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chief and advocate
At a meeting at Kiyosu to decide on a successor to Nobunaga, Hideyoshi cast aside the apparent candidate, Oda Nobutaka and his advocate, Oda clan's chief general, Shibata Katsuie, by supporting Nobutada's young son, Oda Hidenobu.
The law, named after longtime MAS board member and chief advocate, Albert S. Bard, provided a legal foundation for the New York City Landmarks Law, enacted in 1965.
Wilfrid, chief advocate for the Roman position, later became Bishop of Northumbria, while Colmán and the Ionan supporters who did not change their practices withdrew to Iona.
Upon the recovery of The City from the Latin Empire by Michael VIII Palaeologus, Pachymeres settled in Constantinople, studied law, entered the church, and subsequently became chief advocate of the church and chief justice of the imperial court.
After the American Revolutionary War, George Washington was the chief advocate of using waterways to connect the Eastern Seaboard to the Great Lakes and the Ohio River.
In 1938, Jackson became United States Solicitor General, serving until January 1940 as the government's chief advocate before the Supreme Court.
Gaius Curio pater, consul in 76, was the vigorous chief advocate.
Carto became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey's largely neo-Nazi ideals, and remains a central figure in the extreme right movement in the United States through his institutions such as the American Free Press and Barnes Review and promotion of controversial presidential candidates such as David Duke.
) While in prison, he was visited by the American Rightist Willis Carto, who later became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey's ideas.
Ashley was widely blamed for the Great Stop of the Exchequer, although Clifford was the chief advocate of stopping the exchequer and Ashley in fact opposed the move.
In Japan, Okakura, along with Fenollosa, is credited with " saving " Nihonga, or painting done with traditional Japanese technique, as it was threatened with replacement by Western-style painting, or " Yōga ", whose chief advocate was artist Kuroda Seiki.
The IRB played an important role in the history of Ireland, as the chief advocate of republicanism during the campaign for Ireland's independence from the United Kingdom, successor to movements such as the United Irishmen of the 1790s and the Young Irelanders of the 1840s.
It was not till April 1827, when the premiership, vacant through the paralysis of Lord Liverpool, fell to Canning, the chief advocate of Roman Catholic emancipation, that Lord Eldon, in the seventy-sixth year of his age, finally resigned the chancellorship.
Nazism's founder and chief advocate the late Adolf Hitler, called himself " a socialist ":
He tells us, after having filled the chief offices in the province of Aegyptus ( Egypt ), he went to Rome circa 120, where he practised as an advocate, pleading cases before the emperors ( probably as advocatus fisci ), that in 147 at the earliest he was appointed to the office of procurator, probably in Egypt, on the recommendation of his friend Marcus Cornelius Fronto, a well-known litterateur.
" It also described the resignation's impact: " In dropping Sumner Welles had dropped the chief architect of the US's Good Neighbor Policy in South America, an opponent of those who would do business with Fascists on the basis of expediency, a known and respected advocate of U. S. cooperation in international affairs.
The chief architects of the Fundamental Orders were Ludlow, the colony's principal legal mind, Haynes, and Thomas Hooker, who was known to advocate for the liberties the document enshrines.
Davis was the chief advocate of the Run & Shoot offense in the USFL and had implemented the system in Houston that helped Make Jim Kelly a superstar.
In fact, Giles was Madison's chief advocate in Virginia.
While in prison for possessing falsified passports, he was visited by Carto who eventually became the chief advocate and publisher of Yockey's ideas.
A 3 member bench headed by Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah suspended the operation of the Thirteenth Amendment restoring the powers of the president to dissolve the National Assembly, a verdict which was within minutes set aside by another 10-member bench. The 10-member bench headed by Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui granted stay against the chief justice's order minutes after it was passed, without receiving any formal petition, a formal complaint was issued by an advocate on which the notice was taken and the decision of the Chief Justice was set aside.
Quiroga had been the chief advocate of bringing to trial the former dictator, General Hugo Banzer ( 1971 – 78 ), for human right violations and economic mismanagement.
In 1791, former Morris aide and chief advocate for Northern mercantile interests, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, struck a deal with Southern lawmakers to ensure the continuation of Morris's Bank project ; in exchange for support by the South for a national bank, Hamilton agreed to ensure sufficient support to have the national or federal capitol moved from its temporary Northern location, New York, to a Southern location on the Potomac.

chief and driving
Yeats was a driving force behind the Irish Literary Revival and, along with Lady Gregory, Edward Martyn, and others, founded the Abbey Theatre, where he served as its chief during its early years.
The Etruscans were the chief enemies of the Umbri, and the Etruscan invasion went from the western seaboard towards the north and east ( lasting from about 700 to 500 BC ), eventually driving the Umbrians towards the Apenninic uplands and capturing 300 Umbrian towns.
In Wagner's opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, Alberich is chief of the Nibelungen race of dwarfs and the main antagonist driving events.
In 1970, Mustang won the SCCA Trans-Am series manufacturers ’ championship again, with Parnelli Jones and George Follmer driving for car owner / builder Bud Moore and crew chief Lanky Foushee.
Eusebius, however, speaks of the zeal which he and the other chief shepherds displayed in driving away the heretics who were attacking Christ's flock, with special mention of his work against Marcion.
Martz announced that she would not run for re-election as Governor in 2004. Martz's first legislative session resulted in the single largest increase in the education budget in Montana history and tax cuts intended to stimulate the stagnant state economy. Martz had her fair share of scandals, off-color statements, and questionable activities while she was in office, many of which led to her low approval rating during the remaining years of her term as governor ( which were as low as 20 % at one point ). Her chief policy adviser, Shane Hedges, was involved in a drunk driving accident near Marysville, Montana in August 2001, after which he went to Martz's residence, where she washed his clothes.
He served as chief scientist at Netscape Communications from 1995 to 1998 where he was a driving force behind SSL.
This country, known commonly as the Merchant Kingdom, lies south of Baldur's Gate ; and wealth being the chief concern of the region, trade and economy are the driving forces in it.
He and his ancestors ruled over Garhwal and the adjacent state of Tehri-Garhwal, in an uninterrupted line till 1803, when the Gurkhas invaded Kumaon and Garhwal, driving the Garhwal chief into the plains.
However, the chief cause of the agricultural decline was high taxation on the marginal land, driving it out of cultivation.
Many of his contemporaries regarded him as the chief driving force behind the establishment of America ’ s central bank.
" One of the chief objects of my expedition was to diffuse knowledge tending towards emigration, and whether driving over the fjelds, scaling mountains, resting at stations, or coasting along the shore in steamers, I everywhere preached an immigration crusade to the laborer's paradise in the New World.
In 2009, Wolfe worked as crew chief for CJM Racing while Mike Bliss was driving CJM's # 11 car
After that season, Miller stayed out of driving until 2002, serving briefly as crew chief for Larry Foyt's ASA team, as well serving as a broadcaster for ASA races.
This team ran full-time in 2011 with former Sprint Cup driver Elliott Sadler driving and Ernie Cope as the crew chief.
In 1964, White scaled back his driving duties and James began his tenure as crew chief for the Ned Jarrett / Bondy Long team.

chief and force
::" For here is the chief and most confounding objection to excessive skepticism, that no durable good can ever result from it ; while it remains in its full force and vigor.
J. P. Harris states that most Luftwaffe leaders from Goering through the general staff believed as did their counterparts in Britain and the United States that strategic bombing was the chief mission of the air force and that given such a role, the Luftwaffe would win the next war and that:
Air force head Ibraima Papa Camara and former navy chief Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto have been named " drug kingpins ".
Interior Minister Frick also wanted a national police force, but one controlled by him, with Kurt Daluege as his police chief.
The Act established a force in each barony with chief constables and inspectors general under the control of the civil administration at Dublin Castle.
Musharraf favored the chief of naval staff Admiral Bokhari to be elevated as chairman joint chiefs, and claimed that: " he did not care " Prime minister was already facing cold war with the Admiral in sometime between 1999 and Musharraf cemented problems with Nawaz Sharif after recommending the force retirement of senior officer close to the Prime minister.
The Army ( Armée de Terre ) is the leading force within the Senegalese armed forces and provides the chief of staff and the Inspecteur général des forces armées.
social contract can arise only where several persons come together: but, as the force and liberty of each man are the chief instruments of his self-preservation, how can he pledge them without harming his own interests, and neglecting the care he owes himself?
Division of Investigations chief J. Edgar Hoover created a special task force headquartered in Chicago to locate Dillinger.
Edward sent one of his chief lieutenants, John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, John Balliol's own father-in-law, northwards with a strong force of knights to invest the stronghold.
The 1782 resolution of Congress adopting the arms, still in force, legally blazoned the shield as " Paleways of 13 pieces, argent and gules ; a chief, azure.
In constant fear of attack from the Normans in the south of Italy, the Byzantines turned in desperation to the Normans own spiritual chief, Pope Leo IX and, according to William of Apulia, begged him " to liberate Italy that now lacks its freedom and to force that wicked people, who are pressing Apulia under their yoke, to leave.
Clinch took a force of more than 100 American soldiers and about 150 Lower Creek warriors, including the chief Tustunnugee Hutkee ( White Warrior ), to protect their passage.
On 18 August Jacob von Heemskerk, the VOC chief resident at Padang, surrendered all of the west coast outposts without a fight, unaware that Botham's force was relatively weak.
Larry H. Williams serves as city Fire Chief, while Greg Benton, a 21 year veteran with the police force, is police chief.
For many years, Choudrant was served by only one law enforcement officer, its police chief, but the force has grown in recent years adding additional officers and a canine unit.
On Wednesday, 26 September 2012, the town's only police force was disbanded when the police chief resigned due to criminal charges lodged against him.
The New Rome police force itself was suspended by the village in 2003 when its chief resigned, shortly after the village's mayor's court was abolished by the state, and so the speed trap came to an end.
The high homicide rate in 2010 prompted then-Mayor Wendell N. Butler, who previously served as the city's police chief before becoming mayor, to implement a " State of Emergency ," implementing 12-hour shifts for the entire city police force, assistance from both the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and the Pennsylvania State Police, and a 9PM to 6AM curfew in five of the city's crime hotspots.
Battle of Auldicharish, 1487, to take revenge on the Clan Ross, chief Ian Mackay of Strathnaver, also helped by a force from the Clan Sutherland marched south invading the territory of Clan Ross and began laying waste to it.
In 1721 a force of men from the Clan Ross, led by chief William Ross 6th of the Pitcalnie line and his brother Robert went on a rent collecting expedition into the lands of the MacKenzies. They were defeated by the Mackenzies at the Battle of Glen Affric.
Although gay radicals used pressure to force the decision, Kaiser notes that this had been an issue of some debate for many years in the psychiatric community, and that one of the chief obstacles to normalizing homosexuality was that therapists were profiting from offering dubious, unproven " cures ".
The Russian army in Italy technically played the role of an auxiliary force sent to support the Austrians, though the Austrians offered the position of chief commander over all the allied armies to Alexander Suvorov, a distinguished Russian general.

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