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canonization and Saint
The procedure initiated by the text of Alexander III, confirmed by a bull of Pope Innocent III in the year 1200, issued on the occasion of the canonization of Saint Cunegunde, led to increasingly elaborate inquiries.
The canonization of Saint Stephen was recognized by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople in the year 2000.
The name was already in use during the saga period and became, after the canonization of Saint Olaf and important pilgrim ’ s route from Europe to Nidaros.
Saint André Bessette, C. S. C., (; 9 August 1845 – 6 January 1937 ), born Alfred Bessette and since his canonization sometimes known as Saint André of Montreal ,< ref >
CHRISTUS Saint Frances Cabrini Hospital in Alexandria, LA, bears her name because the Most Reverend Charles Greco was Bishop of Alexandria at the time of its founding, which was shortly after her canonization and he had met her when she came to visit the grade school he attended in New Orleans.
After his canonization, the National Shrine of Saint John Neumann was constructed at the Parish of St. Peter the Apostle in Philadelphia.
* " Homily preached by Pope Paul VI at the canonization of Saint John Neumann ", 1977, Vatican website
The next step is beatification, at which point the person is referred to as The Blessed, and finally canonization, at which point the person is referred to as Saint.
In the twentieth century some English-language Orthodox sources began to use the term " Venerable " to refer to a righteous person who was a candidate for glorification ( canonization ), most famously in the case of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco ; however, this has not altered the original usage of this term in reference to monastic saints.
Following the canonization Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1622, he suggested to his nephew, Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, that a new church should be erected to the founder of the Society of Jesus, at the College itself.
Three Barnabites are counted among the canonized saints: Saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Saint Alexander Sauli and Saint Francis Bianchi, while some others are being investigated for possible canonization, including Venerable Karl Schilling, the only post-reformation Norwegian to be officially considered for sainthood.
In 1634 he was beatified by the Congregation of Rites, but was often referred to as Saint Bernardo even before his canonization in 2009.
Later he was a witness at the canonization of Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów in 1252.
Among the many miracles related to Saint Charbel the Church chose two of them to declare the beatification, and a third for his canonization.
At the end of Saint Camber, Camber eventually comes to terms with his own canonization.
The first catholic Saint of India and the Indian Sub-Continent, and 8 June 2012 marked the 150th anniversary of his canonization.

canonization and Bishop
Exceptions are bulls of canonization and decrees of ecumenical councils, which the Pope signs with the formula, " Ego N. Episcopus Ecclesiae catholicae ", without the numeral, as in " Ego Benedictus Episcopus Ecclesiae catholicae " ( I, Benedict, Bishop of the catholic / universal Church ).
The Pope's signature is followed, in bulls of canonization, by those of all the cardinals resident in Rome, and in decrees of ecumenical councils, by the signatures of the other bishops participating in the council, each signing as Bishop of a particular see.
In the early 13th century, Bishop Iwo Odrowąż initiated preparations for Stanisław's canonization and ordered Wincenty of Kielce to write the martyr's vita.
In 1228 the Bishop of Sarum and the canons applied to Gregory IX for Osmund's canonization but not until some 200 years afterwards on 1 January 1457, was the bull issued by Callistus III.
Krol campaigned for the canonization of Katharine Drexel, and was present at the canonization of his Czech-born predecessor in Philadelphia, Bishop John Neumann.
Duke George at this time was bent on securing the canonization of Bishop Benno of Meissen, and at his instance Emser travelled through Saxony and Bohemia in search of materials for a life of Benno, which he subsequently published in German and Latin.

canonization and by
The last case of canonization by a metropolitan is said to have been that of St. Gaultier, or Gaucher, abbot of Pontoise, by the Archbishop of Rouen.
Through his simple message Cyril became recognized as one of the most profound and admired Bishops in church history, which ultimately led to his canonization by the Christian church.
In general, they are not signed by the Pope, but Pope John Paul II introduced in the mid-1980s the custom by which the Pope signs not only bulls of canonization but also, using his normal signature, such as " Benedictus PP.
Galgani was a woman in her twenties whose virtue became model by her canonization.
After his death, his canonization was demanded by King Valdemar IV of Denmark and promised by his successor, Pope Gregory XI, as early as 1375, but this did not take place owing to the disorders of the time.
With the changes in the canonization process introduced by Pope John Paul II in 1983, a College of Relators was added to prepare the cases of those declared as Servants of God.
There were calls for Cyril's canonization by the crowds lining the Roman streets during his funeral procession.
Panfilo is the storyteller of the first tale of the entire collection, which is also the first tale ridiculing then-current practices of the Roman Catholic Church ( in this case canonization by the people ).
His zeal in founding monasteries earned for him his surname " the Pious ", and canonization by Pope Innocent VIII in 1485.
Despite this, Solomon never gave up his pretensions and began to plot against King László I ; however, his plans were discovered and he was imprisoned by the King in the Tower of Visegrád until 15 August 1083, when on the occasion of the canonization of István I, the first King of Hungary, Solomon was released.
Junípero Serra was beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 25, 1988, this being one of the steps towards canonization, or promotion to sainthood, in the Catholic Church.

canonization and Pope
On 10 May 2012, Pope Benedict XVI extended the liturgical cult of St. Hildegard to the universal Church, in a process known as " equivalent canonization ".
On 10 May 2012, Pope Benedict XVI extended the liturgical cult of St. Hildegard to the universal Church in a process known as " equivalent canonization ".
Pope Boniface VIII proclaimed the canonization of Louis in 1297 ; he is the only French monarch to be declared a saint.
This time, it had the full support of the king and the English hierarchy, and a grateful pope issued the bull of canonization on 7 February 1161, the result of a conjunction of the interests of Westminster Abbey, King Henry II and Pope Alexander III He was called ' Confessor ' as the name for someone who was believed to have lived a saintly life but was not a martyr or churchman.
Upon canonization, the Pope declared St. Maximilian Kolbe not a confessor, but a martyr.
From 1271, the papacy carried out a long inquest on the subject of Louis IX, which ended with his canonization, announced in 1297 by Pope Boniface VIII.
McAleese attended the canonization by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome of Charles of Mount Argus on 3 June 2007.
Upon Ladislaus ' initiative, Pope Gregory VII ordered the canonization of the first king of Hungary, Stephen I and his son, Emeric ( Imre ).
The first of his works on Francis was Vita Beati Francisci (" The Life of Blessed Francis ", often called the " First Life "), a work on the saint's early life, commissioned by Pope Gregory IX in 1228 at the time Francis's canonization.
* The canonization of Pope Gregory XVII is part of the plot of Anthony Burgess's novel Earthly Powers

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