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budget and also
Funds are also included in this budget to continue the equipping of the B-52 wings with the Hound Dog air-to-surface missile.
Every taxpayer is well aware of the vast size of our annual defense budget and most of our readers also realize that a large portion of these expenditures go for military electronics.
The President said he will also propose increasing, by an unspecified amount, the 540 million dollars in the 1961-62 budget for direct government research in medicine.
She has been repaying the debt from her housekeeping budget, and also from some work she got copying papers by hand, which she did secretly in her room, and took pride in her ability to earn money " as if she were a man.
Using a small Department of Defense International Military Education and Training ( IMET ) budget, the U. S. Embassy has established English-language courses at an LAT military base, and has brought LAT officers to attended officer basic training courses in the U. S. The government of Burkina Faso has also accepted additional U. S. training assistance in counter-terrorism tactics and humanitarian assistance.
It is also true that the content of certain films ( such as dark subjects, alienation, transgressive content, or other controversial subject matter ) can also decide whether or not a film is a " cult film ", regardless of the film's budget or studio affiliations.
Colombia also entered into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund which provided a $ 2. 7 billion guarantee ( extended funds facility ), while committing the government to budget discipline and structural reforms.
The President is also Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, and as such has broad authority over the armed forces ; however only Congress has authority to declare war, and the civilian and military budget is written by the Congress.
Dewar also threatened to sack any minister or aide who briefed the media against another member of the Scottish Executive, following public rows between Jack McConnell and the Minister of Health and Community Care, Susan Deacon over the budget allocated to health.
On some productions the Executive Producer role may be combined with other roles, so that as well as raising the finance they may also be responsible for managing the budget during production.
The PM also helps manage the day-to-day budget by managing operating costs such as salaries, production costs, and everyday equipment rental costs.
Finally, an alternative also popular, especially among blue-collar workers, is to lunch on a sandwich, possibly followed with a dessert ; both dishes can be found ready-made at bakeries and supermarkets for budget prices.
A cash budget is also required.
These systems can also help track costs of damage to city to help allocate an anti graffiti budget.
Despite a request from the Burritos that the remnants of their publicity budget be diverted to promotion of the single, it also flopped.
Current budget for 2006 – 2013 period planned for € 3. 4 billion was also considered as insufficient.
Due to high demand in import goods, Hungary also had a high trade deficit and budget gap, and it could not reach an agreement with the IMF, either.
He was also a firm believer in balanced budgets, and was unwilling to run a budget deficit to fund welfare programs.
Also known as the parliament of Labour, the conference also makes decisions about the ILO's general policy, work programme and budget.
The increased economic growth also led to a turn-around in government finances, with the budget moving from a cash deficit of 3. 7 % of GDP in 1999 to 0. 1 % surplus in 2000.
The budget also returned to surplus after 2002 because of the surge in visitors from China and a hike in taxes on gambling profits, which generated about 70 % of government revenue.
This assistance also includes a commitment of $ 30 million in direct budget support in the form of a policy-based guarantee by the World Bank to the government to facilitate its access to financing from international capital markets, a process that had been started as of November 2011.
Budget execution in 2004 was also impressive, as actual consolidated budget revenues exceeded projections by 1. 4 % for most of the year.
NIST's 2009 budget was $ 992 million, but it also received $ 610 million as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

budget and pledged
Donor countries have pledged the $ 43 million international share of the three-year tribunal budget, while the Cambodian government ’ s share of the budget is $ 13. 3 million.
More than 4, 600 individuals and 543 businesses, including 76 restaurants, have signed on to the campaign through the website http :// www. nc10percent. com as they have pledged to spend 10 percent of their food budget on locally-sourced foods.
While she opposed President Obama's budget resolution, she pledged to work in a bipartisan manner on the issues of health care reform and energy.
In his 2004 federal budget, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale pledged to sell the government's remaining stake in the company and by the end of the year it had sold its 19 % stake, 49 million shares in all, for net proceeds of $ 3. 2 billion.
$ 20 million of the project's $ 55-million dollar budget was pledged by the federal government under the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund, and the Province of Ontario contributed an additional $ 10 million.
The government announced its intention to continue the Socialist-Liberal stabilization program and pledged to narrow the budget deficit, which had grown to 4. 5 % of the GDP.
The budget also pledged to open Canada's first Collaborative Emergency Centres as a way of keeping emergency health services in rural Nova Scotia, reduce the price of prescription drugs for people on Medicare, provide tax relief by increasing the Basic Personal Amount, and give more money to people living on income assistance.

budget and open
A budget for the Exposition was passed and on 1 May Lockroy announced an alteration to the terms of the open competition which was being held for a centerpiece for the exposition, which effectively made the choice of Eiffel's design a foregone conclusion: all entries had to include a study for a four-sided metal tower on the Champ de Mars.
The play is an open appeal and fundraiser for passage of U. S. House Resolution 808, which seeks to establish a Cabinet-level " Department of Peace " in the U. S. government, to be funded by a two percent diversion of the Pentagon's annual budget.
A Waitrose store and Travelodge ( budget motel ) are due to open in the town in mid 2012, on the site of a former pub, the Black Horse.
The state's FY2011 budget requires all state and municipal offices in Suffolk County be open on both days.
Everything conspired in their favour: the anxiety of those candid friends who were calling attention to the defective budget ; the commercial crisis, aggravated by the American Civil War ; and above all, the restless spirit of the emperor, who had annoyed his opponents in 1860 by insisting on an alliance with the United Kingdom in order to forcibly open the Chinese ports for trade, in 1863 by his ill-fated attempt of a military intervention in Mexico to set up a Latin empire in favour of the archduke Maximilian of Austria, and from 1861 to 1863 by embarking on colonising experiments in Cochinchina ( southern Vietnam ) and Annam ( central Vietnam ).
Mousseau wished to open the doors to non-figurative art integrated into the architecture and accounted for in the construction budget.
He agreed to support a minority Labor Party government, on the basis of a negotiated Accord ( signed by Michael Field and Bob Brown ) in which the Green independents agreed to support the budget but not motions of no confidence, and the ALP agreed to develop a more open parliamentary process, to consult on departmental appointments, provide a legislative research service, parity in parliamentary staffing and a reform agenda which included equal opportunities, freedom of information, national parks protection and public disclosure of bulk power contracts and royalties from mining companies.
After the Republican revolution of 1994 Duke appealed to Speaker Newt Gingrich to help him open a low budget, privatized orphanage in Aspen called " Nothin ' But Orphans ".
Walking into the House of Commons to give the autumn 1947 Budget speech, he made an off-the-cuff remark to a journalist, telling him of some of the tax changes in the budget, which was printed in the early edition of the evening papers before he had completed his speech, and whilst the stock market was still open.
The budget also projected that the Green Line from Gallery Place – Chinatown to the Anacostia Station would open in 1991, and that new Metrobus service will be added in Prince George's County to bring commuters to the new station.
The budget also projected that the Green Line from Gallery Place-Chinatown to the Anacostia station would open in 1991, and that new Metrobus service will be added in Prince George's County to bring commuters to the new station.
Originally planned to open in 2002, and despite a formal opening with the aid of the " Three Tenors " in 2003, the project ran seriously behind schedule and over budget as a result of a variety of legal disputes with contractors: the project's budgeted costs spiralled from an estimated £ 13 million in September 1996 to a final cost of £ 45 million.
An open housing bill became law without Nunn's signature, and he also refused to sign the 1970 state budget as a form of protest.
So it did not open in 1992 except for a few days over the Labor Day weekend minus most of the rides but with modest low budget entertainment.
Guinn ’ s 2001-2003 executive budget, which was developed later in 2000, reduced the Regents ' request by recommending "$ 22. 8 million in state funding, 6. 8 million to open it to 1, 000 full-time students in the fall of 2002, and $ 16 million to help construct the first campus building .”
* " Increase the US Patent and Trademark Office budget to properly support the anticipated growth in intellectual property filings by the public as a result of the ' open source ' program at colleges and universities.
The Girard Estate remains open in perpetuity and provides much of the operating budget for the school.
On September 25, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger's office announced that all state parks would remain open during the 2009-2010 fiscal year using one-time budget reduction methods in maintenance, equipment and services.
: Sometimes this is described as " Would have ", as this is less definitive and leaves the option open to add these requirements to the scope of the delivery if the scope, budget or time ( known as the project triangle ) changes.
The campgrounds in the park were temporarily closed on October 2, 2011, due to state budget cuts, and the park was among 70 California State Parks threatened by budget cuts in fiscal years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, but the park and the campgrounds remain open.
The first Tomorrowland opened at Disneyland on July 17, 1955, with only several of its planned attractions open, due to budget cuts.
He advocated more detailed and open budget process so that every expenditure is disclosed while at the same time reducing bureaucracy and taxes.
On 31 October 1929 there was open conflict between Józef Piłsudski and the Parliament at a meeting of the Sejm's budget session.
This slogan is eventually achieved when the state government enjoy record budget surpluses in successfully attracting up to RM 12. 2 billion of total capital investments and practicing an open tender system.

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