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burning and frigate
Danish illustration showing the Austrian steam frigate Schwarzenberg burning
While commanding in Tripoli, Preble masterminded the burning of the USS Philadelphia by Lieutenant Stephen Decatur on February 16, 1804, preventing the captured frigate from falling into enemy hands.
Iranian frigate Iranian frigate Sahand | IS Sahand ( F74 ) burning from bow to stern on 18 April 1988 after being attacked.

burning and USS
The USS Hatteras raided Cedar Key in January 1862, burning several ships loaded with cotton and turpentine and destroying the railroad's rolling stock and buildings on Way Key.
Then, Marines off the Navy vessel USS Afton surged ashore on San Jose Island and leveled the small town of Aransas, burning most of the houses, structures, warehouses, piers, docks and wharf sometime in February 1862.
Bainbridge had failed to scuttle the ship before being captured, but Stephen Decatur, commander of the USS Intrepid, in a covert mission, destroyed the Philadelphia by burning it, to prevent Tripoli from using it.
The USS Arizona ( BB-39 ) | USS Arizona sunk and burning during the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
The heat from the burning Sealion also scorched off the black paint of the nearby USS Seadragon and for a time this boat fought with only her red lead undercoat visible.
The USS Arizona ( BB-39 ) | USS Arizona burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
During the night of April 20, 1861, the Commander of the U. S. Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk County, Virginia ( now the Norfolk Naval Yard in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia ) Charles S. McCauley, fearing he could not hold the yard against the rebels and although without instructions from authorities in Washington, D. C., ordered the evacuation and burning of the yard and any ships that could not be sailed away, including the USS Merrimack.
In one heroic action, the destroyer USS ( DD-693 ), under the command of Commander Walter M. Foster, went alongside the burning ( which was loaded with aviation fuel and ordnance ) to rescue crewmembers.

burning and Philadelphia
On the morning of June 21, 1964, the three men set out for Philadelphia, Neshoba County, where they were to investigate the recent burning of Mount Zion Methodist Church, a black church that had agreed to be a site for a Relign School for education and voter registration.
Hopkins, an investigator for the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, who spied on activities of residents, wrote that the FBI was in Adams County in force " because of the alleged burning of several churches in that area as well as several bombings and the whipping of several Negroes ; also, because of the murder of two Negroes from Meadville whose bodies were recovered from the Mississippi river while the murders of three civil rights workers from Philadelphia was being investigated by Federal, State and local officials.
* October 9 – Aerosmith cancels several tour dates after Joe Perry and Steven Tyler are injured by an M-80 explosive thrown onstage at the Philadelphia Spectrum, burning Tyler's left cornea and cutting Perry's left hand.
Richard Hershberger's research indicates that Philadelphia Town Ball did not use " soaking " or " burning " to retire the base runner.
The Schuylkill River starts in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania near Pottsville, Pennsylvania and was used in the early days to ship anthracite coal by mule on the Schuylkill Canal to Philadelphia for burning fuel.

burning and |
Constantine I ( emperor ) | Constantine burning Arian books, illustration from a compendium of canon law, ca.
Templars being death by burning | burned at the stake.
United States Air Force | USAF aircraft fly over burning Kuwaiti oil wells
A Coleman Company | Coleman white gas lantern mantle burning at full brightness.
File: Heilig Kreuz Kerzenlabyrinth 11122011. JPG | Labyrinth made with 2500 burning tealights at December, 11th 2011 in the Holy Cross Church in Frankfurt am Main-Bornheim
An example of Book burning | Books burned by the Germans during the Planned destruction of Warsaw.
A ball signare s in Saint-Louis, Senegal | St. Louis ( burning 1890 )
Hundreds of active fires burning across the hills and valleys of Burma | Myanmar Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam ( labelled with red dots ).
The Capitol after the Burning of Washington | burning of Washington, D. C. in the War of 1812 ( painting 1814 by George Munger )
Hundreds of active fires burning across the hills and valleys of Burma | Myanmar Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam ( labelled with red dots ).
< imagemap > File: 1990s decade montage. png | From left, clockwise: The Hubble Space Telescope floats in space after it was taken up in 1990 ; American F-16s and F-15s fly over burning oil fields and the USA Lexie in Operation Desert Storm, also known as the 1991 Gulf War ; The signing of the Oslo Accords on 13 September 1993 ; The World Wide Web gains a public face during the start of decade and as a result gains massive popularity worldwide ; Boris Yeltsin and followers stand on a tank in defiance to the August Coup, which leads to the Soviet Union's dissolution on 26 December 1991 ; Dolly the sheep is the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell ; The funeral procession of Diana, Princess of Wales, who dies in 1997 from a car crash in Paris, and is mourned by millions ; Hundreds of thousands are killed in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 .| 420px | thumb
Central Thessaloniki burning during the Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917 | Great Fire of 1917.
Image: Falla infantil Poeta Altet burning & sparking. jpg | The same falla with fireworks going off.
Image: September Smoke Over the Amazon from 2005-2008. png | Aerosols over the Amazon each September for four burning seasons ( 2005 through 2008 ).
Death by burning | Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland | Baden, Switzerland ( 1585 ), by Johann Jakob Wick.
Book burning following the 1973 Chilean coup d ' état | 1973 coup that installed the Military government of Chile ( 1973 – 1990 ) | Pinochet regime in Chile
I do not repent anything I have done: and I believe that the course which I have opened is only commenced, The Roman who saw his hand burning to ashes before the tyrant, promised that three hundred should follow out his enterprise, Can I not promise looking at John Martin ( Ireland ) | Martin, Thomas Devin Reilly | Reilly, and Thomas Francis Meagher | Meagher, who stood round the dock for one, for two, for three, aye, for hundreds.
Rage Against the Machine Flag desecration | burning the American flag onstage while playing " Killing in the Name " during Woodstock 1999.
Book burning | Book burned by the Germans during the Planned destruction of Warsaw.

burning and harbor
Cabral was outraged by the attack on the factory and seized ten Arab merchant ships anchored in the harbor, killing about six hundred of their crew and confiscating their cargoes before burning the ships.
After the burning of the Arab fleet at the city's harbor, the Genoese and Pisan troops retreated.
A sheet of flame from a burning tanker spreads over the harbor ; 16 ships carrying 38, 000 tons ( 34, 473, 374 kg ) of cargo are destroyed, eight are damaged, and a quantity of mustard gas is released from the cargo of one stricken ship ; at least 125 American personnel alone are killed ; and the port does not return to full operations for three weeks.

burning and Tripoli
What made the lawyer from the northern port city of Tripoli so often the man of the hour was a talent for leading the opposition without burning his bridges with the Lebanese president.

burning and 16
In 1994, Samoth was sentenced to 16 months in prison for burning the Skjold Church in Vindafjord, together with Varg Vikernes.
The car was 16. 5 m ( 54 ft ) long, 3. 7 m ( 12 ft ) wide and weighed 10. 5 tons ( 10. 7 t ), and the twin engines developed a net thrust of 223 kN ( 50, 000 lbf ), a power output of 110, 000 bhp ( 82MW ), burning around 18 litres per second ( 4. 0 Imperial gallons / s or 4. 8 US gallons / s ).
This involved sweeping the country bare of everything that could give sustenance to the Boer guerrillas, including women and children, and included the destruction of crops, burning down homesteads and farms, poisoning wells, and salting fields, and saw non-combatants ( Boer families and sympathisers ) interned in concentration camps where mortality among the women and children reached an extreme whereby 50 % of the population of Boer children under 16 died.
* 1649: The Jesuit missionaries at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons abandon the mission, burning it to the ground and taking refuge at Christian Island ( June 16 )
* ' Great Satan ' warned of a burning hell by Ian Black, The Guardian, February 16, 2005
In 1994 Samoth was sentenced to 16 months in prison for burning Skjold Church in Vindafjord, together with Varg Vikernes.
At 16: 53 on Saturday 1 June 1974, the temporary bypass pipe ( containing cyclohexane at 150 ° C ( 302 ° F ) and 1 MPa ( 10 bar )) ruptured, possibly as a result of a fire on a nearby 8 inch ( 20 cm ) pipe which had been burning for nearly an hour.
One ton of natural uranium can produce more than 40 million kilowatt-hours of electricity — this is equivalent to burning 16, 000 tons of coal or 80, 000 barrels of oil.
The burning of the corpses lasted from 16: 00 to 18: 30.
On the night of 16 / 17 September 1897, in the Mohmand Valley, North West British India, Lieutenant Colvin was with Lieutenant Thomas Colclough Watson who collected a party of volunteers and led them into the dark and burning village of Bilot, to try to dislodge the enemy who were inflicting losses on British Army troops.
* 16 June – An NSB Class 73 burns up after catching fire in a burning show shed at Hallingskeid Station on Norway's Bergen Line.
To keep up the pressure, on December 16, 1918, protesters started burning Wilson's words in watch fires in front of the White House.
In 1997, scientists at the Joint European Torus ( JET ) facilities in the UK produced 16 megawatts of fusion power in the laboratory and have studied the behavior of fusion products ( alpha particles ) in weakly burning plasmas.
A dramatic forest fire that began from Penteli on the night of Thursday August 16, 2007, entered the forests of the area and residential areas, burning fewer buildings than in Penteli.
The engine, designed by Arthur Rudolph, used a pressure-fed propellant system burning alcohol and liquid oxygen, and produced 300 kgf ( 660 lbf, 2. 9 kN ) of thrust for 16 seconds.
16. 1-2 Wonder and admiration at the burning
With a few scraps of clothing surviving burning, it is identified as Pamela Reeves, a 16 year old Girl Guide reported missing a few days.
On September 16, 1990, two juveniles broke into the school and vandalized it, leaving a burning cigarette near an overturned oil lamp, leading to a fire that caused over $ 3 million dollars in damage to the building.
In 1840, hostile raiders struck, killing 16 neophytes and burning the mission.
The neon burning process creates additional < sup > 16 </ sup > O.

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