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canal and its
Barge and canal systems were nonetheless of great, perhaps even primary, economic importance until after World War I in Europe, particularly in the more developed nations of the Low Countries, France, Germany, Poland, and especially Great Britain which more or less made the system characteristically its own.
Where such sources were unavailable, reservoirs-either separate from the canal or built into its course-and back pumping were used to provide the required water.
The greatest stimulus to canal system building came from the Industrial Revolution with its need for cheap transport of unprecedented quantities of raw materials and manufactured items.
Flattened anterior to posterior, the endocervical canal measures 7 to 8 mm at its widest in reproductive-aged women.
The Casiquiare is not a sluggish canal on a flat tableland, but a great, rapid river which, if its upper waters had not found contact with the Orinoco, perhaps by cutting back, would belong entirely to the Negro branch of the Amazon.
Below its tendon, the tendons of the long flexors pass through the tarsal canal.
Von Platen himself did not live to see the completion of the canal, having died shortly before its opening.
With its around 40 parks, forests and gardens, a couple of lakes, two rivers and one canal, Hanover offers a large variety of leisure activities.
Britain's canal network, together with its surviving mill buildings, is one of the most enduring features of the early Industrial Revolution to be seen in Britain.
During the 19th century, after Schleswig-Holstein had come under the government of Prussia ( from 1871 the German Empire ) following the Second Schleswig War in 1864, a combination of naval interests — the German navy wanted to link its bases in the Baltic and the North Sea without the need to sail around Denmark — and commercial pressure encouraged the development of a new canal.
An artificial canal would then be cut across the narrow isthmus of Rivas ( its lowest point is above sea level ) to reach the Pacific Ocean at San Juan del Sur.
This caused concern about its possible effects on a Nicaraguan canal.
Nichols Panama Canal Collection at the Linda Hall Library Archival collection of maps, blueprints, photographs, letters, and other documents, collected by Aurin B. Nichols, an engineer who worked on the canal project through from 1899 until its completion.
) In the 20th century the northward extension of this ancient canal was discovered, extending from Lake Timsah to the Ballah Lakes, which was subsequently dated to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt by extrapolating the dates of ancient sites erected along its course.
By the 8th century, a navigable canal existed between Old Cairo and the Red Sea, but accounts vary as to who ordered its construction — either Trajan or ' Amr ibn al -' As, or Omar the Great.
Britain, however, feared that a canal open to everyone might interfere with its India trade and, therefore, preferred a connection by train from Alexandria via Cairo to Suez, which eventually was built by Stephenson.
The company was to operate the canal for 99 years from its opening.
The British government had opposed the project of the canal from the outset to its completion.
A railway on the west bank runs parallel to the canal for its entire length.
This is the most common cause of syringomyelia, where the anatomic abnormality causes the lower part of the cerebellum to protrude from its normal location in the back of the head into the cervical or neck portion of the spinal canal.
The 1, 400-kilometer canal, designed mainly for irrigation, is navigable for 450 kilometers from its Caspian terminus.
# Injection: This may be performed under CT, flurosocopy / C-arm or ultrasound guidance where the pudendal nerve is identified in its canal ( where it is commonly compressed ).

canal and Toledo
While the towns were only a mile apart, Toledo grew by 359 % in ten years while Manhattan only grew by 148 % because of the change in the canal outlet.
The canal feeder at Port Jefferson was completed to Sidney by 1841, some 4 years before the Miami & Erie Canal was opened between Cincinnati and Toledo.
From the 1840s to 1913, canal boats carried Shelby County's products to Cincinnati or Toledo.
Mason was also upset by some inhabitants in the disputed area who wanted to belong to Ohio because of interest in the Toledo canal.
Grain shipments from farms in Ohio were loaded onto ships by elevators at Toledo ; these ships were unloaded by elevators at Buffalo that transshipped their grain to canal boats ( and, later, rail cars ), which were unloaded by elevators in Brooklyn, where the grain was either distributed to East Coast flour mills or loaded for further transshipment to England, the Netherlands or Germany.
The canal known as the Wabash & Erie in the 1850s and thereafter, was actually a combination of four canals: the Miami and Erie Canal from the Maumee River near Toledo, Ohio to Junction, Ohio, the original Wabash and Erie Canal from Junction, Ohio to Terre Haute, Indiana, the Cross Cut Canal from Terre Haute, Indiana to Worthington, Indiana ( Point Commerce ), and the Central Canal from Worthington to Evansville, Indiana.
The canal from Napoleon to Toledo was paved over to make U. S. Route 24.
The Miami and Erie Canal was a canal that connected the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio with Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio.
At Providence Metropark along the Maumee River just west of Toledo near Grand Rapids, Ohio, there is a historical reenactment of the Miami-Erie canal.
In later years this second canal would be extended all the way to the Maumee River at Toledo.

canal and entrance
" He followed by issuing orders to block the canal by sinking or otherwise disabling forty-nine ships at its entrance.
Inguinal hernias are further divided into the more common indirect inguinal hernia ( 2 / 3, depicted here ), in which the inguinal canal is entered via a congenital weakness at its entrance ( the internal inguinal ring ), and the direct inguinal hernia type ( 1 / 3 ), where the hernia contents push through a weak spot in the back wall of the inguinal canal.
The hymen is a thin film of membrane situated just inside the vulva which can partially occlude the entrance to the vaginal canal.
The subterranean stretch is marked with a series of pavement plaques so that canal walkers may find their way from one entrance to the other above ground.
This stretch boasts one of the few old canal pubs with an entrance actually on the tow-path, The Narrowboat.
Kingston's location at the Rideau Canal entrance to Lake Ontario, after canal construction was completed in 1832, made it the primary military and economic centre of Upper Canada.
Freeman Thomas built a railroad from his Grand Tunnel mine to a chutehouse along the river near the entrance to the canal.
There are a total of 45 locks at 23 stations along the canal, plus two locks ( locks 33 and 34 ) at the entrance to the Tay Canal ( leading to Perth ).
The former entrance to the canal can still be seen at the North-West end of the park.
Though the construction of the Erie Canal destroyed much of the ford for which the village is named, remnants of an unnamed and often submerged island can still be seen southwest of the entrance to the canal.
De Lesseps was similarly not deterred by the opinions entertained, in France as well as in England, that the sea in front of Port Said was full of mud which would obstruct the entrance to the canal, and that the sands from the desert would fill the trenches — no adverse argument could dishearten Lesseps.
In the course of the raid and seizure of the canal by Nasser, the statue of de Lesseps at the entrance of the Suez Canal was removed from its pedestal, to symbolize the end of European ownership of the waterway.
Listed building | Listed canal roving bridge at entrance to Soho Foundry Loop canal ( now dry )
Electric trams and trolleybuses transport visitors from the entrance in a re-created factory to the village area with thirty buildings situated by the canal basin.
The Lachine Visitor Services Centre is located at the entrance to the canal on Lake Saint-Louis in Lachine, Quebec.
The refurbishment of the building will be taking advantage of its unique location on the city ’ s canal side and will feature a new showcase entrance straight from Brindleyplace into the arena, with large glazed views over the water and the city.
The first phase, movement across the abdomen to the entrance of the inguinal canal appears controlled ( or at least greatly influenced ) by anti-müllerian hormone ( AMH ).
A future expansion of the Forth & Clyde canal at the entrance to the River Forth has been proposed.
Cells formed in the centre of the tympanic membrane migrate outwards from the umbo ( at a rate comparable to that of fingernail growth ) to the walls of the ear canal, and move towards the entrance of the ear canal.

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