already presented in Mein System.
In some published editions of the Bible, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah have been presented together as a single book, for example, in The Modern Reader's Bible ( 1907 ) and The Books of the Bible ( 2007 ).
The book contains several documents presented as historical inclusions.
Other scholars have presented evidence pointing to a post-monarchic date ( as late as 200 BC ) based on language and theme, although the book might still have been based on an earlier composition.
It was presented in Ogden's book Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar ( 1930 ).
The other version was presented by Richard Zacks in his 2002 book The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd.
Later, Ruhi was presented with a copy of Sohrab's book about his excommunication:
The species name troglodytes, Greek for " cave-dweller ", was coined by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in his book De generis humani varietate nativa liber (" on the natural varieties of the human genus ") published in 1776, This book was based on his dissertation presented one year before ( it had a date 16 Sep 1775 printed on its title page ) to the University of Göttingen for internal use only, thus the dissertation did not meet the conditions for published work in the sense of zoological nomenclature.
An evolution expounded in the book which attempts to explain the facts leading up to the Act of Union 1707 dates all the way back to the 6 December 1604 when King James was presented with a proposed embellishment for unification.
In 1921, the LDS Church removed the " Lectures on Faith " portion of the book, with an explanation that the Lectures " were never presented to nor accepted by the Church as being otherwise than theological lectures or lessons ".
Similar views are presented by G. K. Chesterton in his 1910 book What ’ s Wrong with the World.
Epaphras, who first shared the good news to Colossi, near the opening of the book is presented as a beloved fellow worked-a ' one of us ' from Paul's ministry point of view.
* The 1977 book Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet was written as a nature study of gnomes and their way of life presented as fact.
The saint's body was claimed to have been discovered in a cave with a copy of the canonical Gospel of Matthew on its breast ; according to the contemporary account of Theodorus Lector, who reports that both bones and gospel book were presented by Anthemios to the emperor.
Fra Marino also claims to have been alerted to the existence of the Gospel of Barnabas, from an allusion in a work by Irenaeus against Paul ; in a book which had been presented to him by a lady of the Colonna family ( Marino, outside Rome, is the location of the Palazzo Colonna ).
William Fairfield Warren, in his book, Paradise Found: The Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole presented his belief that humanity had originated on a continent in the Arctic, called Hyperborea, this view influenced some of the early hollow earth theorists.
Christina Hoff Sommers has been a vocal critic of the concept of herstory, and presented her argument against the movement in her 1994 book, Who Stole Feminism ?.
One of the main arguments for capitalism, presented for example in the book The Improving State of the World, is that industrialisation increases wealth for all, as evidenced by raised life expectancy, reduced working hours, and no work for children and the elderly.
Peter W. Huber presented an exposition of the phrase with respect to litigation in his 1991 book Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom.
The theories forming the basis of Keynesian economics were first presented by Keynes in his book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, published in 1936.
Knuth presented a CWEB version of this example in Chapter 12 of his Literate Programming book.
In 1888, Richard Dedekind proposed a collection of axioms about the numbers, and in 1889 Peano published a more precisely formulated version of them as a collection of axioms in his book, The principles of arithmetic presented by a new method ().

book and western
There is very little information available regarding Iran's use of its 79 F-14A Tomcats ( delivered prior to 1979 ) in most western outlets ; the exception being a book released by Osprey Publishing titled " Iranian F-14 Tomcats in Combat " by Tom Cooper and Farzad Bishop.
The most thorough account of the spiritual approach may be Ken Wilber's book The Spectrum of Consciousness, a comparison of western and eastern ways of thinking about the mind.
The book design of Aldus Manutius developed the book structure which would become the foundation of western publication design.
The Golden Dawn as system and book has been the most intensively used source for modern western occult and magical writing.
The UAP largely supported the western powers in their policy of appeasement, however veteran UAP minister Billy Hughes was an exception and he embarrassed the government with his 1935 book book Australia and the War Today which exposed a lack of preparation in Australia for what Hughes correctly supposed to be a coming war.
* The earliest extant books – a school textbook and an account book – with bound wooden leaves, are lost at the Dakhla Oasis in western Egypt.
By 1960 he began liquidating his general book business and in 1962 opened Fred A. Rosenstock Books on East Colfax Avenue in Denver specializing in western history.
In The Outlaw Gods, a novella from the The Mensch With No Name, second book in the Merkabah Rider weird western series, Shub-Niggurath dwells beneath the ruins of Red House a K ' n-yan citadel in the mountains of Arizona, surrounded by dark trees which tear apart trespassers.
The book suggests that the fictional site of Appleyard College, given its eastward view of Mount Macedon on the Bendigo-Melbourne Road, might have been on the western side of Calder Highway / Black Forest Drive ( C792 ), about 2 – 4 km south of Woodend.
In his book Cross the Border — Close the Gap ( 1972 ), he advocates a thorough re-assessment of science fiction, the western, pornographic literature and all the other subgenres that previously had not been considered as " high art ", and their inclusion in the literary canon:
( This book has an excellent description of a trip up the Orinoco as far as Ciudad Bolívar and a detailed description of the Venezuelan Pitch Lake situated on the western side of the Gulf of Paria opposite.
The book discusses western history from 3500 BC to 1715 AD.
The book was a classic tale of adventure, where a young American sea captain named James Riley, shipwrecked off the western coast of North Africa in 1815, was captured by a band of nomadic Arabs, and sold into slavery.
The interwar period saw the development of a new form of criticism towards Spiritism: René Guénon's influential book The Spiritist Fallacy, which criticized both the more general concepts of Spiritualism, which he considered to be a superficial mix of moralism and spiritual materialism, as well as Spiritism's specific contributions, such as its belief in what he saw as a post-Cartesian, modernist concept of reincarnation that is distinct from and opposed to its two western predecessors, metempsychosis and transmigration.
His book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind has become a classic in western Zen culture.
A young lieutenant, Pierre Beauregard, gave a text book speech that persuaded General Pierce to change his vote in favor of the western attack.
Within the detail of the book the column's vertical axis is numbered from 1 to 32 signifying the 32-paths of wisdom which occur in the western Qabalah, numbers 1-10 are the sephirah of the universe and numbers 11-32 the paths which join them.
In the book, " Contesting ' good ' governance " Eva Poluha and Mona Rosendahl contest standards that are common to western democracy as measures of " goodness " in government.
The term was coined by Charles Grandison Finney who in his 1876 book Autobiography of Charles G. Finney referred to a " burnt district " to denote an area in central and western New York State during the Second Great Awakening.
The 2010 book is geared towards both professionals and interested laypeople alike, cites more than 2000 references, and provides a comprehensive resource for the scientific foundation for the Paleolithic diet and the relationship between what humans eat and western diseases.
The book acknowledged that they were mutually unintelligible and that the term " dialect " was used in a different sense than the western term, in which a dialect was merely indicative of a small difference in pronunciation, while in China, the entire grammar and idiom were different ; the written language was what united the different Chinese dialects.
The acronym " BU " coupled with the outlined book on the logo resembles the Chinese characters of welcome and progress, conceptualizing the merging of eastern and western cultures.
The first edition of this book is one of the rarities of western Americana.

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