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buyers and were
Quite often, precious metals were alloyed with less valuable substances as a means to deceive buyers.
As a result the price on US treasuries began to increase and the return began decreasing because there were many buyers, and the return ( yield ) on other bonds began to increase because there were many sellers ( i. e. the price of those bonds fell ).
Home buyers were never told, and only found out when some began having reactions to high levels of lead and chromium.
One of only two American cycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson again produced large numbers of motorcycles for the US Army in World War II and resumed civilian production afterwards, producing a range of large V-twin motorcycles that were successful both on racetracks and for private buyers.
In 1878 and 1879 Krupp held Völkerschiessen, which were firing demonstrations of cannon for international buyers.
Bellart did not enjoy much success, however, because there were few buyers for his books in Nederduits.
With the team for sale, two potential buyers were found in Cablevision and philanthropist Woody Johnson whose grandfather, Robert Wood Johnson II, expanded Johnson & Johnson.
The Railtrack business ( and its £ 7 billion debt ) had been sold to Network Rail for £ 500 million, and the various diversified businesses it had created to seek to protect itself from the loss-making business of running a railway were disposed of to various buyers.
The smelts were " flash frozen " simply by leaving them on the ice and then sold to fish buyers who came down the rivers on horse and sleigh.
The villa fructuaria would be the storage rooms. These would be where the products of the farm were stored ready for transport to buyers.
Along with the Charger, models like the Coronet R / T and Super Bee were popular with buyers seeking performance.
Small cars were sold mainly to attract young buyers with inexpensive options and to increase their fleet average fuel economies to meet federal standards.
Following World War II, however, deeper, more generously sized closets were introduced to new housing designs, which proved to be very attractive to buyers.
List exemplifies the potential dilemma that can result: " if one were interested in exploring whether, and to what extent, race or gender influences the prices that buyers pay for used cars, it would be difficult to measure accurately the degree of discrimination among used car dealers who know that they are taking part in an experiment.
The rulers of the competing island states of Ternate and Tidore also sought Portuguese assistance and the newcomers were welcomed in the area as buyers of supplies and spices during a lull in the regional trade due to the temporary disruption of Javanese and Malay sailings to the area following the 1511 conflict in Malacca.
Many customers were loyal Oldsmobile buyers who specifically wanted the Rocket V8, and did not discover that their vehicle had the Chevrolet engine until they performed maintenance and discovered that purchased parts did not fit.
A few decades ago, worldwide, buyers and sellers were individual investors, such as wealthy businessmen, usually with long family histories to particular corporations.
Internal spaces were designed to be relatively low-cost, yet functional and with decorative elements reminiscent of the detached houses and villas to which the buyers might aspire later in their lives.
After the slaves were herded from the ship and penned in nearby yards to be scrutinized by crowds of buyers, Claver joined them with medicine, food, bread, brandy, lemons and tobacco.
It achieved some success in these markets, to the extent that all Slough-built 2CVs were fitted with improved air cleaners and other modifications to suit the rough conditions found in Australia and Africa, where the 2CV's durability and good ride quality over rough roads attracted buyers.
However, collectors must be aware that the hobby is fraught with documents, photographs and sports items that were signed by forgers seeking to profit by selling forged items to unwitting buyers.
False signatures of the aviator Charles Lindbergh were clandestinely signed onto real 1930-era airmail envelopes bought at stamp shops and then re-sold to unwary buyers ; the same has occurred with Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers.
In " London: A Social History ", Roy Porter describes " Victorian villas in ... Kennington, long debased by use as lodging-houses, were transformed into luxury flats for young professionals or snips for first-time buyers — or were repossessed by the class of family for whom they had first been built ..."; and " Chambers London Gazetteer " observes the " reuniting of formerly subdivided properties " as " decline is being reversed ".

buyers and group
A price of $ 8 million was put on the Blue group, and Woods shopped Blue around to potential buyers.
He also confirmed that no group had an exclusivity deal and potential buyers will have to move straight away to purchase the club.
* Chain ( real estate ), whereby a group of buyers / sellers are linked together
The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents is a group of agents and brokers who work in firms that represent buyers only.
The buyers were a group of investors led by Clayton & Dubilier, Inc. a private New York investment firm.
The buyers were a group of investors including Jacob H. Eckert of Cincinnati, a china and glassware salesman who formed the National Manufacturing Company, and John and Frank Patterson, who were then in the coal and railroad business.
During the workshop, a group of participants is divided into two sections: buyers and sellers.
* Luxury real estate, niche real estate market dealing with the highest economic group of property buyers
This group of car buyers is extremely important to manufacturers due to their large numbers ( 78 million ) and their differing perceptions and demands of the vehicles they drive.
Even if this is the case, it is argued by some that only a small percentage of buyers need to actively read standard form contracts for it to be worthwhile for firms to offer better terms if that group is able to influence a larger number of people by affecting the firm ’ s reputation.
Despite the competition, Fife remained the most profitable of the SBG subsidiaries and was seen by potential buyers as the ' jewel in the crown ' of the state-owned bus group.
To prevent any instance of nuclear terrorism, RAINBOW mobilizes against both parties, raiding the nuclear weapons production facility and intercepting two separate meetings between the mob and potential buyers with the aid of a dissident group of the Russian mob.
Together, the group of about 20 individuals crisscrossed the upper Midwest, playing ball during the day and providing an evening minstrel program for their mostly white ticket buyers.
When a buying group does not search for the ultimate discounted rate, but instead puts people and environment before profit the group becomes a Solidal buyers group.
In 2006, King and his siblings sought to auction some of King's documents at Sotheby's for as much as $ 30 million, but a group of philanthropists and business leaders bought the documents for an undisclosed sum just prior to the auction ; the buyers promised to keep the collection intact at Morehouse College, Martin Luther King Jr .' s alma mater in Atlanta, Georgia.
One product or brand only appeals to the material aspirations of one self-selecting group of buyers, and its sales performance will not affect the vast multiplicity of factors that may separate the cultures.

buyers and prominent
Lane Crawford's buyers are prominent participants in European fashion shows, and the company's stores present brands recognised as leading designers in the West but relatively unknown in China.
Established on July 1, 1906, the Balboa Pavilion played a prominent role in the development of Newport Beach by attracting real estate buyers to an area formerly designated as “ swamp and overflow ” land.

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