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calculation and method
Although the Af calculation is obvious by analogy with that for gravitational field and osmotic pressure, it is interesting to confirm it by a method which can be generalized to include related effects.
The normal method of calculation in ancient Rome, as in Greece, was by moving counters on a smooth table.
Algoritmi, the translator's rendition of the author's name, gave rise to the word algorithm ( Latin algorithmus, " calculation method ").
More generally, calculus ( plural calculi ) refers to any method or system of calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions.
Informally the Church – Turing thesis states that if some method ( algorithm ) exists to carry out a calculation, then the same calculation can also be carried out by a Turing machine ( as well as by a recursively definable function, and by a λ-function ).
Church subsequently modified his methods to include use of Herbrand – Gödel recursion and then proved ( 1936 ) that the Entscheidungsproblem is unsolvable: There is no generalized " effective calculation " ( method, algorithm ) that can determine whether or not a formula in either the recursive-or λ-calculus is " valid " ( more precisely: no method to show that a well formed formula has a " normal form ").
The Gregorian calculation of Easter was based on a method devised by the Calabrian doctor Aloysius Lilius ( or Lilio ) for adjusting the epacts of the moon, and has been adopted by almost all Western Christians and by Western countries who celebrate national holidays at Easter.
T. S. Eliot said: " It is difficult for us to read that essay without reflecting that if Poe plotted out his poem with such calculation, he might have taken a little more pains over it: the result hardly does credit to the method.
The most commonly used method of calculation is that originally proposed by Linus Pauling.
Sanderson has also noted the relationship between Mulliken electronegativity and atomic size, and has proposed a method of calculation based on the reciprocal of the atomic volume.
Glass batch calculation is the method by which the correct raw material mixture is determined to achieve the desired glass composition.
Lausanne has an area,, of ( depending on calculation method ).
To predict if this method would be possible, they made use of a rough calculation.
Weber, like his colleague Werner Sombart, regarded economic calculation and especially the double-entry bookkeeping method of business accounting, as one of the most important forms of rationalisation associated the development of modern capitalism.
Different methods of calculation exist, including Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebraic, Helyn Hitchcock's method, Phonetic, Japanese, Arabic and Indian.
Other standard iterative methods for matrix equation solutions can also be used, for example the Gauss – Seidel method, where updated values for each patch are used in the calculation as soon as they are computed, rather than all being updated synchronously at the end of each sweep.
These tables had been based on a calculation technique developed by General Vilho Petter Nenonen, but Nevanlinna now came up with a new method which made them considerably faster to compile.
* Labour Force Sample Surveys are the most preferred method of unemployment rate calculation since they give the most comprehensive results and enables calculation of unemployment by different group categories such as race and gender.
Under Lipscomb's direction the Extended Huckel method of molecular orbital calculation was developed by Lawrence Lohr and by Roald Hoffmann.
It's possible to write a variation on the conjugate gradient method which avoids the explicit calculation of.
This calculation he proposed to the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg ( Санкт Петербург ) in the booklet V. razprava ( The fifth discussion ), where he had found with his calculating method an error on the 113th place from the estimation of Thomas Fantet de Lagny ( 1660 – 1734 ) from 1719 of 127 places.
He returned to England, resuming his position as curate at Chipping Barnet in 1761, and began work on a book, publishing the lunar distance method of longitude calculation in 1763 in The British Mariner's Guide, which included the suggestion that to facilitate the finding of longitude at sea, lunar distances should be calculated beforehand for each year and published in a form accessible to navigators.

calculation and does
The 1976 definition of the astronomical unit was incomplete, in particular because it does not specify the frame of reference in which time is to be measured, but proved practical for the calculation of ephemerides: a fuller definition that is consistent with general relativity was proposed, and " vigorous debate " ensued until in August 2012 the International Astronomical Union adopted the current definition of 1 astronomical unit = 149597870700 meters.
Sacrifice bunts ( sacrifice hits since 1954 ), which would lower a batter's on-base percentage, are not included in the calculation for on-base percentage, as bunting is an offensive strategy – often dictated by the manager – the use of which does not necessarily reflect on the batter's ability and should not be used to penalize him.
Since virtually every calculation in quantum mechanics involves vectors and linear operators, it can involve, and often does involve, bra-ket notation.
Secondly, the Tax Foundation argues that the Tax Freedom Day calculation does not include capital gains as income because it uses income and tax data directly from the Bureau of Economic Analysis ( BEA ).
This condition does not tell us how large the difference in the evidence provided is, but a later calculation in the same paper shows that the weight of evidence provided by a black raven exceeds that provided by a non-black non-raven by about.
Sometimes, for manual calculation, the continuously-compounded hypothesis is a close-enough approximation of the daily-compounding hypothesis, and makes calculation easier ( even though it does not have any real application as no financial instrument is continuously compounded ).
The term internal refers to the fact that its calculation does not incorporate environmental factors ( e. g., the interest rate or inflation ).
The Catholic Encyclopedia states the Church's view on the latter claim by saying that while midwinter pagan feasts such as Saturnalia may have helped influence the eventual choice to fix the date of Christmas, this does not mean that Christian Christmas traditions find their origin or inspiration there: " though the abundance of analogous midwinter festivals may indefinitely have helped the choice of the December date, the same instinct which set Natalis Invicti at the winter solstice will have sufficed, apart from deliberate adaptation or curious calculation, to set the Christian feast there too.
The second integer unit, which shares paths with the FPU, does not have these facilities and is limited to simple operations such as add, subtract, and the calculation of branch target addresses.
Time does not come into this calculation, so inflation does not appear.
The increased accuracy often does not make enough of a difference in the calculation to be worthwhile.
These EROEI values are not directly comparable, because these EROEI calculations include the energy cost to produce the feedstock, whereas the above EROEI calculation for thermal depolymerization process ( TDP ) does not.
Note, however, this calculation does not account for losses such as evaporation or leakage.
A convenience of this usage is that for all applications, a margin of 0 or higher is passing, one does not need to know application details or compare against requirements, just glancing at the margin calculation tells whether the design passes or not.
In simple situations, this probability can be derived with 1 ) the standard error calculation introduced earlier, 2 ) the formula for the variance of the difference of two random variables, and 3 ) an assumption that if anyone does not choose Kerry they will choose Bush, and vice versa ; they are perfectly negatively correlated.
As of 2010, according to the French Government which does not have the right to ask direct questions about religion and uses a criterion of people ’ s geographic origin as a basis for calculation, there is between 5 to 6 millions Muslims in metropolitan France.
Even Thiele's assumption that the years of captivity were measured from Nisan does not reconcile Ezekiel's chronology for the captivity of Jeconiah with a 586 date, and the calculation given above that uses the customary Tishri-based years yields the summer of 587, consistent with all other texts in Ezekiel related to Jeconiah's captivity.
For example the Lagrangian for the WZW model does depend explicitly on the metric, but one shows by calculation that the expectation value of the partition function and a special class of correlation functions are in fact diffeomorphism invariant.
This simple calculation does not take into account the fact that every marriage is really a marriage between distant cousins which include second cousins, fourth cousins, sixteenth cousins and so on.
Dyscalculia does not necessarily imply higher mathematical reasoning difficulties as well as difficulties with arithmetic operations ; in fact, evidence exists ( especially from brain damaged patients ) that arithmetic ( e. g. calculation and number fact memory ) and mathematical ( abstract reasoning with numbers ) abilities can be dissociated.
Because the algorithm operates on the digits in a right-to-left manner and zero digits affect the result only if they cause shift in position, zero-padding the beginning of a string of numbers does not affect the calculation.
The "/ FREE " calculation does not require the operation code to be placed in a particular column ; the operation code is optional for the EVAL and CALLP operations ; and syntax generally more closely resembles that of mainstream, general-purpose programming languages.

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