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champion and receives
Conference champion Plymouth Sate University receives the automatic bid, and Curry College receives an at-large bid.
The fourth-place finisher receives $ 1000 in cash, the third-place finisher at the national level receives a $ 10, 000 college scholarship, the second-place finisher receives a $ 15, 000 college scholarship, and the national champion receives a $ 25, 000 college scholarship, as well as a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society.
The MIVA Tournament champion receives an automatic bid to the semifinals of the NCAA National Collegiate Men's Volleyball Championship which consists of 4 teams who play single elimination to determine the National Champion.
Since the Ivy League does not conduct a post-season tournament, the regular-season conference champion receives an automatic bid.
Due to its newness, the league does not currently have an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament, but the Great West Conference men's basketball tournament champion receives an automatic bid to the CollegeInsider. com Postseason Tournament ( CIT ), while the women's basketball tournament winners head to the Women's Basketball Invitational ( WBI ).
Starting 2009 season, the defending champion no longer receives an automatic berth, forcing them to qualify through their respective domestic league or cup competitions.
Currently, the women's champion only receives £ 6, 000, whereas the men's champion wins £ 95, 000 and the male competition is first to 7 sets whereas the women's is first to 2.
This is no longer the case, but the champion still receives an automatic invitation to play in all of the majors except the PGA Championship.
March 1, 1986, the Lugano club is for its first time Swiss champion: captain Kaufmann receives the cup in the Davos ' ice rink.
When the player receives all three Trophies in a world, the player will be able to race against that world's champion, who acts as a boss character.
The champion school in a given sport receives 30 points, with the runner-up receiving 20, and the last place receiving one point.
Replacing them were Fran Charles, former ESPN and Fox Sports Net analyst Max Kellerman who receives " something in the neighborhood of $ 10, 000 for each Boxing After Dark telecast " ( Thomas Hauser ) and former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.

champion and has
It is also sufficient to show the Christian and any other champion of justice that he needs to make sure not only that his cause is just but also that his conduct is just, i.e., that, if economic pressure has to be resorted to, this be applied directly against those persons directly in the way of some salutary change in business or institutional practices, while, if injury fall upon others, it fall upon them indirectly and secondarily ( however inevitably ) and not by deliberate intent and direct action against them.
Chad has been an active champion of regional cooperation through the Central African Economic and Customs Union, the Lake Chad and Niger River Basin Commissions, and the Interstate Commission for the Fight Against the Drought in the Sahel.
Poole, champion of literature, cannot accept Calef whose " faculties, as indicated by his writings appear to us to have been of an inferior order ;..." and his book " in our opinon, has a reputation much beyond its merits.
Rudolph Gore-Slimey ), has stolen his design for a race car engine and has become a world champion Formula One driver.
Emmylou Harris has continued to champion Parsons ' work throughout her career, covering a number of his songs over the years, including " Hickory Wind ", " Wheels ", " Sin City ", " Luxury Liner ", and " Hot Burrito No. 2 ".
Belgian player Jean " Toots " Thielemans is a well-known master of jazz chromatic harmonica, as well as a champion whistler, who has been recorded on many notable songs in film and television, such as the theme from Sesame Street, and the score from the Academy Award winning film Midnight Cowboy.
One day, the trio discover that one of Theodore's former assistants, Rudolph Gore-Slimey (), has stolen his design for a race car engine, and has become a world champion Formula One driver.
Since the latter has departed, he is forced to declare Desdichado the champion.
While László Polgár has been credited with being an excellent chess coach, the Polgárs had also employed professional chessplayers to train their daughters, including Hungarian champion IM Tibor Florian, Hungarian GM Pal Benko and Russian GM Alexander Chernin.
A dispute has arisen among various locals regarding its validity, and one of the main opponents of this fairly small movement, Jonath Mathew, also a two-time Swedish champion in pigeon shooting ( 2007 and 2009 ), has been adamant to change the name in line with the underlining theme of the municipality.
The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, which proclaims itself the champion of Hispanic success in higher education, has member institutions in the U. S., Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.
Sometimes, a title bout will promote that " the disqualification rule has been waived ", meaning that the champion may lose the title to his opponent if he gets disqualified.
The women ’ s division of professional wrestling has maintained a recognized world champion since 1937, when Mildred Burke won the original World Women's title.
Khomeini has been criticized for these acts and for human rights violations of Iranians ( including his ordering of execution of thousands of political prisoners ;), but also lauded as a " charismatic leader of immense popularity ", and a " champion of Islamic revival " by Shia scholars.
A number of poets belong to both academia and slam: as noted above Jeffrey McDaniel slammed on several poetry slam teams, and has since published several books and currently teaches at Sarah Lawrence College ; Patricia Smith, a four-time national slam champion, went on to win several prestigious literary awards, including being nominated for the 2008 National Book Award, and being inducted into the International Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent in 2006 ; Bob Holman founded the Nuyorican Poetry Slam has taught for years at the New School, Bard, Columbia and NYU ; Craig Arnold won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition and has competed at slams ; Kip Fulbeck, a professor of Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara competed in slam in the early-1990s and initiated the first spoken word course to be taught as part of a college art program's core curriculum ; and poet / academics such as Michael Salinger, Felice Belle, Javon Johnson, Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willett, Robbie Q. Telfer, Phil West, Ragan Fox, and Karyna McGlynn have devoted much attention to the merging of the poetry slam community and the academic community in their respective works.
Jason Kenny is Olympic men's sprint champion, and Victoria Pendleton is women's sprint world champion-a title she has won a record six times.
The UPA organized regional tournaments and has crowned a national champion every year since 1979.
Castro is a controversial and highly divisive world figure, being lauded as a champion of anti-imperialism, humanitarianism, socialism and environmentalism by his supporters, but his critics have accused him of being a dictator whose authoritarian administration has overseen multiple human rights abuses both at home and abroad.
The racing team has signed the former champion Michael Schumacher.
He has had affairs with actresses Catherine Deneuve, Jill Banner, Jamie Rose, Inger Stevens, Jo Ann Harris, Jean Seberg, script analyst Megan Rose, James Brolin's former wife Jane, columnist Bridget Byrne, and swimming champion Anita Lhoest.

champion and name
Saul inquired about the name of the young champion, and David told him that he was the son of Jesse.
He used the professional name Joey Lewis, but soon changed it to Jerry Lewis to avoid confusion with comedian Joe E. Lewis and heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis.
* 1964 – Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad officially gives boxing champion Cassius Clay the name Muhammad Ali.
In 2007, US Congressman Alce Hastings introduced a bill to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first use of the name " America " with the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Organizing Committee and mayors in fifty states to champion the national strategy " Bring Home The Spirit of History in your town ".
Perpignan is a rugby stronghold: their rugby union side, USA Perpignan, is a regular competitor in the Heineken Cup and seven times champion of the Top 14 ( most recently in 2009 ), while their rugby league side plays in the Stobart Super League under the name Catalans Dragons.
His mistress, Marcia, finds her name on the imperial execution list and hires the champion wrestler named Narcissus to assassinate Commodus.
* Primo Colón ( born 1982 ), ring name of professional wrestler Eddie Colón, multiple tag team champion in the WWE
Hexley's name was a mistake: it was originally supposed to be named after Thomas Henry Huxley, a 19th century English biologist who was a well-known champion of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution ( nicknamed " Darwin's bulldog ").
* Certain secondary titles have a devout Islamic connotation ; e. g., Sultan ul-Mujahidin as champion of jihad ( To strive and to struggle in the name of Allah )
Three leagues competed for the Cup: two league champions faced each other for the right to challenge the third champion in the final series .< ref >< nowiki > Diamond, Zweig, and Duplacey </ nowiki >, pp. 20 – 21 </ ref > This lasted three seasons as the PCHA and the WCHL later merged to form the Western Hockey League ( WHL ) in 1925 .< ref name =" DiamondPrize-21 ">< nowiki > Diamond, Zweig, and Duplacey </ nowiki >, p. 21 </ ref > After winning in the 1924 – 25 season, the Victoria Cougars became the last team outside the NHL to win the Stanley Cup.
Stanisława Walasiewicz, also known as Stefania Walasiewicz, Stanisława Walasiewiczówna ( see Polish name ) and Stella Walsh ( 3 April 1911 – 4 December 1980 ) was a Polish athlete, who became a women's Olympic champion.
The champion goes directly to the Champions League ; the runner-up enters the second qualification round of the CL ; the number three enters the fourth ( and last ) qualification round of the UEFA Europa League ( EL ; the new name of the UEFA Cup from 2009 – 10 onward ) and the number four goes to the third qualification round of the EL.
The first story arc of the relaunched series, titled Superman and the Men of Steel for the collected edition, begins very early in Superman's career as he starts making a name for himself as a champion of the oppressed in Metropolis.
* The name Promachus, " the champion ", also occurs as a surname of Athena in Athens, Heracles at Thebes, and of Hermes at Tanagra.
The name of the legendary High King of Ireland Nia Segamain, which translates as " sister's son or champion of Segamon ", may be related.
Rocchigiani received a letter from the WBC advising that the publishing of his name as champion was a typographical error, and he had never really been the official titleholder.
Its name honors Lord Effingham, an English champion of colonial rights.
One of the city's more colorful residents was the boxer Kid Mexico ( real name, Tod Faulkner ) who was the state's bantamweight champion in 1914 ( at age 14 — he had lied about his age ) and the state's welterweight champion in 1925.
* Roland is the default name for the Paladin champion class hero in the game Master of Magic.
Some authorities refer to a variation of the Caro-Kann defense with his name, along with former world champion Vassily Smyslov: the Petrosian – Smyslov variation, 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7.
The club counts double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes among its members and she has several club records to her name.
Henry Jackson Jr. ( December 12, 1912, Columbus, Mississippi – October 22, 1988, Los Angeles, California ) was an American professional boxer and a world boxing champion who fought under the name Henry Armstrong.
He knocked out Ferrer in one round, and won four more bouts in a row before facing another boxer with a namesake: James Toney, who shared that name with another boxer who would become world Middleweight champion five decades later.

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