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canto and then
# The fourth movement, Scena e canto gitano (" Scene and gypsy song ") opens with five cadenzas — first by the horns and trumpets, then solo violin, flute, clarinet, and harp — played over rolls on various percussion instruments.
This theme recurs in the line " a man on whom the sun has gone down ", a reference to the nekuia from canto I, which is then explicitly referred to.
The canto then moves on to a longish passage of memories of the moribund literary scene Pound encountered in London when he first arrived, with the phrase " beauty is difficult ", quoted from Aubrey Beardsley, acting as a refrain.
The canto then closes with two passages, one a pastiche of Browning, the other of Edward Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, lamenting the lost London of Pound's youth and an image of nature as designer.
The canto then moves through memories of Spain, a story told by Basil Bunting, and anecdotes of a number of familiar personages and of George Santayana.
The canto then closes with more on economics.
This canto then moves to the fountain of Castalia on Parnassus.
The canto then proceeds to look at examples of benevolent action by public figures that, for Pound, illustrate this maxim.
The canto, and sequence, then closes with an extended treatment of the passage from the fifth book of the Odyssey in which a drowning Odysseus / Pound is rescued by Leucothea.
At the beginning of canto 2, after the " feigning dreame " and " faire-forged Spright " tell Archimago they failed to seduce Redcross, the enchanter first throws a fit and then moderates his behavior in a swerve that duplicates Redcross's swing from " fierce despight " to " sufferance wise " ( 1. 1. 50 ).
She asserted that there were only two styles of singing: " the good ... and the bad " and argued that a properly trained vocalist could sing the old bel canto style just as easily as the then newer, more dramatic style.

canto and gives
Ruggiero and Bradamante are the ancestors of the House of Este, Ariosto's patrons, whose genealogy he gives at length in canto 3 of the poem.
To each canto he prefixed a few stanzas of reflective verse in the manner of Ariosto, and in one of these introductions he gives us the only certain information we have concerning his own life.
In his next personal appearance he takes a walk in the woods of canto 6 dressed up as a dusty pilgrim, lets himself be seen by Una and Satyrane, and gives Una an account of Redcross's death at the hands of a " Paynims sonne " that we recognize as a muffled version of his own luckless encounter with Sansloy.

canto and which
An example of this is Vladimir Nabokov's novel Pale Fire, the second section of which is a 999 line, 4 canto poem largely written in loose heroic couplets but also allowing for frequent enjambment.
Known for his long-flowing melodic lines, for which he was named " the Swan of Catania ", Bellini was the quintessential composer of bel canto opera.
Both of them featured bel canto works, dating from Rubini's day, in their operatic repertoires, and both of them can be heard on recordings which faithfully capture the distinct shimmer inherent in their timbre.
The bel canto style of vocalism which arose in Italy in the early 19th century supplanted the castrato-dominated opera seria of the previous century.
Commentators praised his voice for its beauty, flexibility and smooth tonal emission, which are the hallmarks of a bel canto singer.
Such great early-20th century international operatic stars as Enrico Caruso, Rosa Ponselle and Titta Ruffo developed vocal techniques which harmoniously managed to combine fundamental bel canto precepts with a more ' modern ', straightforward mode of ripe-toned singing when delivering Verismo music, and their example has influenced operatic performers down to this day ( see Scott ).
Fry's most notable composition was the opera Leonora, which received mixed reviews upon its opening and was criticized for its debt to Vincenzo Bellini's bel canto style.
Later Chilean groups such as Inti-Illimani and Los Curacas took the fusion work of Los Jairas and the Parras to invent nueva canción, which returned to Bolivia in the 1980s in the form of canto nuevo artists such as Emma Junaro and Matilde Casazola.
One of its madrigals was a setting of Guarini's notorious Tirsi morir volea, an obscene poem that Einstein called " worthless, indeed contemptible ", and "... more obscene than the coarsest mascherata, the most suggestive canto carnascialesco, or the most impertinent chanson ... could not be more removed from true poetry " but yet which was the most-often set individual poem of the late sixteenth century.
The poem also contains a reference to Canto XXVI in its line " Poi s ' ascose nel foco che gli affina " (" Then hid him in the fire that purifies them ") which appears in Eliot's closing section of The Waste Land as it does to end Dante's canto.
Arnaut's 4th canto ( see " Arnaut Daniel: Complete Works " external link below ) contains the lines that Pound claimed were " the three lines by which Daniel is most commonly known " ( The Spirit of Romance, p. 36 ):
In the 1980s, Chilean nueva canción was imported to Bolivia and changed into canto nuevo, which was popularized by performers like Emma Junaro.
Ulisse recalls his voyage in the Infernos 26th canto, in which he is condemned to the Eighth Circle of false counsellors for misusing his gift of reason.
Callas, in contrast, considered herself a dramatic coloratura soprano and started her career in the heaviest roles, but soon after, concentrated on the bel canto repertoire, which were not a good fit for Tebaldi's vocal range and technique.
" Reviewers noted with amazement that Nono's canto sospeso achieved a synthesis — to a degree hardly thought possible — between an uncompromisingly avant-garde style of composition and emotional, moral expression ( in which there was an appropriate and complementary treatment of the theme and text )" ( Flamm 1995 ).
With artists like Sérgio Godinho and Luís Cília, Afonso helped form nova canção music, which, after the 1974 revolution, gained socially-aware lyrics and became canto livre.
In 1822, Sara Coleridge published Account of the Abipones, a translation in three large volumes of Martin Dobrizhoffer, undertaken in connexion with Southey's Tale of Paraguay, which had been suggested to him by Dobrizhoffer's volumes ; and Southey alludes to his niece, the translator ( canto, iii, stanza 16 ), where he speaks of the pleasure the old missionary would have felt if "… he could in Merlin's glass have seen / By whom his tomes to speak our tongue were taught.
In the last line of this canto the west wind is considered the ‘ Destroyer ’ ( l. 14 ) because it drives the last signs of life from the trees, and the ‘ Preserver ’ ( l. 14 ) for scattering the seeds which will come to life in the spring.
which featured the frontman from the Spanish pop / rock band El canto del loco.
In 1816 he was with Byron after his separation from his wife, and contributed notes to the fourth canto of Childe Harold, which was dedicated to him.
The tenth book ( or canto ), which is dedicated to Krishna, takes up about one quarter of the entire Bhāgavata.
The first of these, in Italian, was Le regole più necessarie per l ' introduzione del canto fermo, which he published in 1609.
The suspicion of some earlier scholars that the Praefatio and the Versus might be a modern forgery is refuted by the occurrence of the word vitteas, which is the Old Saxon fihtea, corresponding to the Old English fitt, which means a canto of a poem.

canto and men
Another current popular approach that is based on the bel canto model is to divide both men and women's voices into three registers.

canto and off
Cazotte possessed extreme facility and is said to have dashed off a seventh canto of Voltaire's Guerre civile de Genève in a single night.

canto and .
But all this, I am well aware, is the bel canto of love, and although I have always liked to think that it was to the bel canto and to that alone that I listened, I know well enough that it was not.
His bel canto style gave the performance a special distinction.
A few of Rossini's operas remained popular throughout his lifetime and continuously since his demise ; others were resurrected from semi-obscurity in the last half of the 20th century, during the so-called " bel canto revival.
Although dissatisfied with his return to Florence, Boccaccio continued to work, producing Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine ( also known as Ameto ) a mix of prose and poems, in 1341, completing the fifty canto allegorical poem Amorosa visione in 1342, and Fiammetta in 1343.
Here is an example from the first canto.
* El canto de salvación.
File: Blake Hell 34 Lucifer. jpg | Lucifer, by William Blake, for Dante's Inferno, canto 34
The first third of the 19th century saw the highpoint of the bel canto style, with Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini all creating works that are still performed today.
The bel canto opera movement flourished in the early 19th century and is exemplified by the operas of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Pacini, Mercadante and many others.
Literally " beautiful singing ", bel canto opera derives from the Italian stylistic singing school of the same name.
Bel canto lines are typically florid and intricate, requiring supreme agility and pitch control.
Following the bel canto era, a more direct, forceful style was rapidly popularized by Giuseppe Verdi, beginning with his biblical opera Nabucco.
Carl Maria von Weber established German Romantic opera in opposition to the dominance of Italian bel canto.
By the 1820s, Gluckian influence in France had given way to a taste for Italian bel canto, especially after the arrival of Rossini in Paris.
Many of the most challenging tenor roles in the repertory were written during the bel canto era, such as Donizetti's sequence of 9 Cs above middle C during La fille du régiment.
* Dante Alighieri has Odysseus append a new ending to the Odyssey in canto XXVI of the Inferno.
* The first canto of Ezra Pound's The Cantos ( 1922 ) is both a translation and a retelling of Odysseus ' journey to the underworld.
Complex palindromes appear in the 19th canto of the 8th-century epic poem Śiśupāla-vadha by Magha.
* A canto was quoted and used as an underlying theme of the 1945 screen adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray: " I sent my soul through the invisible, some letters of that after-life to spell, and by and by my soul did return, and answered, ' I myself am Heaven and Hell.
The prolonged, climatic coloratura mad scene for Lucia in Donizetti's 1835 bel canto opera Lucia di Lammermoor is based on what in the novel were just a few bland sentences.
Along with Vincenzo Bellini and Gioachino Rossini, he was a leading composer of bel canto opera.
It became his most famous opera, and one of the high points of the bel canto tradition, reaching stature similar to Bellini's Norma.

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