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citizens and Bay
A spin-off, " People's Park Annex ," was established at the same time by activist citizens of Berkeley on a strip of land above the Bay Area Rapid Transit subway construction along Hearst Avenue northwest of the U. C.
The name Bay was selected because it was satisfactory to the majority of the citizens and was descriptive of the territory that would be included.
Major bodies of water including Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Bay and East Bay strongly influence the housing and life style of citizens in the southern part of the county.
Now in its 100th year, the Port of Seattle owns and operates many properties on behalf of King County's citizens, including Sea-Tac International Airport ; many seaport facilities around Elliott Bay, including its original property, publicly owned Fishermen's Terminal, home to the North Pacific fishing fleet and the largest homeport for fishermen in the U. S. West Coast ; four container ship terminals ; two cruise ship terminals ; the largest grain export terminal in the U. S. Pacific Northwest ; three public marinas ; 22 public parks ; and nearly 5, 000 acres of industrial lands in the Ballard-Interbay and Lower Duwamish industrial centers.
" and that as the United States had complete jurisdiction, the federal courts has the authority under the federal habeas corpus statute to decide whether foreign nationals ( non-U. S. citizens ) held in Guantanamo Bay were rightfully imprisoned.
Article III states " It is agreed, that it shall at all times be free to His Majesty's subjects, and to the citizens of the United States, and also to the Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass, by land or inland navigation into the respective territories and countries of the two parties on the continent of America, ( the country within the limits of the Hudson Bay company only excepted ) ... and freely carry on trade and commerce with each other.
In the town of Colwyn Bay in north Wales, an annual parade through the centre of town is now held with several hundred citizens and schoolchildren taking part.
Due to the threat, the government of Honduras evacuated some of the 45, 000 citizens on the Bay Islands and prepared all air and naval resources.
The Makah assert that their right to whale is guaranteed in the 1855 Treaty of Neah Bay, which states in part: " The right of taking fish and of whaling or sealing at usual and accustomed grounds and stations is further secured to said Indians in common with all citizens of the United States.
Cree arguments generally do not claim the right to secede from Canada ; rather, the Crees see themselves as a people bound to Canada by treaty ( see the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement ), and as citizens of Canada.
As the Port of Boston was a major source of supplies for the citizens of Massachusetts, sympathetic colonies as far away as South Carolina sent relief supplies to the settlers of Massachusetts Bay.
On October 27, 1903, citizens of Fairhaven and citizens of two neighboring cities on Bellingham Bay, Whatcom and Sehome, voted to consolidate into one city named Bellingham.
They wore signs referring to David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib, two Australian citizens who were then being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, following their apprehension by United States forces in either ( this is disputed ) Afghanistan or Pakistan.
* the " Keiller MacKay Park " at North Bay, Ontario includes 52 homes for senior citizens.
There is a memorial to President Kennedy on the Lewis Bay waterfront that was erected by Barnstable citizens in 1966.
" Thus perished the first steamer on the Bay, a mere toy, and a most dangerous one too ," reported San Francisco's Californian, " Should she be resuscitated by the owner we sincerely hope that none of our citizens will trust themselves with a passage in her beyond the ' flat ' that she now rests upon.
Legal and moral doubts also arose over the US government's extraordinary rendition process, which ignored extradition treaties and officially sanctioned the kidnap and extrajudicial transfer of people ( some of them British citizens ), from one country to another, sometimes to one of their covert CIA-run prisons, known as black sites, other times to Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
* The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, founded by religious dissenters forced to flee the Massachusetts Bay colony, is widely regarded as the first polity to grant religious freedom to all its citizens.
Rasul v. Bush, 542 U. S. 466 ( 2004 ), is a landmark United States Supreme Court decision establishing that the U. S. court system has the authority to decide whether foreign nationals ( non-U. S. citizens ) held in Guantanamo Bay were wrongfully imprisoned.
Either U. S. citizenship or court jurisdiction is necessary for this invocation, and since the detainees are not citizens, U. S. court jurisdiction over Guantanamo Bay was at issue.
As a result, local citizens decided to change the course of the Colorado River in 1934 to bypass Matagorda Bay into the Gulf of Mexico, the dredging from this project causing the split and forming the isolated East Matagorda Bay.

citizens and moved
Thirdly, population growth was absorbed by neighboring municipalities in the regional urban area, and numerous citizens of Aarau moved into the countryside.
Most importantly, this new freedom of the press and the introduction of television into the lives of everyday Czechoslovak citizens moved the political dialogue from the intellectual to the popular sphere.
Many of the citizens of Attica abandoned their farms and moved inside the long walls, which connected Athens to its port of Piraeus.
It was not called that until 8 July 1831, but the area outside the Potsdam Gate began to develop in the early 19th century as a district of quiet villas, for as Berlin became even more congested, many of its richer citizens moved outside the customs wall and built spacious new homes around the trading post, along the newly developing boulevards, and around the southern edge of the Tiergarten.
Furthermore, as a result of their education and the fact that they moved freely in society engaging with their fellow ( male ) citizens, they were notorious for speaking their minds even in public.
After living near Paris for a short while, the Stravinsky family moved to the south of France, becoming French citizens in 1934 and returning to Paris that year, to live at the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
Webbville's prominent citizens moved to Marianna and the L & N Railroad decided to bypass the town.
In 1900, two years after the Spanish American War, the del Valle family moved to Maryland where they became U. S. citizens ( The Jones Act of 1917 later gave United States Citizenship to all Puerto Ricans born on the island ).
Poquoson became an incorporated town in 1952, as the citizens of the community were afraid their high school would be moved to a faster growing region of York County.
When the Little Rock, Mississippi River, and Texas Railroad was being built during the years of 1880-1881, it missed Red Bluff by four miles and the citizens moved to the new Town of Redfield which was named for J. E.
Many retirees ( senior citizens ) and families with young children moved to Bermuda Dunes enough to have a balance in age demographics.
Due to a land title dispute at Pinacate, most of its citizens moved two miles north on the railroad and established Perris in 1885.
In 1975 the city moved his former house about 200 feet, to make room for a low-income apartment complex for senior citizens ; the latter was named in his honor.
In that year, the citizens of Verndale built a fine courthouse building at a cost of about $ 9, 000 and offered it to Wadena County as a gift, on condition that within one year after its acceptance, the county seat would be moved to Verndale.
In 1871 the citizens of Militia Springs built a court house building and moved the records there as a compromise.
About a week later when the storm had subsided, Sea Isle City citizens moved back into their homes and began the needed revisions.
Washington Township is sometimes referred to as " South Philly South " or " Little South Philly " as a large percentage of its citizens moved to the town from the Italian South Philadelphia region over the past several decades.
Many prominent citizens moved away during that period.
The railroad bypassed the town by three-fourths of a mile, so the citizens moved their businesses closer to the railroad.
Twine moved to Muskogee, and the citizens voted to rename the town as Taft, for President William Howard Taft, who was then Secretary of War in the Theodore Roosevelt administration.
Nocona assumed the role of economic and industrial center of northern Montague County, and many older towns in the area, bypassed by the railroad, shuttered and its citizens moved to Nocona.
The town moved closer to the railway, which was convenient because it gave the citizens transportation and a means to ship freight both to Houston and to Fort Worth, the nearest city.
Scofield, sustained by several mines in Pleasant Valley, was still the largest town in Carbon County in 1915, when its citizens made an attempt to have the county seat moved to their community from Price, Utah.
In 1889, 1890 and 1892, Mr. Parsons and his citizens petitioned to have the county seat moved from St. George to Parsons.

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