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categories and are
Taxation of tangible movable property in Rhode Island has been generally of a `` hands off '' nature due possibly to several reasons: ( 1 ) local assessors, in the main, are not well paid and have inadequate office staffs, ( 2 ) the numerous categories of this component of personal property make locating extremely difficult, and ( 3 ) the inexperience of the majority of assessors in evaluating this type of property.
The purpose of washing is, obviously, to remove soils which are arbitrarily classed in the four major categories given below: 1.
`` Success '' and `` failure '' are just convenient labels for the two categories of outcomes when we talk about binomial trials in general.
The totals for these five categories are not too uneven, namely 20, 15, 11, 16, 9 respectively.
Thus, the three main categories of antisubmarine warfare operations are defense of shipping, defense of naval forces, and area defense.
The compounds are divided according to composition into seven categories.
Some of the persons listed are, like Korzybski, polymaths and several categories apply to them.
For example, if one defines categories in terms of sets, that is, as sets of objects and morphisms ( usually called a small category ), or even locally small categories, whose hom-objects are sets, then there is no category of all sets, and so it is difficult for a category-theoretic formulation to apply to all sets.
* If two small categories are weakly equivalent, then they are equivalent.
Associative operations are abundant in mathematics ; in fact, many algebraic structures ( such as semigroups and categories ) explicitly require their binary operations to be associative.
Two districts — Eanes and Round Rock — are rated " gold medal ", the highest of the magazine's cost-performance categories.
Anomalous perturbations are divided into two categories based on the magnitude of its effects, Macro-AP and Micro-AP.
It might be objected, however, that there are rather too many exceptions to Dutton's categories.
Historically, tanks are divided into 3 categories:
The three main categories are potentiometry ( the difference in electrode potentials is measured ), coulometry ( the cell's current is measured over time ), and voltammetry ( the cell's current is measured while actively altering the cell's potential ).
The term acquired a special significance in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant ( 1724 – 1804 ), who used it to describe the equally rational but contradictory results of applying to the universe of pure thought the categories or criteria of reason that are proper to the universe of sensible perception or experience ( phenomena ).
Common categories include the type of structural elements used, by what they carry, whether they are fixed or movable, and by the materials used.
There are a number of different categories that board games can be broken up into, although considerable overlap exists, and a game may belong in several categories.
There are five main categories in which potential sources and / or analogues are included: Scandinavian parallels, classical sources, Irish sources and analogues, ecclesiastical sources, and echoes in other Old English texts.
The categories of Boolean rings and Boolean algebras are equivalent.
The contents are correspondingly varied: a confession of sin and a plea to God not to maintain his anger forever ( ch. 63: 7 – 64: 11 ); a poem on the theme that God has no need of a temple because Heaven is his throne and Earth his footstool ( Isaiah 66: 1 – 2 ); verses setting out conditions for admission to the community ; complaints of sin, incompetence and paganism ; and distinctions between the " righteous " and the " sinners ", foreshadowing the categories used in much later Judaism and early Christianity.

categories and Professional
In order to pass the US Registered Professional Reporter test, a trained court reporter or closed captioner must write speeds of approximately 180, 200, and 225 words per minute at very high accuracy in the categories of literary, jury charge, and testimony, respectively.
Of these five categories only Computer Employees has an hourly wage-based exemption ($ 27. 63 per hour ) while Outside Sales Employee is the only main category not to have the minimum salary ($ 455 per week ) test though some sub categories under Professional ( like teachers and practitioners of law or medicine ) also do not have the minimum salary test.
Based on what distances the progeny of the sires so designated excelled in during their racing careers ( the distance preferences displayed by the sires themselves while racing being irrelevant ), each chef-de-race ( the list released in the early 1980s identified 120 such sires, and 85 more have been added ) is placed in one or two of the following categories, or " aptitudinal groups ": Brilliant, Intermediate, Classic, Solid or Professional, with " Brilliant " indicating that the sire's progeny fared best at very short distances and " Professional " denoting a propensity for very long races on the part of the sire's offspring, the other three categories ranking along the same continuum in the aforementioned order.
The Origins Awards were originally presented at the Origins Game Fair in five categories: Best Professional Game, Best Amateur Game, Best Professional Magazine, Best Amateur Magazine and Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame.
Professional tasters distinguish four categories of grappa: young, cask-conditioned, aromatic and aromatized grappas.
The ATCB Code of Professional Practice is divided into five main categories ; General Ethical Principles, Independent Practitioner, Eligibility for Credentials, Standards of Conduct, and Disciplinary Procedures ( ATCB 2005 ).
PRPs who do not take ( or teach ) an additional Professional Development Course once during a six year period, or fail to earn a required number of service points during that time in categories such as service as a parliamentarian, teaching, or publishing, revert to RP status.
Professional categories of IHS Commissioned corps officers include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, environmental health officers, and dietitians.
The Construction Management Association of America ( CMAA ) ( a primary US construction management certification and advocacy body ) says the 120 most common responsibilities of a Construction Manager fall into the following 7 categories: Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management, and CM Professional Practice which includes specific activities like defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team, organizing and leading by implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities and developing communication protocols, and identifying elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.
In various countries, Professional Golfers ' Associations ( PGAs ) serve either or both of these categories of professionals.

categories and /
Structurally they can be classified according to the functional groups ' locations as alpha-( α -), beta-( β -), gamma-( γ -) or delta-( δ -) amino acids ; other categories relate to polarity, acid / base / neutral, and side chain group type ( including: aliphatic, acyclic, hydroxyl or sulphur-containing, aromatic ).
Moreover, some of Dutton's categories seem too broad: a physicist might entertain hypothetical worlds in his / her imagination in the course of formulating a theory.
When analyzing a pitcher's statistics, some useful categories to consider include K / 9IP ( strikeouts per nine innings ), K / BB ( strikeouts per walk ), HR / 9, WHIP ( walks plus hits per inning pitched ) and OOPS ( opponent on-base plus slugging ).
There are ongoing issues concerning the validity and reliability of the diagnostic categories ; the reliance on superficial symptoms ; the use of artificial dividing lines between categories and from ' normality '; possible cultural bias ; medicalization of human distress and financial conflicts of interest, including with the practice of psychiatrists and with the pharmaceutical industry ; political controversies about the inclusion or exclusion of diagnoses from the manual, in general or in regard to specific issues ; and the experience of those who are most directly affected by the manual by being diagnosed, including the consumer / survivor movement.
The genre also deals with male / female categories, showing how female roles can differ from feminine roles.
In many language descriptions, particularly those of traditional European linguistics, the term tense is erroneously used to refer to categories that do not have time reference as their prototypical use, but rather are grammaticalisations of mood / modality ( e. g. uncertainty, possibility, evidentiality ) or aspect ( e. g. frequency, completion, duration ).
These awards are classified under two categories, Graduate or Undergraduate, except the novel and drama / screenplay, which are combined categories.
Ten prizes are awarded each year in many categories, including the Nobel Prize categories of physics, chemistry, physiology / medicine, literature, and peace, but also other categories such as public health, engineering, biology, and interdisciplinary research.
The Nobel Prize (, Swedish definite form, singular: Nobelpriset ; Norwegian: Nobelprisen ) is a set of annual international awards bestowed in a number of categories by Scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and / or scientific advances.
Before November 22, 2006 the games were divided into three categories: Puzzle, Action, and Luck / Chance.
Many other categories ( such as the category of groups, with group homomorphisms as arrows ) add structure to the objects of the category of sets and / or restrict the arrows to functions of a particular kind.
In his book Women, Fire and Dangerous things: What categories reveal about the mind, Lakoff reappraised the hypothesis of linguistic relativity and especially Whorf's views about how linguistic categorization reflects and / or influences mental categories.
Siddharth Kara has also provided an estimate of 28. 4 million slaves at the end of 2006 divided into the following three categories: bonded labour / debt bondage ( 18. 1 million ), forced labour ( 7. 6 million ), and trafficked slaves ( 2. 7 million ).
Qisas involves personal injury and has several categories: intentional murder ( first-degree ), quasi-intentional murder ( second-degree ), unintentional murder ( manslaughter ), intentional injury, and semi-intentional / unintentional injury.
Michael Stohl and George A. Lopez have designated three categories of state terrorism, based on the openness / secrecy with which the alleged terrorist acts are performed, and whether states directly perform the acts, support them, or acquiesce to them.
The Sixth Sense has received numerous awards and nominations, with nomination categories ranging from those honoring the film itself ( Best Film ), to its writing, editing, and direction ( Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Original Screenplay ), to its cast's performance ( Best Actor / Actress ).

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