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canal and made
Canal barges are usually made for the particular canal in which they will operate.
Barge and canal systems were nonetheless of great, perhaps even primary, economic importance until after World War I in Europe, particularly in the more developed nations of the Low Countries, France, Germany, Poland, and especially Great Britain which more or less made the system characteristically its own.
At various times in the past, and as late as the 1870s, the Bahr el Ghazal Depression, which extends from the northeastern part of the lake to the Djourab, acted as an overflow canal ; since independence, climatic conditions have made overflows impossible.
In the years following the Revolution, Concord's central geographical location made it a logical choice for the state capital, particularly after Samuel Blodget in 1807 opened a canal and lock system to allow vessels passage around the Amoskeag Falls downriver, connecting Concord with Boston by way of the Middlesex Canal.
The canal was mooted in classical times and an abortive effort was made to build it in the 1st century AD.
The Mühlbach, a man made canal, which is diverted from the river Amper at the electrical power plant and runs parallel and flows back into it after passing the paper mill.
The arrival of the railways in 1855 quickly made it redundant, as trains could carry passengers and goods far more rapidly and did not have to shut down with the arrival of winter, which made the canal impassable for five months of the year.
Plans were made to take advantage of this route to build an interoceanic canal, the Nicaragua Canal, but the Panama Canal was built instead.
Between 1939 and 1940, with war in Europe underway, a new study was made for the construction of a barge canal.
The existence of the railroad made speculation about a Panamanian canal feasible.
A major differentiation or distinction to be made is a similar condition due to compression of the spinal cord in the spinal canal, due to disease of the surrounding vertebral column.
During the second attempt to capture Vicksburg, Grant made a series of unsuccessful and highly criticized movements along bayou and canal water routes.
Minor additions to the canal were made after the Sui period to cut down on travel time, but overall no fundamental differences existed between the Sui Grand Canal and the Tang Grand Canal.
The canal even made a distinct impression on some of China's early European visitors.
As a reform-spirited Governor in 1875, he turned his attention to a second set of plunderers, the “ Canal Ring ”, made up of members of both parties who had been systematically robbing New York State by overcharging of the canal works.
* The canal from the Nile River to the Red Sea, initially started but not completed by the Egyptian pharaoh Necho II and repaired by the Persian king Darius I, is again repaired and made operational by Ptolemy II.
This made it possible for Guildford businesses to access the Thames at Weybridge by boat and predated the major canal building program in Britain by more than a century.
Second generation ( 1840 – 1870 ) improvements made by others included construction of long stretches of canal, serviced by large locks, many of which are still visible along the river.
Its initial organization was effected by a canal company founded in Denver, Colorado, and appears to have been based upon fraud and willful misrepresentations made by the founders to state officials.
This intracoastal canal made access to the valley much easier for the residents that had settled in this area.
But the race to build the canal was lost in 1826 when the federal government made a large grant to build the Louisville and Portland Canal.
The lack of a canal handicapped the growth of the town as the Falls of the Ohio made river transport from the city difficult.
Kingston's location at the Rideau Canal entrance to Lake Ontario, after canal construction was completed in 1832, made it the primary military and economic centre of Upper Canada.
Because of its favourable position both on the edge of the canal and near the Veluwemeer, tourists have made it a popular tourist destination.

canal and use
Greek engineers were the first to use canal locks, by which they regulated the water flow in the Ancient Suez Canal as early as the 3rd century BC.
In their first major use at the Battle of Cambrai ( 1917 ), the plan was for a cavalry division to follow behind the tanks, however they were not able to cross a canal because a tank had broken the only bridge.
The government is also developing ports and infrastructure in La Union in the east of the country, in order to use the area as a " dry canal " for transporting goods from Gulf of Fonseca in the Pacific Ocean to Honduras and the Atlantic Ocean in the north.
1, 015 km ; Shatt al Arab is usually navigable by maritime traffic for about 130 km ; channel has been dredged to 3 m and is in use ; Tigris and Euphrates Rivers have navigable sections for shallow-draft watercraft ; Shatt al Basrah canal was navigable by shallow-draft craft before closing in 1991 because of the Gulf War
Between 1767 and 1774 Hutton had considerable close involvement with the construction of the Forth and Clyde canal, making full use of his geological knowledge, both as a shareholder and as a member of the committee of management, and attended meetings including extended site inspections of all the works.
It was only wide with a depth of three metres ( ten feet ), which limited the vessels that could use the canal to 300 tonnes displacement.
The oldest bridge still in use is the Levensau High Bridge from 1893 ; however, the bridge will have to be replaced in the course of a canal expansion already underway.
The 1914 Bryan-Chamorro Treaty granted perpetual canal rights to the U. S. in Nicaragua and was signed ten days before the U. S .- operated Panama Canal opened for use, thus preventing anyone from building a competing canal in Nicaragua without U. S. permission.
Several possible routes have been proposed for a canal in Nicaragua, all making use of Lake Nicaragua, the second largest lake in Latin America.
As one of the diplomatic moves against the canal, it disapproved the use of slave labor of forced workers on the canal.
The canal and its Toledo sidecut entrance were completed in 1843 ; soon after the canal was functional, the canal boats became too large to use the shallow waters at the terminus in Manhattan.
The nationalisation of the canal system in 1948 did not result in the towpaths becoming public rights of way, and subsequent legislation, such as the Transport Act of 1968, which defined the government's obligations to the maintenance of the inland waterways for which it was now responsible, did not include any commitment to maintain towpaths for use by anyone.
Not all towpaths are suitable for use by cyclists, but where they are, and the canal is owned by British Waterways, a permit is required.
Marsupials have two uteri, each of which connect to a lateral vagina and which both use a third, middle " vagina " which functions as the birth canal.
A data-taker would use microswitches hidden in his shoes to indicate the speed of the roulette wheel, and the computer would indicate an octant to bet on by sending musical tones via radio to a miniature speaker hidden in a collaborators ear canal.
* The Song Dynasty Chinese engineer Qiao Wei innovates the first known use of the double-gated canal pound lock for adjusting different water levels in segments of the Grand Canal of China.
The lower sections of the canal were given to the Commissioners for Sewers, for use as a drainage ditch.
Travelers could use the canal system to go west from Columbia to Pittsburgh, Lake Erie, Ohio and West Virginia, north into New York State, and east to Philadelphia.
The canal was a true canal, as its route did not use the bed of the river, and its construction, including six locks, was completed in 1826.
The use of Limehouse Basin as a major distribution hub declined with the growth of the railways, although the revival of canal traffic during World War I and World War II gave it a brief swansong.

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