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carvings and are
Aleut carvings are distinct in each region and have attracted traders for centuries.
The elephant s head, trunk, and tusks are characteristic of baku portrayed in classical era ( pre-Meiji ) Japanese wood-block prints ( see illustration ) and in shrine, temple, and netsuke carvings.
Some ornamental bokken are decorated with mother-of-pearl work and elaborate carvings.
There are several stone carvings of triangular harps from the 10th century, many of which have simple triangular shapes, generally with straight pillars, straight string arms or necks, and soundboxes.
That music of youth, with its little sins and absurdities that almost point out the sentimental affectation … appears to me like the carvings in the Alhambra, those peculiar arabesques that say nothing with their turns and shapes, but which are like the air, like the sun, like the blackbirds or like the nightingales of its gardens.
The carvings are difficult to date, but are morphologically similar to late Bronze Age weapons ; recent laser scanning work on the carvings supports this interpretation.
Salukis are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in existence, with excavations of Sumerian Empire sites between 7000-6000 BC showing carvings and seals that look similar to the modern breed.
* Buddhist caves are found at Ajanta ( India ) with stone carvings ( approximate date ).
There are a large number of Aboriginal rock paintings and carvings along the stock route.
Visitors entering the massive, carved mesquite-wood doors of San Xavier are often struck by the coolness of the interior, and the dazzling colors of the paintings, carvings, frescoes and statues.
These watchtowers vary in design but are generally rounded and bear armorial or symbolic carvings on their exterior.
Above the window are carvings of angels and to either side long stone ladders with angels climbing up them.
Guy de la Bédoyère also warns against reading too much in to size differences or natures in the figures, which have been used to promote theories of different roles for the three figures, arguing that at the skill level of most of the carvings, small differences in size are more likely to be hit-and-miss consequences, and pointing out that experimental archaeology has shown hooded figures one of the easiest sets of figures to carve.
Both the statue and the base upon which it sits are covered in carvings of sacred and psychoactive organisms including mushrooms ( Psilocybe aztecorum ), tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ), Ololiúqui ( Turbina corymbosa ), sinicuichi ( Heimia salicifolia ), possibly cacahuaxochitl ( Quararibea funebris ), and one unidentified flower.
Cult figures made from wood carvings were very popular in pre-Christian times and are still popular on the island today.
So the inhabitants are killed, and Ruapupuke burns the house, taking some of the carvings back with him to use as a model for carving in the human world ( Tregear 1891: 350 )
One of the largest objects in the collection is the Hertogenbosch Roodloft, from Holland, dated 1610 – 1613 this is as much a work of architecture as sculpture, 10. 4 metres wide, 7. 8 metres high, the architectural framework is of various coloured marbles including columns, arches and balustrade, against which are statues and bas-reliefs and other carvings in alabaster, the work of sculptor Conrad van Norenberch.
There are many aboriginal sites within the park including cave paintings, axe grinding grooves and rock carvings.
Local carvings of whalebone and walrus ivory are sought after by galleries in Alaska and the Lower 48.
Birch baskets, fur pelts, and jade, quartz, bone and ivory carvings are sold in gift shops throughout the state.
Internally, the rooms are sumptuously decorated with gildings, carvings and cartoons, many allegorical in style, depicting the seasons, myths and fables.
The Jeffers Petroglyphs, a series of Native American stone carvings ranging from 150 to 9000 years old, are also named for George Jeffers and are several miles northeast of the town.

carvings and damaged
Most of the bronze statues were melted down for the war effort and the stone carvings were damaged by the war, save for some small lion's heads over the entrance.
Finial stones on several pinnacles broke off, and several pinnacles twisted out of alignment or collapsed entirely ; some gargoyles and other carvings were damaged, and a hole was punched through the metal-clad roof by falling masonry.
However on the east face some damaged carvings of floral patterns are still visible.
Since then, some rock carvings have been damaged due to neglect and vandalism.

carvings and ;
By an effort of historical sympathy we can cast our minds back into the art of a remote past or an alien present, and enjoy the carvings of cavemen and Japanese colour-prints ; ;
Apart from jewelry, from earliest antiquity until the 19th century engraved gems and hardstone carvings such as cups were major luxury art forms ; the carvings of Carl Fabergé were the last significant works in this tradition.
The images of a ' dagger ' and 14 ' axeheads ' have been carved on one of the sarsens, known as stone 53 ; further carvings of axeheads have been seen on the outer faces of stones 3, 4, and 5.
* The Church of St. James, also called Schottenkirche, a Romanesque basilica of the 12th century, derives its name from the monastery of Irish Benedictines ( Scoti ) to which it was attached ; the principal doorway is covered with very singular grotesque carvings.
In modern contexts " gemcutter " typically refers to people who specialize in cutting diamonds, but in older historical contexts ; it refers to artists producing engraved gems such as jade carvings and the like.
The carvings on the totem pole represent four figures from North American First Nations legend: at the top sits Raven, the trickster and creator deity ; he sits on the head of Sunman, who has outstretched arms representing the rays of the sun and who wears a copper ( a type of ceremonial skirt ); Sunman stands on the fearsome witch-spirit Dzunukwa ; at the base is the two-headed warrior sea-serpent, Sisiutl, who has upstretched wings.
Rock carvings in Ödeborg are located by Brötegården Museum ; furthermore there are some 140 grave fields from the Iron Age scattered in the municipality.
The area around Ilkley has been continuously settled since at least the early Bronze Age, around 1800 BC ; more than 250 cup and ring marks, and swastika carvings dating to the period have been found on rock outcrops, and archaeological remains of dwellings are found on Ilkley Moor.
< blockquote class =" toccolours " style =" text-align: justify ; width: 45 %; float: right ; padding: 10px ; display: table ; margin-left: 10px ;">" Of all the buildings, none lack pillars, bearing fine carvings and coloured " the wall compounds " there were elegant pavilions roofed with aren fibre, like the scene in a painting ...
The geometric ornaments, spindles, low relief carvings, and incised lines were designed to be affordable and easy to clean ; nevertheless, many of the designs which resulted are artistically complex.
These carvings consist primarily of moose ; several organ ( anatomy ) | organ s have been painted out.
The walls of this passage are made up of large stone slabs, twenty-two of which are on the west side and twenty-one on the east, which average out at 1. 5 metres in height ; several are decorated with carvings ( as well as graffiti from the period after the rediscovery ).
The town centre itself features stone carvings, artworks, and information plaques placed in the pavement and walls, installed as part of a regeneration scheme in 2004 / 05 ; they illustrate Chepstow's history.
Image: Media STT 20091022 133649 med. jpg | A carved early Gothic column capital at the Church of St. Trophime in Arles, 14th century, depicting the Tarasque ; it is one of several carvings here that show legends of local folklore as well as biblical figures.
In 1921, the current double-tiered white marble fountain replaced the statue, which was moved to Rockford Park in Wilmington, Delaware. Daniel Chester French and architect Henry Bacon, the co &# 8209 ; creators of the Lincoln Memorial, designed the fountain, which features carvings of three classical figures symbolizing the sea, the stars and the wind on the fountain's shaft.
Other carvings related to the legend of Shiva are also seen in the main hall at strategic locations in exclusive cubicles ; these include Kalyanasundaramurti, depicting Shiva s marriage to the goddess Parvati, Andhakasuravadamurti or Andhakasuramardana, the slaying of the demon Andhaka by Shiva, Shiva-Parvati on Mount Kailash ( the abode of Shiva ), and Ravananugraha, depicting the demon-king Ravana shaking Kailash.

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