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budget and committee
# The project committee either increases the budget or decides on an external funding plan.
Between 2007 and 2011, the Scottish Green Party supported the appointment of the SNP government under an agreement which also specified areas of common policy and gave the Greens input to the budget process and convenorship of the parliamentary committee on transport, infrastructure and climate change.
The Estonian economist and former chairman of his country's parliamentary budget committee Olev Raju, stated in September 2005 that " income disparities are rising and calls for a progressive system of taxation are getting louder – this could put an end to the flat tax after the next election ".
By the time the increasingly complicated committee structure was settled, Kissinger chaired six NSC-related committees: the Senior Review Group ( non-crisis, non-arms control matters ), the Washington Special Actions Group ( serious crises ), the Verification Panel ( arms control negotiations ), the 40 Committee ( clandestine operations ), the Intelligence Committee ( policy for the intelligence community ), and the Defense Program Review Committee ( relation of the defense budget to foreign policy aims ).
On December 16, 2010 Werner Kogler of the Austrian Green Party held his speech before the budget committee, criticizing the failings of the budget and the governing parties ( Social Democratic Party and Austrian People's Party ) in the last years.
The executive committee governs the AFL – CIO between meetings of the executive council, approves its budget, and issues charters ( two duties formerly discharged by the executive council ).
" The committee of 12 people, all unpaid, were allocated a budget of $ 5, 000 per year.
After the House refused to go along with the proposed budget action, the Senate agreed to restore the money but insisted on a review committee, appointed by Senate President John McKay, Feeney, and governor Jeb Bush, to evaluate all of Harris's expenditures on international affairs since July 1, 1999, and produce a report.
Especial attention was given to members of the budget committee who would consider the bill in detail.
The senate ways and means committee determines how that the CSUN budget will be divided up to be set aside for such items as student organization funding and scholarships.
Germany's financial contribution to the programme was considered essential but for more than two years development was hamstrung by the repeated failure of the German defence budget committee to approve funding.
However, Meteor was not on the agenda of the German defence budget committee meeting on the 3 July which meant that a decision could not be made until 12 September, after the German Parliament's took its summer recess.
The crisis began in 1931 when a key committee discovered that the budget was facing a serious deficit.
The committee processes budget requests, ensure programs are following budget stipulations, keep track of DASB funds and accounts, and allocated funds for the upcoming year.
Arts Queensland, Australia supports a new policy ( 2008 ) for ' art + place ' with a budget provided by state government and a curatorial advisory committee.
Wilhelm Frick — who was in charge of the Nazi Reichstag delegation when Hermann Göring was not present — suggested to the Reichstag ′ s agenda committee that the Reichstag go into recess until the next budget could be presented, which would have been some time in the spring.
The joint committee had allocated a budget of £ 5, 000 for capital expenditure and £ 1, 500 for annual running costs.
He played a prominent role on the European Parliament's budget committee.
As ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Collins and committee chairman Senator Joe Lieberman voiced concerns about budget, outside contractors, privacy and civil liberties relating to the National Cyber Security Center, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative and United States Department of Homeland Security plans to enhance Einstein, the program which protects federal networks.
" In addition, though these functions and subfunctions are included in a budget resolution, which determines how Congress considers budget related legislation, they have little correspondence to any committee jurisdictions.
By the mid-1960s, Powell was increasingly being criticized for mismanaging his committee's budget, taking trips abroad at public expense, and missing sittings of his committee.

budget and showed
The result was that while there was a deficit on the budget of 1904 — 1905 of £ 731, 000, the budget of 1905 — 1906 showed a surplus of £ 5161.
Reid, fourth from the left, among members of the Alberta and Saskatchewan cabinets, c. 1930. With Brownlee as premier and Reid as Provincial Treasurer, government deficits ceased: the budget showed a surplus in every year from 1925 until 1930, except for 1927.
Producers who showed interest in the script wanted budget cuts as well as script modifications.
In May 1949, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky claimed that production in the Soviet occupation zone in March 1949 had reached 96. 6 per cent of its 1936 level and that the government budget of the Soviet zone showed a surplus of 1 billion East German Marks, despite a 30 % cut in taxes.
The documentary Overnight, which chronicled Duffy's " rags-to-riches-to-rags " story, showed that the script was worth $ 300, 000, and the film itself was originally given a $ 15 million budget by Miramax's Harvey Weinstein.
When the December-quarter growth report showed an economy contracting, he moved ahead with the Nation Building and Jobs Plan to provide government-sponsored work worth A $ 42 billion ( initially planned for release under the 2009 – 2010 budget ).
While Roddy McDowall returns, John Huston appears as the Lawgiver and veteran actor Lew Ayres has a cameo as Mandemus, the casting of this film otherwise showed the diminishing stature and budget of the series.
A 2010 report by the Dutch football association showed that Heerenveen is the only Eredivisie club that has financially secure budget.
Throughout his time in office, he showed strong leadership and guided Denmark into the EEC and further developed Denmark ’ s social and welfare systems, but his policies also created a huge state budget deficit, which was compensated for by large state loans, increasing the Danish state debt substantially.
Faced with budget concerns, Hydro-Québec did cut back exploration budgets between 1968 and 1970, but the company maintained planning and analysis work, since early data showed a large potential for development.
In the last year of the Clinton administration, the federal budget showed an annual surplus of more than US $ 230 billion.
Though the tight budget and his inexperience occasionally showed through in the film, Lorentz's script, combined with Thomas Chalmers's narration and Virgil Thomson's score, made the 30-minute movie powerful and moving.
With its large budget, Star Trek: the Motion Picture showed a variety of Shuttle-type vehicles operating in the vicinity of Earth.
With a movie-sized budget and the advantages of computer graphics, the 2009 Star Trek film showed off an endless variety of spacecraft.
Malloch Brown, briefing the Security Council, argued that, while the situation uncovered by the audit was " alarming ", and that nearly $ 300 million out of a $ 1. 6 billion budget was involved, it showed more that there was significant waste with only narrow instances of fraud.
In September, due to continuing revenue shortfalls, the 2009 budget was advanced six weeks to October 2008 and Government statistics showed that the Irish economy, with quarterly GDP falls of 0. 3 % and 0. 5 %, had entered recession at the start of 2008, for the first time since 1983, becoming the first of the Eurozone economies to officially do so during the global Economic crisis of 2008.
However Jeme showed he was an able engineer and completed the work two years ahead of schedule and under budget.
ESPN did a " SportsCenter " commercial in which it showed one of the executives having to make " budget cuts ," leading to the release of the monkey.
As the state showed increasing displeasure with the village's operation, the $ 250, 000 the group had expected to receive, which would have been used towards the $ 2 million operating budget for the site, was cut from the 2007 state budget.
A report to Blaenau Gwent council in March 2008 showed that on completion, the project was more than £ 8. 4 million over the original budget.
He was impressed by this historian: through his editorials and from the Congress platform, he showed how urgent it was to have an Indian National Army and to react against the British squandering of Indian budget to safeguard their interests in China and elsewhere.

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