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club and slowly
`` I didn't ask you to fight for the ball club '', Phil said slowly.
The Cleveland ball club, named the Spiders ( supposedly inspired by their " skinny and spindly " players ) slowly became a power in the league.
Mittal's investment is thought to be primarily motivated by his son-in-law's interests and that Mittal himself would remain a silent investor while Briatore, Ecclestone and Bhatia worked together to implement the strategy of slowly building the club up ahead of a push for promotion to the Premier League in 2009.
Whatever the actual cause of his injuries, Hirt underwent surgery and had to wait a while and then practice slowly to make a return to the club scene.
The Times reported ( 2 June 2006 ) that, as the club " is now slowly nudging back into the mainstream, many members feel that it is time to return to the fold ".
During the beginning of the 1980s, the club slowly began to turn their troubles around and the board of directors decided to appoint former player Bobby Graham as the team-manager in 1986.
Throughout this long period of homelessness, the club has been run on a very tight budget because of its minimal income sources, as the massive financial damage caused by the sale of the old ground is slowly repaired.
However, it struggled so much that there were long debates as to whether it should continue after it won only eleven games in its first seven seasons but with the construction of Subiaco Oval on what was formerly called the “ sand patch ”, the club ’ s performances improved: very slowly at first, but very rapidly after the acquisition of two key forwards in Phil Matson and Herbert Limb for the 1912 season.
The club was slowly starved, with less and less money in a championship where the leading teams were competing at a European level ( in 1986, one was winning Champions Cup, although claiming non-professional status for their players ).
The season started slowly but the club's formed improved to see the club fitting fourth in the table on 20 November after a run of 8 wins from 11 fixtures.
After starting the season slowly, the 2010 – 11 season saw the club qualify for the first round of the FA Cup for only the third time in their history.
After the success, Mézy left the club again and several of the club's players slowly began to depart for better opportunities.
He would slowly assert himself at the club and would eventually go on to make 134 appearances and scoring 2 goals in 6 seasons in both Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.
After impressing in the pre-season, His career at White Hart Lane started slowly as he sustained a broken foot on his league debut for the club, but on 12 December 2005 he made his return as a substitute in only his second game for Spurs against Portsmouth.
During the 30's GAIS slowly lost the dominance the club had exercised over Allsvenskan since its foundation, and in 1938 the club was relegated.
She slowly starts settling in with the locals, joining Marge's book club ( where author Helen Fielding makes a brief appearance ) and going shopping with Ned.
Over the next few years, Baloo slowly earned the respect of his Hindu club team-mates.
Another performer at the club is Taffy ( Gray ) who is a drunk, loudmouth, jealous diva, who is slowly falling out of the limelight.
Vicente's fitness problems persisted in the next season, as he only made his first appearance on 6 January 2010, replacing Mata for the final 15 minutes of a 1 – 2 home loss against Deportivo de La Coruña, in the first leg of the Copa del Rey's round-of-16 ; he still managed to contribute in 11 league games, slowly trying to regain his best form ; aged 29, he was released from the club after a link that lasted 11 years.
Ice Hockey is slowly emerging as fans in Anyang city sees sell-out games for Anyang Halla hockey club, which became the first non-Japanese club to win championship title for Asia League Ice Hockey.
In, the Atlanta Braves ' first year, the club started slowly.
The club has spent some of its seasons yo-yo-ing from one division to another, but has recently started to build a more solid pace, progressing slowly but steadily to the upper divisions.

club and worked
It was his brag that he could beat everybody at anything, but especially at fighting, and he once took on the manager of his club and worked him over thoroughly with his fists.
The club was reformed three years later and then worked its way through the non-league divisions to reach the Nationwide Conference in 2003.
From 1906 to 1909, Attlee worked as manager of Haileybury House, a charitable club for working class boys in Stepney in the East End of London run by his old school.
In addition to his pioneering work in bringing simple and effective bridge to everyday players, Goren also worked to popularize the Precision bidding method, which is one of many variants of so-called big club or strong club systems ( which use an opening bid of one club to indicate a strong hand ).
He fronted Club Homeboy, an international BMX club, with Mark " Lew " Lewman and Andy Jenkins, both co-editors of Freestylin ' Magazine in the mid-to late 1980s, where Jonze worked as a photographer.
" Concurrent with anti-Falun Gong seminars, photo exhibits, art performances, and club activities, Chen worked with advanced institutions to expand the research sector involving internet censorship technology in order to " resist Falun Gong's online offensive ".
In the early 1990s, RuPaul worked the Georgia club scene and was known by his full birth name.
From 1906 to 1909, Clement Attlee worked as manager of Haileybury House, a club for working class boys in Limehouse run by his old school.
The band was formed in 1993 by Huey Morgan, Brian Leiser and Steve Borgovini after Leiser, who was already friends with Borgovini, met Morgan at the club where they both worked.
For the seven subsequent years he worked in Edinburgh, some of his attention being given to a " black and white " style, his practice in which having been partly acquired at a sketch club, which, in addition to Hutchison, included among its members Hugh Cameron, Peter Graham, George Hay and William McTaggart.
While at university, Bremner worked in the cabaret circuit in the evenings and was involved in the drama club.
He sang in the school's glee club and was remembered as a shy boy who delivered newspapers, ran errands and worked as a golf caddy.
Morgan became a successful club DJ and Smith later worked in the music industry as a label manager and producer.
Barnes and Daley had previously worked together as percussionists at The Sandals ' first club, Violets.
Initially she worked as a club hostess under the name Queenie O ' Brien and played in minor and unbilled roles in various films.
On a general election 24 April 1912, it was decided that the club would be named " International ", perhaps because the opponents were primarily visitors from cruise ships or trading vessels, or that it was to make room for the many Danes who worked on the engine factory Gideon.
The Interest Group Baltimore, a local wargaming club, worked with the Baltimore-based Avalon Hill game company to put on the first show that year at Johns Hopkins University.
The single " I'll House You ," added to the album in 1989, is known for being the first hip-house record recorded outside of the Chicago scene, which was a club hit that drastically changed the way the hip-hop and dance-music industries worked.
During that time he also worked as a bouncer at the famous Belgrade night club Metro ( ex Zvezda ) in Knez Mihailova Street.
Sarazen took a series of club professional jobs in the New York area from his mid-teens, and worked hard on his game.
Hughes had worked as a club bouncer in Brixton, as a wrestler ( called the Masked Executioner ), as a bodyguard for Prince Buster and a DJ before his career in " rude reggae ".

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