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from Brown Corpus
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careless and writing
Spohr's writing indicates the piano was out of tune and that Beethoven's playing was harsh or careless, which has not been explained with certainty.

careless and was
According to the Vita Ansgarii (" Life of Ansgar "), when the little boy learned in a vision that his mother was in the company of Saint Mary, his careless attitude toward spiritual matters changed to seriousness (" Life of Ansgar ", 1 ).
" However, his looks proved to be an asset in his personal and political relationships, as his law partner William Herndon wrote, " He was not a pretty man by any means, nor was he an ugly one ; he was a homely man, careless of his looks, plain-looking and plain-acting.
The council abolished some of the most notorious abuses and introduced or recommended disciplinary reforms affecting the sale of indulgences, the morals of convents, the education of the clergy, the non-residence of bishops ( also bishops having plurality of benefices, which was fairly common ), and the careless fulmination of censures, and forbade dueling.
Wallach also mentioned that director Sergio Leone was notoriously careless regarding the safety of his actors during dangerous scenes.
Titus Alone was published in 1959 and was revised by Langdon Jones in 1970 to remove apparent inconsistencies introduced by the publisher's careless editing.
However, if an entire industry tacitly settles on a somewhat careless standard of conduct ( that is, as analyzed from the perspective of a layperson ), then the plaintiff may not be able to recover even though he or she is severely injured, because although the defendant's conduct caused his or her injuries, such conduct was not negligent in the legal sense ( if everyone within the trade would inevitably testify that the defendant's conduct conformed to that of a reasonable tradeperson in such circumstances ).
Homo Sapiens Europeaus was described as active, acute, and adventurous whereas Homo Sapiens Afer was crafty, lazy and careless.
He was considered diffuse and obscure in his utterances and careless in his style, but his abilities were highly regarded, and he came to be seen as a preeminent authority for the school.
Ferguson's sense of what was " right " became the basis for the Beiderbecke Romantic legend, which has traditionally emphasized the musician's Iowa roots, his often careless dress, his difficulty sight reading, the purity of his tone, his drinking, and his early death.
The bank was operated informally and Porter was apparently careless in keeping his books and may have embezzled funds.
Antonia's education was poor, or at least it lacked the rigorous training of Louis XVI's ; her handwriting, for instance, was sprawling and careless in form.
A careless, coarse, and over familiar style of discourse, without sufficient regard to persons or occasions, and an almost total want of political decorum, were the errours by which he was most hurt in the public opinion: and those through which his enemies obtained the greatest advantage over him.
I was trying to help end the killing and the war, but there were times when I was thoughtless and careless about it and I'm very sorry that I hurt them.
Unfortunately he was also shallow, vain, careless, high-hoped, incompetent, improvident, and irresponsible.
Plutarch, who had the works of Cato before him, but was careless in dates, did not observe that the estimation of Livy would take back Cato's 17th year to 222, when there was not a Carthaginian in Italy, whereas the computation of Cicero would make the truth of Cato's statement in harmony with the date of Hannibal's first invasion.
In fact, the disease was caused by contamination of the town's water supply by the careless behavior of a typhoid-stricken dairy farmer living near the town's water system.

careless and with
We must be ever alert that freedom does not wither through the careless amassing of restrictive controls or the lack of courage to deal boldly with the issues of the day.
:" Birka is the main Geatish town ( oppidum Gothorum ), situated in the middle of Sweden ( Suevoniae ), not far ( non longe ) from the temple called Uppsala ( Ubsola ) which the Swedes ( Sueones ) held in the highest esteem when it comes to the worship of the gods ; here forms an inlet of the Baltic or the Barbaric Sea a port facing north which welcomes all the wild peoples all around this sea but which is risky for those who are careless or ignorant of such places ... they have therefore blocked this inlet of the troubled sea with hidden masses of rocks along more than 100 stadions ( 18 km ).
In these memoirs, he paints himself as a born comedian, careless, light-hearted and with a happy temperament, proof against all strokes of fate, yet thoroughly respectable and honorable.
Nice wrote to Joseph Grinnell in 1932, trying to get foreign literature reviewed in the Condor: " Too many American ornithologists have despised the study of the living bird ; the magazines and books that deal with the subject abound in careless statements, anthropomorphic interpretations, repetition of ancient errors, and sweeping conclusions from a pitiful array of facts.
With the CMSN's leader reluctant to break with France and Mauritania, the country refused to give in to Polisario demands for a troop retreat, and Ould Salek's careless handling of the ethnic issue ( massively discriminating against Black Africans in nominating for government posts ) contributed to further unrest.
Negative Traits: Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, careless with finances, wanting peer attention.
A common legend states that in the second year of the Hsüan-ho, in the Sung dynasty 1120 AD, a certain official memorialized the throne, praying that the ya p ' ai ( ivory cards ) be fixed as a pack of 32, comprising 127 pips it should be 227, but Chinese printers are careless, in order to accord with the expanse of the stars and constellations.
The former are those “ manifested by his observed behaviour, including preferences possibly based on erroneous factual beliefs, or on careless logical analysis, or on strong emotions that at the moment greatly hinder rational choice ” whereas the latter are “ the preferences he would have if he had all the relevant factual information, always reasoned with the greatest possible care, and were in a state of mind most conducive to rational choice .” It is the latter that preference utilitarianism tries to satisfy.
However, as far as Hortensio should be concerned, Lucentio has denounced Bianca ( in Act 4, Scene 2, Tranio ( disguised as Lucentio ) agreed with Hortensio that neither of them would pursue Bianca, because she obviously loved Cambio ), and as such, his knowledge of the marriage of who he supposes to be Lucentio and Bianca makes no sense, and again seems to suggest some careless editing on Shakespeare's part.
The later hardened plate armours, complete with ridges and roping, actually posed quite a threat against the careless attacker.
Lucy also exhibited many stereotypical female traits that were standard for comedy at the time, including being secretive about her age and true hair color, and being careless with money.
The Saturnalia reflects the contradictory nature of the deity Saturn himself: " there are joyful and utopian aspects of careless well-being side by side with disquieting elements of threat and danger ".
This type of psychography is very difficult to tell apart from the regular thinking process, especially in people with a literary talent ( a careless analysis would have most writers fall into this category ).
If oil is found in the matrix's path ( due to careless maintenance or over-lubrication of nearby parts ), it combines with dust, forming a gummy substance that is eventually deposited in the magazine by the matrices.
For many years, movie studios were careless with old props, costumes, scripts, and other materials, unaware of their increasing value as memorabilia.
Broderick was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years behind bars, but was later convicted of the lesser charge of careless driving and fined $ 175, which the victims ' family called " a travesty of justice.
The tars, having made a tolerable breach with their cannon on Saturday, took the opportunity of the careless position of the natives, and went into the Pa, but did not get possession without much hard fighting, hand to hand .”
Verbruggen was considered a more natural, intuitive or " careless " actor, with " a negligent agreeable wildness in his action and his mien, which became him well.
It requires the practitioner to maintain a careless memory of how things used to be, with a belief that things are in chaotic flux, an expectation that change will occur and the ability to accept the changes as they occur.
Apart from a very brief moment during the first radio series, when the main characters were transported outside the galactic plane into a battle with Haggunenons, and a moment when one of Arthur's careless remarks is sent inadvertently though a wormhole into " a distant galaxy ", the Galaxy provides the setting for the entire series.
In June 2005, LeBlanc admitted to " careless and irresponsible " behavior with a stripper during a motorcycle trip to Canada.
Disraeli's protagonist, the Duke of St. James, attends a horse race with a surprise finish: " A dark horse which had never been thought of, and which the careless St. James had never even observed in the list, rushed past the grandstand in sweeping triumph.

careless and savage
"... indeed I think that all endeavours to make them adopt more settled habits will be useless, for what great inducement does the monotonous and toilsome existence of the labouring classes in civilized communities offer, to make the savage abandon his independent and careless life, diversified by the exciting occupations of hunting, fighting, and dancing.

careless and .
For a moment his hatred toward drunken or careless drivers softened.
In the written language then can be underlined or italicized to guide the reader here, but much of the time the written language simply depends on the reader's alertness, and a careless reader will have to back up and reread.
Brooding about future wars, the Field Marshal has this to say: `` The Asian fighting man is at least equally brave ( as the white ), usually more careless of death, less encumbered by mental doubts, less troubled by humanitarian sentiment, and not so moved by slaughter and mutilation around him.
It didn't bother him for everybody from the blacksmith to the preacher to say, `` Howdy, Miss Jenny '', adding a careless `` Roy '', but it did her.
It is the death of Kat that eventually makes Paul careless about living.
It is Kat's death that eventually makes Bäumer careless whether he survives the war or not, but that he can face the rest of his life without fear.
: The barbarians thought that Romans would not be able to cross it without a bridge, and consequently bivouacked in rather careless fashion on the opposite bank ; but he sent across a detachment of Germanic tribesmen, who were accustomed to swim easily in full armour across the most turbulent streams.
The mines were in a neglected state, caused by careless operations dating back at least to the time of the final fall of Louisbourg.
Eddy even stipulated in her Church Manual that " careless comparison or irreverent reference to Christ Jesus is abnormal in a Christian Scientist and is prohibited.
Bruce Main-Smith writes, " It is unfortunate, indeed careless, that clairvoyance has come to be indicative of all / most forms of purported mediumship.
The name " Doonesbury " is a combination of the word doone ( prep school slang for " someone who is out to lunch ", that is, someone who is clueless, inattentive, or careless ) and the surname of Charles Pillsbury, Trudeau's roommate at Yale University.
He said that Fiji could not afford to lose China, and that the government would ensure that " careless incidences " like Naivalu's vote in Geneva would not recur.
Therefore, careless or deliberate programming can cause non-trivial changes on the server.
I like to think my summing-up would not have been a word of careless contempt.
* If someone is careless when watering his fields, and he floods someone else's by accident, he will pay for the grain he has ruined.
The Myth of Er at the end of Plato's Republic tells of the dead arriving at the " plain of Lethe ", through which the river Ameles (" careless ") runs.

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