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coastal and Karnataka
In the South Indian state of Kerala and coastal Karnataka, especially on the sides of Mangalore, where it is widely grown and cooked, it is known as kada chakka or seema chakka and deegujje, respectively.
Fritters of Breadfruit is also a local delicacy of coastal Karnataka.
Clams are eaten more in the coastal regions of India, especially in the Konkan, Kerala, Bengal, and Karnataka regions.
Rakshasa as depicted in Yakshagana, an art form of coastal Karnataka
The Kodagu district is famous for spicy pork curries ( pig curry ) while coastal Karnataka specializes in seafood.
It included the northern half of the state of Kerala and some coastal regions of present day Karnataka.
The Malabar Coast, in historical contexts, refers to India's southwest coast, lying on the narrow coastal plain of Karnataka and Kerala states between the Western Ghats range and the Arabian Sea.
It spans from the South-Western coast of Maharashtra and goes along the coastal region of Goa, through the entire western coast of Karnataka and Kerala and reaches till Kanyakumari.
It is native to parts of South and Southeast Asia, and is believed to have originated in the southwestern rain forests of India, in present-day Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Maharashtra.
* Yakshagana is a musical theater popular in coastal and Malenadu regions of Karnataka
In regions that grow coconuts, notably Kerala, coastal Karnataka ( Udupi, Mangalore ) and Tamil Nadu, sambar is also made with a paste of ground coconuts and spices.
Kundapura is a coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka.
Legend says it was created by sage Parashurama just like all the other places of coastal Karnataka.
Community Radio Sarang on 107. 8 is managed by the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society ( MJES ) and run by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore ( a coastal town in southern Karnataka ).
When India became independent in 1947, Madras Presidency became Madras State, comprising present day Tamil Nadu, coastal Andhra Pradesh, South Canara district Karnataka, and parts of Kerala.
A predominantly Hindu last name, it is found most commonly in the states of coastal areas of Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is a common surname in the states of Maharashtra, India.
Karnataka: Common surname among Shivalli Brahmins, Havyaka Brahmins, Karada Brahmins, Kota Brahmins, Panchagrama Brahmins and Goud Saraswat Brahmins of coastal Karnataka
The Kanara or Canara region ( Tulu / Konkani: Karavali ಕರ ಾ ವಳ ಿ )( Konkani: कर ा वल ी) which is also Known as Coastal Karnataka comprises three coastal districts of Karnataka, namely Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Uttara Kannada and Kasaragod Taluk of Kerala in southwestern India.
Although mainly popular with Indians from Bengal, southern Gujarat, coastal Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, it is increasingly consumed by the other South Asian populations, Bangaladeshis in particular.
This theather style is mainly prevalent in the coastal districts and Malenadu regions of Karnataka, India.
Since Rayalaseema comprises only four districts, some people of Rayalaseema want to advocate the inclusion of neighbouring coastal Andhra districts of Nellore and Prakasam and even the Kannada-speaking district of Bellary in Karnataka and demand for a separate Rayalaseema State, though people of coastal districts refuse for such proposal.

coastal and has
East of Adana, much of the coastal plain has limestone features such as collapsed caverns and sinkholes.
The haliotid family has a worldwide distribution, along the coastal waters of every continent, except the Atlantic coast of South America, the Caribbean, and the East Coast of the United States.
Modern coastal artillery ( for example, Russia's " Bereg " system ) is often self propelled, ( allowing it to avoid counter-battery fire ) and fully integrated, meaning that each battery has all of the support systems that it requires ( maintenance, targeting radar, etc.
As a result of Kuroshio Current ( also known as the Japan Current ), which crosses the North Pacific Ocean, coastal British Columbia has a mild, rainy oceanic climate.
Although it is involved in " brown-water " ( riverine and coastal ) operations, the navy's primary goal has been to become an effective " blue-water " navy, able to project power on the high seas.
The low South Cameroon Plateau, rising from the coastal plain and dominated by tropical rain forest, has an average elevation of.
Côte d ' Ivoire has a brown-water navy whose mission is coastal surveillance and security for the nation's 340-mile coastline.
Several east-west trending mountain spurs extend to the narrow coastal plain, which is studded with sea cliffs and has level stretches no wider than.
The southern side of the peninsula has a sharp escarpment that subsides after a narrow coastal shelf that slopes into the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.
it has an inventory consisting of about thirty five large patrol craft ( each between twenty and thirty meters in length ) and twenty smaller Bertram-class coastal patrol craft built in the United States.
The southern part of the Red Sea coast, along with the Red Sea coast of Djibouti, has been described as the Eritrean coastal desert, a harsh sand and gravel coastal strip covered in dune grasses and shrubs that is important as a channel for the mass migration of birds of prey.
Environment – current issues: air heavily polluted with sulfur dioxide from oil-shale burning power plants in northeast ; contamination of soil and groundwater with petroleum products, chemicals at former Soviet military bases ; Estonia has more than 1, 400 natural and artificial lakes, the smaller of which in agricultural areas are heavily affected by organic waste ; coastal sea water is polluted in many locations.
The rise in sea levels that has occurred as a result of climate change has also greatly increased coastal erosion rates.
Honduras has three distinct topographical regions: an extensive interior highland area and two narrow coastal lowlands.
This area of river valleys and coastal plains, which most Honduras call " the north coast ," or simply " the coast ," has traditionally been Honduras's most exploited region.
Since 1984 an electrically operated train service run by Iarnród Éireann has linked Dublin with its coastal suburbs.
A number of noteworthy coastal areas abut the Kattegat, including the Kullaberg Nature Reserve in Scania, Sweden, which contains a number of rare species and a scenic rocky shore, the town of Mölle, which has a picturesque harbour and views into the Kullaberg, and Skagen at the northern tip of Denmark.
The name is derived from the Ga language of coastal Ghana, translated as " the sickness the baby gets when the new baby comes ", and reflecting the development of the condition in an older child who has been weaned from the breast when a younger sibling comes.
The Navy ( Marine Mauritanienne ) has 620 personnel and 10 patrol and coastal combatants, with bases at Nouadhibou and Nouakchott.
As Beijing has been the capital of China for centuries, its cuisine is influenced by culinary traditions from all over China, but the style that has the greatest influence on Beijing cuisine is that of the eastern coastal province of Shandong.
According to the book " Mexico One Plate At A Time ," even though the dish ceviche has been a part of traditional Mexican coastal cuisine for centuries, ceviche is not a dish native to Mexico.

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