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characters and lands
Arthur Ransome uses the device to allow his young characters in the Swallows and Amazons series of children's books, plotted in the recognisable, everyday world, to take part in fantastic adventures of piracy in distant lands: two books from the twelve: Peter Duck and Missee Lee ( and some would include Great Northern?
In many ways, the series itself could be a huge allusion to the song, as K ' nuckles tells incredibly tall tales about lands much like the one in the song to convince Flapjack to go adventuring, and both characters appear to live poor, hobo-like lives.
In the course of describing these characters, Gurdjieff weaves their stories into the story of his own travels, and also into an overarching narrative which has them cooperate in locating spiritual texts and / or masters in various lands ( mostly Central Asia ).
While on the long journey through remote lands bordering the Simpson Desert, they meet a variety of characters, including a group of friendly Australian Aborigines for whom they perform, and the less accepting attitudes of rural Australia in such towns as Coober Pedy, and are subjected to homophobic abuse and even violence, including having their tour bus vandalised with the words " AIDS fuckers go home.
In this adventure, the player characters must save Arabic lands from a red plague by retrieving a magical artifact.
Trumper's narration meanders through flashbacks revolving around his relationships with the novel's two primary female characters: Sue ' Biggie ' Kunft, a former championship downhill skier whom Trumper courts, impregnates, and marries in Vienna while still a student, and Tulpen, Trumper's present day live-in girlfriend, a documentary film editor in New York, where he lands after losing Biggie.
Several characters ' elements and experiences mirror the legends of Great Britain and other lands ( e. g., King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, Alfred the Great, Baba Yaga, and Amaterasu ).
By belonging to a determined occupational guild, characters will fight determined enemies, will defend some lands and attack others.
The conflict of good against evil is a theme in the most popular forms of fantasy, such as high fantasy ; normally, evil characters erupt from their lands to invade and disrupt the good characters ' lands.
The original premise of the show expanded to follow the characters to magical lands of Irish mythology, and into outer space.
* Thomas, a young minor noble from the northern lands, has two chapters which become available once his castle is visited by the other main characters.
Since then Dreamworld has constantly evolved adding new rides, themed lands and characters.
Digital Dimension worked on 200 visual effects shots in the film, including the sequence that shows characters John McClane and Matt Farrell crouching between two cars as another car lands on top of the other cars.
Departures from the book include new characters and shifts in items to create player " quests "-- such as finding the pieces of Andúril scattered across the lands west of Rivendell to reforge Aragorn's sword, whereas in the book Aragorn had all fragments.
In Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, a tribe of hill giants have been raiding lands occupied by humans, and the humans hire the player characters to defeat them.
This includes such detailed information as an Ohmsford family tree, a complete map of the four lands and details on what happened to certain characters after their respective books reached their conclusions.
The lands through which the characters travel represent philosophical systems or states of mind, through which the main character, Maskull, passes on his search for the meaning of life.
All of the characters and lands are types used to convey the author's critique of several philosophical systems.

characters and created
Other notable characters created by Milne include the bouncy Tigger and gloomy Eeyore.
Because the characters were 8 x 12 pixels this meant that video resolutions of 512 x 192 pixels ( in 64x16 character mode ), or 640 x 300 pixels ( in 80x24 character mode ) were created, which was quite high for the time.
A bighearted Vermin told his slaving assistant: " I'm proud of having created these characters !!
Others were created by rewriting Howard stories which originally featured entirely different characters from entirely different milieus.
The original cast was created by Tony Warren, with the characters of Ena Sharples ( Violet Carson ), Elsie Tanner ( Patricia Phoenix ) and Annie Walker ( Doris Speed ) as central figures.
This was also the period where Jones created many of his lesser-known characters, including Charlie Dog, Hubie and Bertie, and The Three Bears.
Known as The Hype, the band members created characters for themselves and wore elaborate costumes that prefigured the glam style of The Spiders From Mars.
Bowie's love of acting led his total immersion in the characters he created for his music.
Bowie created the soundtrack for Omikron, a 1999 computer game in which he and Iman also appeared as characters.
Many of his stories are built on characters and locations created by Carl Barks.
Like Euripides, both Aeschylus and Sophocles created comic effects contrasting the heroic with the mundane but they employed minor supporting characters for that purpose whereas the younger poet was more insistent, using major characters too.
Other key members of the development team included Bill Trost, who created the history, lore and major characters of Norrath ( including Everquest protagonist Firiona Vie ), Geoffrey " GZ " Zatkin who implemented the spell system, and artist Milo D. Cooper, who did the original character modeling in the game.
Companies created characters, leveled them to make them powerful, and then resold the characters or specialized in exchanging money between games.
Johnny Fedora achieved popularity as a fictional agent of early Cold War espionage, but James Bond is the most commercially successful of the many spy characters created by intelligence insiders during that struggle.
The first game of the Exile trilogy sees a party of newly created characters thrown from the world above into the subterranean world known as Exile.
The problem of alien language has confronted generations of science fiction writers ; some have created fictional languages for their characters to use, while others have circumvented the problem through translation devices or other fantastic technology.
The creation of the characters is popularly attributed to Saints Cyril and Methodius, who may have created them in order to facilitate the introduction of Christianity.
Type glyphs ( characters ) are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques.
* Associative-transformative ideograms ( 转注字 ) -- characters that are developed through the association, twisting, or wholesale transformation of the original referent meanings of the constituent ideograms, so that an extra layer of meaning is created over and above its constituent parts ;
During the 1940s, Kirby, generally teamed with Simon, created numerous characters for that company and for the company that would become DC Comics.
The Muppets are a group of puppet characters created by Jim Henson starting in 1954 – 55.
Although the term is often used to refer to any puppet that resembles the distinctive style of The Muppet Show, the term is both an informal name and legal trademark owned by the Walt Disney Company in reference to the original characters created by Henson.

characters and by
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, a preacher and a college and university president in four Southern states, published the earliest of these backwoods sketches and in the character Ransy Sniffle, in the accounts of sharp horse-trading and eye-gouging physical combat, and in the shockingly unliterary speech of his characters, he set an example followed by many after him.
In describing it to Professor Baker after it had been chosen for production, he defended his great array of characters by declaring that he had included that many not because `` I didn't know how to save paint '', but because the play required them.
But first, we must define two terms so that their meaning will be clearly understood: form -- any unique sequence of alphabetic characters that can appear in a language preceded and followed by a space ; ;
Dickens not only reveals character through gesture, he makes hands a crucial element of the plot, a means of clarifying the structure of the novel by helping to define the hero's relations with all the major characters, and a device for ordering such diverse themes as guilt, pursuit, crime, greed, education, materialism, enslavement ( by both people and institutions ), friendship, romantic love, forgiveness, and redemption.
Then there are a pair of old biddies played by Grace Carney and Sibly Bowan who may be right off the shelf of stock Irish characters, but they put such a combination of good will and malevolence into their parts that they're quite entertaining.
All 128 ASCII characters, including non-printable characters ( represented by their abbreviations ). The 95 ASCII graphic characters are numbered from 20 < sub > hexadecimal | hex </ sub > to 7E < sub > hexadecimal | hex </ sub > ( decimal 32 to 126 ).
Locating the lowercase letters in columns 6 and 7 caused the characters to differ in bit pattern from the upper case by a single bit, which simplified case-insensitive character matching and the construction of keyboards and printers.
); its design was planned by the government of the day ; and it places individual letters in syllable clusters with equal dimensions, in the same way as Chinese characters, to allow for mixed-script writing ( one syllable always takes up one type-space no matter how many letters get stacked into building that one sound-block ).
One of the main characters of the 1969-1971 animated cartoon The Ant and the Aardvark is a blue aardvark voiced by John Byner, doing an impersonation of Jackie Mason.
Burgess experiments with language, writing in a Russian-influenced argot called " Nadsat " used by the younger characters and the anti-hero in his first-person narration.
Milne is most famous for his two Pooh books about a boy named Christopher Robin after his son, Christopher Robin Milne, and various characters inspired by his son's stuffed animals, most notably the bear named Winnie-the-Pooh.
In the 1986 TV play, Murder by the Book, Christie herself ( Dame Peggy Ashcroft ) murdered one of her fictional-turned-real characters, Poirot.
In the later novels Christie often uses the word mountebank when Poirot is being assessed by other characters, showing that he has successfully passed himself off as a charlatan or fraud.
The original 256-page game book was published in 1991 by Phage Press, covering material from the first five novels ( the " Corwin Cycle ") and some details-sorcery and the Logrus-from the remaining five novels ( the " Merlin Cycle "), in order to allow players to roleplay characters from the Courts of Chaos.
Alternatively, if characters ' attribute ranks are close, the weaker character can try to change the relevant attribute by changing the nature of the conflict.
* The British Empire of The Peshawar Lancers by S. M. Stirling features a massive water powered engine at Oxford, used by two of the main characters.
Dame Jean was at one time a lady-in-waiting to Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, patron of the Dandie Dinmont Club, a breed of dog named after one of Sir Walter Scott's characters ; and a horse trainer, one of whose horses, Sir Wattie, ridden by Ian Stark, won two silver medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.
Völuspá, the first poem of the work, mentions many of the features and characters of Asgard portrayed by Snorri, such as Yggdrasil and Iðavöllr.
According to The Annotated Alice, Carroll had originally had the characters dry off by having the Dodo lead them to a nearby house for towels.
He is among the main characters of the historical novel Agnes of France ( 1980 ) by Greek writer Kostas Kyriazis ( b. 1920 ).

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