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bow and has
* The German-designed bow anchor, Bügelanker ( or Wasi ), has a sharp tip for penetrating weed, and features a roll-bar which allows the correct setting attitude to be achieved without the need for extra weight to be inserted into the tip.
A recurve crossbow is a bow that has tips curving away from the archer.
The compound bow has the string attached to the pulleys, one or both of which has one or more cables attached to the opposite limb.
In comparison with the French bow, the German bow has a taller frog, and it is held with the palm angled upwards, as is done for the upright members of the viol family.
In many situations, the standing bow has replaced the kowtow.
They have a ruff under the neck, which has black bars, is not very visible, and resembles a bow tie.
Traditionally it has been argued that prior to the beginning of the 14th century, the weapon was a self bow between four and five feet in length, known since the 19th century as the shortbow.
It has been proposed that the broad spectrum revolution of Kent Flannery ( 1969 ), associated with microliths, the use of the bow and arrow, and the domestication of the dog, all of which are associated with these cultures, may have been the cultural " motor " that led to their expansion.
The stone has an arcuated ( bow ) shape.
The trop shell consists of three people where the bow has a pair of sculling oars, and 2, 3 each a sweeping oar.
The technique of using a slide on a string has been traced to one-stringed African instruments similar to a " Diddley bow ".
The viola's less responsive strings and the heavier bow warrant a somewhat different bowing technique, and a violist has to lean more intensely on the strings.
* The viola's bow has a wider band of horsehair than a violin's bow, which is particularly noticeable near the frog ( or ' heel ' in the UK ).
The " frog " ( which holds the bowhair and adjusts its tension ) is also different from that of modern bows: whereas a violin bow frog has a " slide " ( often made of mother of pearl ), which pinches the hair and holds it flat and stationary across the frog, viol bows have an open frog that allows more movement of the hair.
As a representative of the National Rifle Association ( NRA ) explained, " he NRA has always maintained that fair chase, being in the field with your firearm or bow, is an important element of hunting tradition.
If the dressage rider has long hair, it is typically worn in a bun with a hair net or show bow.
However, most traditional bows are not center-shot and the arrow has to deflect around the handle in the archer's paradox ; such bows tend to give most consistent results with a narrower range of arrow spine that allows the arrow to deflect correctly around the bow.
Menorquí also has a few English loan words dating back to the British occupation such as " grevi ", " xumaquer ", " boinder " and " xoc " taken from " gravy ", " shoemaker ", " bow window " and " chalk ", respectively.
* Baleog's bow and arrow has been replaced with a bionic arm which can smash enemies from distance.
The viola d ' amore usually has six or seven playing strings, which are sounded by drawing a bow across them, just as with a violin.
The compound bow has its string applied to pulleys ( cams ), and one or both of the pulleys have one or more cables attached to the opposite limb.

bow and ground
Quivers can be attached in various positions on an archer's body, the bow, or the ground, depending on the type of shooting and the archer's personal preference.
Many religious believers kneel in prayer, and some ( Roman Catholics, and Anglicans ) genuflect, bending one knee to touch the ground, at various points during religious services ; the Orthodox Christian equivalent is a deep bow from the waist, and as an especially solemn obeisance the Orthodox make prostrations, bending down on both knees and touching the forehead to the floor.
During Islamic prayer, a kneeling bow called sajdah is used, with forehead, nose, hands, knees, and toes all touching the ground.
It does not show what is happening below the burning airship as it crashes as the camera focuses more on the fire itself until the bow nears the ground.
Although it's quite unsafe to do so, such a bow can be drawn pointed at the ground, and the mere weight of the bow will keep it drawn even if the grip is released and the bow is hung by the string ( although extreme caution must be exercised to avoid accidentally disturbing the bow out of the let-off zone before establishing a firm grip on the string and the foregrip ).
After the Post Office Department had rejected several proposed names, Wilson Hewitt, a homesteader, suggested its present name on finding a broken bow on an old Indian burial ground .”
The usual position that a person assumes whilst operating the bow drill is as follows: the right knee is placed on the ground ( assuming a right-handed operator ) and the arch of the left foot is on the board, pinning it in place.
The bow may also be stood in a pit or gourd on the ground, or one end of it may be partially placed in the mouth.
Lúcia later said that, in 1916, she and her cousins had several visions of an angel calling himself the " Angel of Portugal " and the " Angel of Peace " who taught them to bow with their heads to the ground and to say " O God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love you.
This house was an ordinary suburban villa, with basement, ground floor, and one above ; there were steps up to the front door, and a bow window to the front sitting-room.
For use in icy ground, up to 18 rubber pads can be replaced by the same number of grousers, which are stored in the vehicle's bow when not in use.
Shortly after the 1880 New Year the sons of the owner of Gokstad Farm, having heard of the legends surrounding the site, uncovered the bow of a boat and its painter while digging in the still frozen ground.
Each of the system consists of three guyed base-fed mast radiators insulated against ground, about 60 m high, which are arranged on a line with a little bow to deserve precisely the Alsatian Plain.
They stood their ground with bow and arrow, naginata, sword and dagger, but were ultimately defeated.
Under an umbrella of friendly air cover, Dealey nosed the USS toward the beach until he could ground the bow up against the encircling reef and hold it there by working both screws.
Resembling Cupid's bow and arrow with the arrow implanted in the ground, the statue was inspired by San Francisco's reputation as the home port of Eros, hence the stereotypical bow and arrow of Cupid.
In the blueberry patch that is near his house through a steadily receding woodline, he sees a pixie holding a small bow before he passes out on the ground.
This is done in plant nurseries in imitation of natural layering by many plants such as brambles which bow over and touch the tip on the ground, at which point it grows roots and, when separated, can continue as a separate plant.
The new architecture featured a bow window on the ground floor.
The bow hunter may walk along the ground slowly, looking for game and stalking it carefully in the final approach.

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