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broad and sweep
But as a stimulating, provocative interpretation of the broad sweep of English development it is incomparable.
Sixty miles north of New York City where the wooded hills of Dutchess County meet the broad sweep of the Hudson River there is a new home development called `` Oakwood Heights ''.
The addition of a metal reflector round the arc source directed a very broad sweep of light in the desired direction.
Ideologically, the Democrats included a broad sweep of people who advocated everything from conservative Islam to Noli's dreams of rapid modernization.
The strong personality of Alexandre Grothendieck and the broad sweep of his revolutionizing theories were a dominating feature of the first ten years at the IHÉS.
This broad sweep of mountainous heights, together with Signal Hill, forms the natural amphitheatre of the City Bowl and Table Bay harbour.
Although North American society had its flaws, they tended to be " of minor importance when compared to the broad sweep of social inequality, and to the widespread abuse of power prevalent in Latin America ".
As noted above, Velikovsky had conceived the broad sweep of this material by the early 1940s.
This stretches from southern Texas south into Mexico and Central America, with a break before the species reappears in a broad sweep across the highlands ( primarily the Andes ) of South America in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
Many artists use a broad brush to sweep away the loose eraser residue.
As the rhythm guitarist, he is responsible for the broad sweep of AC / DC's sound, developing many of the band's guitar riffs and co-writing the band's material.
The broad sweep of the story of the Mahabharata chronicles the story of the conflict between two families for control of Hastinapur, a city in Ancient India.
He was an influential figure in the broad sweep of 19th century Guatemalan history.
His Our Kind: Who We Are, Where We Came From, Where We Are Going ( 1990 ) surveys the broad sweep of human physical and cultural evolution, offering provocative explanations of such subjects as human gender and sexuality and the origins of inequality.
Beyond this lies a further short peninsula and the broad sweep of Doubtless Bay.
The city's first response was to arrest 250 Italians in a broad sweep.
Past papers have covered a wide temporal sweep from the colonial period to the American Civil War, and a broad geographical and spatial scope encompassing the histories of Canada, New England, the Middle Atlantic, the Lower South, the West Indies, Latin America, slavery, and native people.
The parish is in the south east of the island and is dominated by the broad sweep of the Royal Bay of Grouville.
Although this difference in economic performance had been recognized for some time, specific individual setbacks ( e. g., the 1997 Asian financial crisis ) tended to hide the broad sweep and general tendency.
* 2006 Dr. William H. Calvin for A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change, which addresses the broad sweep of hominid history and the likely impacts to it of abrupt climate change.

broad and Merrimack
There he'd take a compass reading, figure his air speed, and deduce that in a certain number of minutes he'd be over the broad meadows of the Merrimack Valley where it would be safe to let down through the overcast and see the ground before it hit him.

broad and River
During the 7th millennium BC, the northern half of Chad was part of a broad expanse of land, stretching from the Indus River in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, in which ecological conditions favored early human settlement.
A proposed road connecting Bislig on the east coast with the Agusan River would pass through a ten-mile ( 16 km ) broad saddle across the mountains at a maximum elevation of less than 250 meters, while the existing east-west road from Lianga, north of Bislig, reaches a maximum elevation of only 450 meters.
Albury-Wodonga is the broad settlement incorporating the twin Australian cities of Albury and Wodonga, which are separated geographically by the Murray River and politically by a state border: Albury on the north of the river is part of New South Wales while Wodonga on the south bank is in Victoria.
Through the cul-de-sac between Baydağlari and Tahtalidağlari, the Alakir Çay (" Alakir River "), the ancient Limyra, flows to the south trickling from the broad valley under superhighway D400 near downtown Kumluca across a barrier beach into the Mediterranean.
The Great Plains are a broad expanse of flat land, much of it covered in prairie, steppe and grassland, which lies west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada.
They eventually infiltrated and occupied a broad arc of fertile farmland stretching from the Khabur River valley to the foothills of the Zagros Mountains.
The topography ranges from flatlands along the broad river valleys of the Pond River, Tradewater River, and Green River, to hilly and rolling land in the southern and central parts of the county.
The town of Greenwich is built on a broad platform to the south of the outside of a broad meander in the River Thames, with a safe deep water anchorage lying in the river.
The broad is connected to the River Bure, but not open to boat traffic.
Hoveton Little Broad, also known as Black Horse Broad, is a secluded broad of fairly open aspect, in the middle reaches of the River Bure between Hoveton and Horning, Norfolk, in The Broads National Park.
Martham Broad is a broad ( or lake ) and National Nature Reserve on the River Thurne in the English county of Norfolk.
As development of the Phoenix metropolitan area continues northward, the broad area that is defined as New River is reduced closer to New River Road.
Foresthill is located on a broad ridge between the North and Middle Forks of the American River on the gold-bearing gravel bed of an ancient river.
The city of Moline is nestled beside and on a broad bluff situated between the banks of the Mississippi River and Rock River in Rock Island County, Illinois.
The topography of the area is characterized by the broad alluvial plain of the Arkansas River valley and the moderately rolling slopes which rise to the higher lands on either side.
Set astride the broad Israel River valley, the town commands remarkable views of the Presidential Range and other White Mountain summits.
He made a new home on the windswept bluff overlooking the broad bend in the Delaware River.
The town is built atop a low, broad ridge which runs for over a mile along the south bank of the Yadkin River.

broad and valley
In the valley between Larino and Gerione, Minucius decided to make a broad frontal attack on Hannibal's troops.
The broad, cultivated valley lowlands contain about half of the country's richest farmlands.
A glaciated valley in the Mount Hood Wilderness showing a characteristic U-shape, the bottom's rocky ' rubble ' accretion and the broad shoulders
The San Luis Valley is the broad, generally flat, valley at the headwaters of the Rio Grande in north central New Mexico and south central Colorado.
Much of the county lies in the broad Hagerstown Valley between these two zones ; the valley is part of the Great Appalachian Valley that continues southward into Virginia and West Virginia as the Shenandoah Valley and northward into Pennsylvania as the Cumberland Valley.
They found the broad valley empty of any human settlement.
Located in the broad valley between high mountains, the Nordkette ( Hafelekar, ) in the north, Patscherkofel () and Serles () in the south.
Glamis is set in the broad and fertile lowland valley of Strathmore, near Forfar, county town of Angus, which lies between the Sidlaw Hills to the south and the Grampian Mountains to the north, approximately inland from the North Sea.
Conejos County is in a broad high mountain valley in South Central Colorado.
A large, 12 km long glacier formed the broad river valley and the cirque walls above Lake Seal.
Whilst the broads system came about through peat digging in the Middle Ages, Benacre broad was formed in a shallow valley when glacial drift blocked off the outflow to the sea.
The former village of Passaconaway occupies a broad valley along the Kancamagus Highway in the northwestern part of the town.
He described the area as a,broad valley planted with fields of maize and dotted with cottonwood groves.
Thoreau is located in a broad valley beneath a large escarpment of Old Red Sandstone, which marks the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau to the north.
The Kutztown area, broadly defined, encompasses an area of land also known as the East Penn Valley, a broad limestone valley situated in northern and eastern Berks County, bounded by the Blue Mountain and South Mountain ranges to the north and south, respectively, by the Lehigh County border to the east, and by the Ontelaunee Creek ( or Maiden Creek ) to the west.
Roaring Spring is situated within the northwest quadrant of a long bowl-like valley known as Morrisons Cove, one of dozens of long but broad valleys in Pennsylvania's Ridge and Valley region.
Coudersport lies in a broad valley the joining of Allegheny and Mill Creek rivers.
The Allegheny river makes a quick turn at this point, going from North to West ; for that reason these features are distinctly individual from afar in the broad turning valley, and rise 2400 – 2500 feet above sea-level.
The town is situated in the Chestuee Creek Valley, a broad valley carved by a tributary of the Hiwassee River, which passes a few miles to the southwest.
The city is situated at the center of the Copper Basin ( sometimes called the Ducktown Basin ), a broad valley located in the southern Appalachian Mountains near the intersection of Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina.

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