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charge and federal
'' For present purposes it may be assumed that this charge so narrowly limited speech as to violate the federal Constitution.
That is, he did not claim in any of the four courts through which his case progressed that the jury charge had denied him any federal right.
All political parties must be registered before the Federal Electoral Institute ( IFE ), the institution in charge of organizing and overseeing the federal electoral processes, but must obtain at least 2 % of votes in the federal elections to keep their registry.
Shortly after the 2005 federal election, Marianne Birthler, the official in charge of the Stasi archives, accused the Left Party of harboring at least seven former Stasi informants in its newly-elected parliamentary group.
States also charge sizable settlement payments to tobacco companies, and the federal government levies user fees to fund FDA regulatory measures over tobacco.
On May 6, 2004, his wife, Lea Fastow, a former Enron assistant treasurer, pled guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge and was sentenced to one year in a federal prison in Houston, and an additional year of supervised release.
Randolph publicly stated that Jefferson became friendly to Jackson's candidacy as early as the summer of 1825, perhaps because of the " corrupt bargain " charge, and thought of Jackson as " an honest, sincere, clear-headed and strong-minded man ; of the soundest political principles " and " the only hope left " to reverse the increasing powers assumed by the federal government.
Most companies that use this title generally have large numbers of people with the title of vice president with different categories ( e. g. vice president for finance, or vice president in charge of hiring ); their closest analogy within the US federal government structure is therefore not the Vice President as such, but a Cabinet Secretary.
When he was confronted with the potential charge of federal bank fraud, he revealed he had been directed by Committee deputy director Jeb Magruder and finance director Maurice Stans to give the money to G. Gordon Liddy.
On the other hand, homesteading schemes were generally pointless for land containing " locatable minerals ," such as gold and silver, which could be controlled through mining claims under the Mining Act of 1872, for which the federal government did not charge royalties.
On November 25, 2008, a new federal rule was passed that allows states to charge premiums and higher co-payments to Medicaid participants.
Under federal law, private clinics are not legally allowed to charge patients directly for services covered by the Canada Health Act, if they qualify for the public insurance.
Released on bail, Spence and Stilwell were re-arrested October 13 by Deputy U. S. Marshal Virgil Earp for the Bisbee robbery on a new federal charge of interfering with a mail carrier.
In principle, each federal state ( Bundesland ) is in charge of producing the official topographic maps.
In June 1933, in an effort to undermine Long's political dominance, Roosevelt cut Long out of consultation on the distribution of federal funds or patronage in Louisiana and placed Long's opponents in charge of federal programs in the state.
They charge them with civil rights violations to ensure they will be tried at the federal level ; four of them had previously been convicted in a state court of firebombing a black man's home, only to receive five-year suspended sentences.
Because of President Roosevelt's creation of the Siskiyou National Forest, and the reversion of Oregon and California Railroad lands to federal government control, by 1937 the U. S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management were in charge of 70 % of the land in Josephine county, and a large part of the Illinois Valley.
In 1963, historian Jacob Cooke, an editor of Hamilton's papers, regarded this charge as " preposterous ", calling it a " conspiracy thesis " that overstated Hamilton's control of the federal government.
The rest of the Supreme Court had nothing to do with Merryman, and the other two justices from the South, John Catron and James Moore Wayne, acted as Unionists ; for instance, Catron's charge to a Saint Louis grand jury, saying that armed resistance to the federal government was treason, was quoted in the New York Tribune of July 14, 1861.
After receiving a degree in law, he entered the federal civil service as the head of the Division in charge of wartime economy ( 1941 ).

charge and indictment
On the occasion of his 1922 indictment the $10,000 bond was furnished by an alderman, and the charge was nolle prossed.
In Latin, crimen could have signified any one of the following: " charge, indictment, accusation ; crime, fault, offense ".
In most common law jurisdictions, an indictment was handed up by a grand jury, which returned a " true bill " if it found cause to make the charge, or " no bill " if it did not find cause.
The Sixth Amendment right “ attaches ” once the government has committed itself to the prosecution of the case by the initiation of adversarial judicial proceedings " by way of formal charge, preliminary hearing, indictment, information or arraignment ,".
However, the government is not required to hand over written copies of the indictment free of charge.
As stated in Brewer v. Williams,, the right to counsel “ at least that a person is entitled to the help of a lawyer at or after the time that judicial proceedings have been initiated against him, whether by formal charge, preliminary hearing, indictment, information, or arraignment .” Brewer goes on to conclude that once adversary proceeding have begun against a defendant, he has a right to legal representation when the government interrogates him and that when a defendant is arrested, “ arraigned on arrest warrant before a judge ,” and “ committed by the court to confinement ,” “ here can be no doubt that judicial proceedings ha been initiated .”
Cohen had his murder indictment dropped prior to the start of the trial after his conviction on a federal narcotics charge and received a 10-year sentence.
The charge was that they agreed to assemble and to talk and publish certain ideas at a later date: The indictment is that they conspired to organize the Communist Party and to use speech or newspapers and other publications in the future to teach and advocate the forcible overthrow of the Government.
In return, the U. S. Attorney: a ) agreed to dismiss the other eight remaining charges in the superseding indictment ; b ) agreed not to charge Al-Arian with any other crimes known to the government at the time of the execution of the agreement ; c ) agreed not to enter any recommendation as to the imposition or amount of a fine ; d ) agreed with Al-Arian that an appropriate sentence would be 46 – 57 months in prison ; and e ) covenanted that if no adverse information were received suggesting such a recommendation to be unwarranted, the U. S. would recommend that Al-Arian receive a sentence " at the low end of the applicable guideline range, as calculated by the Court ".
Whether his indictment is a true one, I cannot say ; but if you can only confront the parties and decide the matter on its merits, I think the unfortunate man may be able to make good his charge, if indeed a stranger from the country unarmed, abject and impecunious to boot, has ever a chance of a fair or kindly hearing against adversaries with all the advantages he lacks, arms, astuteness, turbulences, and the aggressive spirit of men backed by numerous friends.
After federal investigators were unable to prove these initial accusations, the government conducted a separate investigation and was ultimately only able to charge Lee with improper handling of restricted data, one of the original 59 indictment counts, to which he pleaded guilty as part of a plea settlement.
The local United States Attorney secured a felony indictment of Pettigrew for suspicion of violating the Espionage Act of 1917, the same charge for which Socialist leader Eugene V. Debs was then presently serving a ten-year Federal prison sentence.
However, where section 40 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 applies, it can be an additional charge on an indictment.
A special demurrer refers to an attack on the form, rather than the substance, of the charge: if the defendant correctly identifies some defect " on the face " of the indictment, then the charges are subject to being dismissed, although usually the indictment can be re-drawn ( re-written ) and re-presented to the grand jury or other charging authority.
Although a legal flaw in the indictment invalidated the case of murder against him, he was convicted and sentenced to death on the second charge of felonious shooting.
Secondary charges in the same indictment charge him of involvement in the 2002 Bali bombing, the first time he has faced charges in relation to that attack which killed 202 people.
In 1985 Massino was indicted twice more, first as a co-conspirator with Rastelli in a labor racketeering case for controlling the Teamsters Local 814, then with a conspiracy charge for the Pastore murder that was added to the original three capos indictment.
Count 4 of the indictmentthe conspiracy chargewas soon dropped by the tribunal because it was already covered by the other charges.
After his arrest, Nichols was taken to a FBI field office in Decatur, Georgia where he was initially held on a federal charge of possession of a firearm by a person under indictment.
* removal from office following impeachment ( a formal charge equivalent to a criminal law indictment ) by parliament, using weighted majorities ( usually a two-thirds majority );
Wilbanks's repeating of the false claims to investigating police officers resulted in a felony indictment against her of giving false information to the police, a charge that could have resulted in up to five years of imprisonment.
They said of Megrahi: " There is nothing in the evidence which leaves us with any reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the first accused, and accordingly we find him guilty of the remaining charge in the indictment as amended.
As for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi the judges said: " There is nothing in the evidence which leaves us with any reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the first accused, and accordingly we find him guilty of the remaining charge in the indictment as amended.

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