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city and was
I had come to New Orleans two years earlier after graduating college, partly because I loved the city and partly because there was quite a noted art colony there.
So the verdict was `` death at the hands of a person or persons unknown '', and the elite of the city, accepting Delphine's testimony, welcomed her and the doctor back into the fold.
It was to provide a safe and spacious crossing for these caravans, and also to make a pleasance for the city, that Shah Abbas 2, in about 1657 built, of sun-baked brick, tile, and stone, the present bridge.
Miriam had not yet goaded him into mentioning her directly, but one can feel the generalized anger in Wright's remarks to reporters when he was asked, one morning on arrival in Chicago, what he thought of the city as a whole.
That night a note written in Slocum's hand and dated from inside the captured city came to Sherman stating that the Twentieth Corps was in possession of Atlanta.
Samuel Gorton was born at Gorton, England, near the present city of Manchester, about 1592.
It was not until we had returned to the city to live, while I was still at Brown and Sharpe's, that I felt the full impact of evangelical Christianity.
It is remembered and has been commemorated by a bust in a park and a square in the city which was renamed Piazzo Lauro Di Bosis after the war.
The U.N.-chartered plane which was flying from the conference city of Ndola in Northern Rhodesia had been riddled with machinegun bullets last weekend and was newly repaired.
As we understand, this directive was given to all city and county employes.
The city was a center of manufacture, especially in textiles, and also because of the beauty of some of its surroundings, a residence for many owners of the great industries in north Alabama.
the rather pleasant white city was on the hill where the chief stores were.
For the old preacher who had been there twenty-five years was dead, and the city mourned him.
Port Jervis, basking in the foothills, was the city of God.
The city had recently given him a small salary, but it was not enough to supply even necessities.
The doctor sat down rather wearily, caressing the hen and remarking that the city was not the place for a poultry-loving man, but no sooner was the remark out than a knock at this door obliged him to cover the hen with his greatcoat once more.
But that year was different, for just as the city, in the form of my street clothes, had intruded upon my mountain nights, so an essential part of the summer gave promise of continuing into the fall: Jessica and I, about to be separated not by a mere footbridge or messhall kitchen but by the immense obstacle of residing in cruelly distant boroughs, had agreed to correspond.
From proud pool-owners to perpetual hosts and handymen was a short step -- no more than the change from city clothes to trunks.
It was reported to Welch's office that a thief in the city jail had attempted suicide.
The big factories which are relatively near the centers of our cities -- the rubber factories in Akron, Chrysler's Detroit plants, U.S. Steel's Pittsburgh works -- often began on these sites at a time when that was the edge of the city, yet close to transport ( river ), storage ( piers ) and power ( river ).
There were lights glinting in the city, too, even though it was now dark enough for a few stars to become visible.
Left alone while her husband was miles away in the city, the modern wife assumed more and more duties normally reserved for the male.

city and birthplace
The last Assyrian city to fall was Harran in south east Anotolia, this city was also the birthplace of the last king of Babylon, the Assyrian Nabonidus and his son and regent Belshazzar.
Dalmatia was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who, upon retirement from Emperor in AD 305, built a large palace near Salona, out of which the city of Split later developed.
The city is the birthplace of house music and is the site of an influential hip-hop scene.
Statue of Denis Diderot in the city of Langres, his birthplace
Four months later would come the foundation of the Peruvian city of Trujillo, which Almagro named as " Villa Trujillo " in honor of Francisco Pizarro's birthplace, Trujillo in Extremadura, Spain.
The city is the birthplace of one of Johann Sebastian Bach's cousins, Johann Bernhard Bach, as well as Johann Sebastian Bach's father Johann Ambrosius Bach.
Florence originated as a Roman city, and later, after a period as a flourishing trading and banking medieval commune, it was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance ( or the " Florentine Renaissance ").
The city was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement which, under the leadership of political activist Lech Wałęsa, played a major role in bringing an end to Communist rule across Central Europe.
The city is known for its large steel mills, and for being the birthplace of the The Jackson 5 music group.
Telemann's birthplace, the city of Magdeburg, in early 18th century.
His generally accepted birthplace was in the Szabadfalu ( Freidorf ) suburb of the city of Timişoara ( Hungarian: Temesvár ) in occupied Transylvania, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
It was the birthplace of Emperor Septimius Severus, who lavished an extensive public works programme on the city, including diverting the course of a nearby river.
As the birthplace of Muhammad and a site of the composition of the Quran, Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory for all able Muslims.
Pope Adrian VI's birthplace in Utrecht ( city ) | Utrecht
The city is notable for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres, architecture, and as the birthplace of the preeminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes.
After Scupi was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 518 AD, Justinian, according to his historian Procopius in " De Aedificiis " ( On the Buildings ), built a new city near his birthplace Tauresium and Bederiana ( believed to be today's villages Taor and Bader ) at the fertile entry point of the River Lepenec into the Vardar, making Skopje the city of Justiniana Prima.
* Yacothia From Sims Medieval is mention theocratic city-state and is the holy city / birthplace of Jacobanism, as it's the birthplace of prophet Jacob and the home of the Proxy, run by a High Priest or Priestess.
Ur is considered by many to be the city of Ur Kasdim mentioned in the Book of Genesis ( Biblical Hebrew ) as the birthplace of the Hebrew patriarch Abram ( Abraham ; Aramaic: Oraham, Arabic: Ibrahim ), traditionally believed to be sometime in the 2nd millennium BC.
In March 1983, President Félix Houphouët-Boigny made Yamoussoukro the political and administrative capital of Côte d ' Ivoire, as the city was his birthplace.
In the epic Ramayana, the city of Ayodhya is cited as the birthplace of Lord Sri Rama, a Hindu deity who was worshipped as Lord Vishnu's seventh incarnation.
The city was also the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, with artists Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, and Lyonel Feininger teaching in Weimar's Bauhaus School.
The birthplace and home of one of the greatest painters of the northern Renaissance, Hieronymus Bosch, the city was also a center of music, and composers, such as Jheronimus Clibano, received their training at its cathedrals.

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