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claimed and principle
Moore dealt with casuistry in chapter 1. 4 of his Principia Ethica ; he claimed that " the defects of casuistry are not defects of principle ; no objection can be taken to its aim and object.
Fortescue, also writing in the Catholic Encyclopedia, claimed that " the real distinction between God's essence and operation remains one more principle, though it is rarely insisted on now, in which the Orthodox differ from Catholics ".
Abdul claimed her departure from Idol was not about money, but that she had to stand on principle.
Stephen claimed to rule the Magyars by the principle of Christian divine right, while his uncle Koppány, a powerful pagan chieftain in Somogy, claimed the traditional right of agnatic seniority.
Thales ( 7th – 6th century BC ), the first Greek philosopher claimed that the first principle of all things is water.
Anaximander claimed that the beginning or first principle is an endless mass ( Apeiron ) subject to neither age nor decay, from which all things are being born and then they are destructed there.
Artaud claimed that the " perpetual allusion to the materials and the principle of the theater found in almost all alchemical books should be understood as the expression of an identity [...] existing between the world in which the characters, images, and in a general way all that constitutes the virtual reality of the theater develops, and the purely fictitious and illusory world in which the symbols of alchemy are evolved ".
Feyerabend claimed, " the only principle that does not inhibit progress is: anything goes.
When Heath called a leadership election at the end of 1974, Powell claimed they would have to find someone who was not a member of the Cabinet that " without a single resignation or public dissent, not merely swallowed but advocated every single reversal of election pledge or party principle ".
For example, Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington claimed that the cosmological constant version of the vacuum field equation expressed the " epistemological " property that the universe is " self-gauging ", and Erwin Schrödinger's pure-affine theory using a simple variational principle produced the field equation with a cosmological term.
Aristotle claimed that the male principle was the driver behind sex determination, such that if the male principle was insufficiently expressed during reproduction, the fetus would develop as a female.
Keitel testified that he knew many of Hitler's orders were illegal ( for instance, he described the Night and Fog Decree as " the worst of all " the orders he'd been given ) but claimed he was merely following orders in conformity to " the leader principle " ( Führerprinzip ).
Canada and the USSR / Russia have long claimed that their territory extends according to the sector principle to the North Pole.
Archbishop Gerhard claimed he was authorized to do so as imperial archchancellor of Germany, according to old legal principle.
In his Commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Aquinas claimed it was weak will that allowed a non-virtuous man to choose a principle allowing pleasure ahead of one requiring moral constraint.
Building on the ideas of Radcliffe-Brown, Lévi-Strauss claimed to perceive antithetical thinking as a crucial structural principle in totemism and believed that the similarity among totemistic ideas in various cultures lay in similarities between systems of differences those documented in the natural sphere and those in the culturally defined social groups.
Most people thought it impossible to have two empress consorts, but Michinaga claimed that the empress held two separate titles, Chūgū and Kōgō, which were different in principle and could therefore given to two different women.
These approaches hold that though violations of the non-aggression principle cannot be claimed to be objectively immoral, adherence to it almost always leads to the best possible results, and so it should be accepted as a moral rule.
BYU historian Thomas G. Alexander points out that while the original Word of Wisdom as a " principle with promise " was given by revelation, there is no evidence that any church leader has claimed a separate new revelation, or even a spiritual confirmation, of changing the Word of Wisdom from " a principle with promise " to a commandment.
The Whig Party no longer existed, but a group of former Whigs formed the Constitutional Union Party, which claimed as its sole principle the preservation of the Union.
Additionally, the phrase is meaningless to agnostics and atheists ; as such, the religious motto has been claimed to violate the principle of separation of church and state.

claimed and was
He claimed that the release of the preliminary findings was ' prejudicial to his position ' ''.
A lone pro-Hearst voice from New York City was that of William Devery, who had been expelled as a Tammany leader but still claimed strong influence in his own district.
Potemkin's Army of Ekaterinoslav, totaling, it was claimed, 40,000 regular troops and 6,000 irregulars of the Cossack Corps, had invested Islam's principal stronghold on the north shore of the Black Sea, the fortress town of Oczakov, and was preparing to test the Turk by land and sea.
This he claimed was the favorite refrain of the English.
When, in March, 1640, the two towns were united under Coddington, Gorton claimed the union was irregular and illegally constituted and that it had never been sanctioned by the majority of freeholders.
Adams was not breaking new ground when he claimed that the worship of an unseen power was in reality a reflection of man's inability to cope with his environment.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
Not only were the court costs prohibitive, but I was subjected to crippling fines, in addition to usurious interest on the unpaid `` debts '' which the government claimed that Metronome and I owed -- a severe financial blow.
Spokesmen for the nation's tradition-minded sculptors promptly claimed that Udall was exiling the statue because of his own hostility to this art form.
) The sorry fact about this young man, who was barely of age when he broke into major-league baseball, was that he really was a better ball player than he was given credit for being -- never so good as he claimed, and always an irritant to his associates, but a good steady performer when he could fight down the temptation to orate on his skills or cut up in public.
The Texans made themselves a comforting break on the opening kickoff when Denver's Al Carmichael was jarred loose from the ball when Dave Grayson, the speedy halfback, hit him and Guard Al Reynolds claimed it for Dallas.
Agrarianism claimed agriculture was the source of all wealth and called for the wide distribution of land as the foundation of democracy and freedom.
Philippus claimed descent from Alexander the Great, and was elected consul in 56 BC.
In later life Ampère claimed that he knew as much about mathematics and science when he was eighteen as ever he knew ; but, a polymath, his reading embraced history, travels, poetry, philosophy, and the natural sciences.
Collins, who has a history of alcohol abuse, claimed that the song was able to " pull her through " to recovery.
Caracalla, it was claimed, tried to counter this influence by invoking his ancestral spirits.
Despite being quite religious, he was also interested in mathematics and science, and sometimes is claimed to have contradicted the teachings of the Church in favour of scientific theories.
Sargon was claimed to be the son of La ' ibum or Itti-Bel, a humble gardener, and possibly a hierodule, or priestess to Ishtar or Inanna.

claimed and simple
For example, Immanuel Kant used pure description to discuss recognition and its components and Sir Francis Bacon claimed that the simple observation of the rote recollection of a previously learned list was “ no use to the art ” of memory.
Zibrt also wrote that simple Czech folk claimed that they knew and danced Polka long before the nobles got hold of it, i. e., it is a truly folk Czech dance.
They claimed that the simple but refined aesthetics of Arts and Crafts decorative arts would ennoble the new experience of industrial consumerism, making individuals more rational and society more harmonious.
Although the deputies claimed to defend the interests of the people, most had an important fear of common people, of innovations, of socialism and even of simple measures, such as the extension of voting rights.
Their reasons for doing so are not clear ; they were variously claimed to be a result of deception by the Lancastrian forces, or treachery, or simple rashness on York's part.
Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell judged that " Paper Mario is a vastly superior game to SMRPG ", while IGN compared the game's simple plot unfavourably with the SNES game and RPGFan claimed that some of Paper Marios story was copied from it.
Judge James Prendergast called the Treaty ‘ a simple nullity ’ and claimed that it was neither a valid treaty nor binding on the Crown.
They married in London in June 1939 and divorced in Los Angeles, California, on 25 February 1942 ( it was finalized on 6 March ); Gabor claimed cruelty, saying, " I wanted to have babies and lead a simple family life but my husband objected to my having children ".
In most cases, the applicant is asked to perform a simple preliminary demonstration of the claimed ability, which if successful is followed by the formal test.
For example, in tidying up loose ends of the classification of finite simple groups around 2004 ( a result which had been claimed, somewhat prematurely, to be proved around 1980 ), Michael Aschbacher devoted an entire volume to proving various infrastructural results, some of which had not previously been proved in print.
Hargrave claimed that " The particular steps gained are the demonstration that an extremely simple apparatus can be made, carried about, and flown by one man ; and that a safe means of making an ascent with a flying machine, of trying the same without any risk of accident, and descending, is now at the service of any experimenter who wishes to use it.
Various notable individuals have claimed that spiritual inspiration led them to a simple living lifestyle, such as Francis of Assisi, Ammon Hennacy, Leo Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Schweitzer, and Mohandas Gandhi.
Diogenes of Sinope, a major figure in the ancient Greek philosophy of Cynicism, claimed that a simple life was necessary for virtue, and purportedly lived in a jar.
The Pall Mall Gazette argued that Salisbury had sailed into " the turbid waters of State Socialism "; the Manchester Guardian said his article was " State socialism pure and simple " and The Times claimed Salisbury was " in favour of state socialism ".
Spencer claimed that man's mind had evolved in the same way from the simple automatic responses of lower animals to the process of reasoning in the thinking man.
In simple terms, it is as if Spencer's phrase, ' the survival of the fittest ,' had been claimed by him as the basis of a political doctrine.
Lenat claimed that the system was composed of hundreds of data structures called " concepts ," together with hundreds of " heuristic rules " and a simple flow of control: " AM repeatedly selects the top task from the agenda and tries to carry it out.
In the United States and many other rich countries, domestic producers of " simple " manufactured goods, such as textiles, leather goods, ceramics, glass and steel, have long claimed that they could not compete with large quantities of imports.
While it is impossible to construct a perfect regular 56-sided polygon using simple ' square and circle ' geometry, a close approximation has recently been discovered which it is claimed might have been used at Stonehenge.
Given the facts that solar thermal power is reliable, can deliver peak load and does not cause pollution, a price of US $ 0. 10 per kWh starts to become competitive, although a price of US $ 0. 06 has been claimed With some operational cost a simple target is 1 dollar ( or lower ) investment for 1 kWh production in a year.
of 152, 206 lbf ( 677 kN ) in simple expansion mode ( later modified, resulting in a claimed T. E.
( This is an example of a simple commitment scheme ; in actual practice, Alice and Bob will often be computer programs, and the secret would be something less easily spoofed than a claimed puzzle solution ).
In December 2011 Canadian cryptographer enthusiast Richard Henderson claimed to have found the correct clear text, encoded once again as a simple substitution cipher ( with two letters as nulls ), although some details remain to be worked out.

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