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Page "fiction" ¶ 193
from Brown Corpus
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cold and mysterious
Sales to Finland have stalled, because the manufacturer has not been able to fix a mysterious bug that causes the rocket motors of the missile to fail in cold tests.
Finnish Defence Forces reported on 3 September 2012 that the United States has not delivered any of the AMRAAM anti-aircraft missiles they had ordered due to a mysterious engine malfunction in cold weather that the manufacturer, Raytheon, has not been able to determine the fault of.
The book weaves together a mysterious tale of historical fiction with reference to Saipan's multi-ethnic past, from Japanese colonization to American WWII victory and post cold war evolution of the island.
Funded by the mysterious Fourth Man, the field team consists of three superhuman beings: Jakita Wagner ( strong, fast and almost invulnerable ); The Drummer ( can detect and manipulate information streams, such as computers and other electronics ); and new recruit Elijah Snow ( can create intense cold and extract heat ).
He is a mysterious man with a dark past who acts cold when he first meets Jean and Nadia, but later warms up to Jean's outgoing cheerfulness and enthusiasm.
Isidora and Melmoth elope by night, and he leads her to a remote chapel where they are married by a mysterious hermit, whose hand was ' as cold as that of death ' ( in a later chapter it is revealed that the hermit was already dead ).
3 April is not winter but the first month of autumn and a night of fifteen hours duration implies a mysterious shift of the sun: furthermore sailors would not find the cold intolerable at that season of the year in 52ºS.
Most investigations, according to TAPS, turn up cold with very little, if any, paranormal activity occurring ; however, the ghost hunters claim to have several decent recordings of moving objects, mysterious lights, strange mists, and shadowy figures that manifest before the camera and are highlighted at the end of the show.
Suddenly the " hardening " of materials due to processes such as cold rolling were no longer mysterious.

cold and presence
Thermostatic mixing valves mix hot and cold water to produce a constant temperature in the presence of variable pressures and temperatures on the two input ports.
Some astronomers explain this by presence of small temperature fluctuations within planetary nebulae ; others claim that the discrepancies are too large to be explained by temperature effects, and hypothesize the existence of cold knots containing very little hydrogen to explain the observations.
Gorbachev was also trying to ease cold war tensions by signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987 with the U. S. and withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan whose presence had garnered so much international condemnation.
This itself is partly a result of the presence of high and low pressures in inland California, with persistent high summer temperatures in the Central Valley, in particular, leading to low pressures, drawing in air moist air from the Pacific, cooling into damp cool breezes and fog over the cold coastal water.
The lack of heavy rainfall arises from high atmospheric stability caused, in term, by the combination of cool waters from semi-permanent coastal upwelling and the presence of the cold Humboldt Current ; and warm air aloft associated with the South Pacific anticyclone.
* Osler's syndrome is a syndrome of recurrent episodes of colic pain, with typical radiation to back, cold shiverings and fever ; due to the presence in Vater ’ s diverticulum of a free-moving gallstone which is larger than the orifice.
Some astronomers put this down to the presence of small temperature fluctuations within H II regions ; others claim that the discrepancies are too large to be explained by temperature effects, and hypothesise the existence of cold knots containing very little hydrogen to explain the observations.
Also, the title Quicksilver connects the book to the method alchemists used to distill quicksilver, " the pure living essence of God's power and presence in the world ", from, as one character put it, " the base, dark, cold, essentially fecal matter of which the world was made.
The presence of the cold front, however, indicated that conditions in the objective area on November 20 would be good and possibly acceptable over Laos for navigation of the low-level penetration flights.
Environmental factors include heat and cold, the presence of water in the subbase or subgrade soil underlying the pavement, and frost heaves.
Goosebumps can be experienced in the presence of cold temperatures.
* Rubber bushings can deteriorate quickly in the presence of oils ( e. g., motor oil, mineral oil ) and extreme heat and cold.
When the worm feels the presence of cold water, muscle contractions in its body cause its uterus ( which fills the whole body cavity ) to burst, releasing hundreds of thousands of first-stage larvae into the water, where they can find new hosts.
The School for Love ( 1951 ) is the tale of an orphaned boy's journey of disillusionment in a city that is home to Arabs, Jews and a repressive, colonial presence represented in the novel by the cold, self-righteous, and anti-Semitic character of Miss Bohun.
The almost constant presence of the Icelandic Low means that precipitation, both as rain and snow, is exceptionally heavy for so consistently cold a climate in a low-lying area, with five metres of snow falling each winter and not melting until July.
Scotty insists however, that he felt the presence of a cold, evil creature during Sybo's meditation.
Summer is hot and dry, with a mild and rainy winter with Snow quite rarely and only in the presence of a marked generalized cold.
The plants indicated, through structural adaptations, a seasonal cold period and a mean annual temperature around ( higher than found by the oxygen isotope data ) and the presence of ferns and bryophytes indicates rainy conditions.
Despite the large militia milicja and army presence in the town of Kielce, Jews had been murdered there in cold blood, in public, and for a period of more than five hours.
With concentrated nitric acid, in the presence of cold concentrated sulfuric acid, it yields trinitro-resorcin ( styphnic acid ), which forms yellow crystals, exploding violently on rapid heating.
The presence of this thermophilic bacteria in the ice suggests that a geothermal system exists beneath the cold water body of Lake Vostok.
On October 16, a depression formed near the Turks and Caicos islands after a tropical wave interacted with the trough, although initially it was not tropical in nature due to the widespread presence of cold air.
It was shown also that SQDGs protect CF1 against cold inactivation in the presence of some ATP.
All of these characteristics are evident due to the presence of the cold Humboldt Current that flows north from Peru and Chile.

cold and God
`` My God, it was cold today '', said Samuel Burns.
< p > Blessed be God, at the end of the last year I was in very good health, without any sense of my old pain but upon taking of cold.
: There lived a singer in France of oldBy the tideless dolorous midland sea. In a land of sand and ruin and goldThere shone one woman, and none but she. And finding life for her love ’ s sake fail, Being fain to see her, he bade set sail, Touched land, and saw her as life grew cold, And praised God, seeing ; and so died he.
* It has also been stated that one says "( God ) bless you " so that one does not catch the flu, cold, or any other forms of sickness.
Erasmus was then thrown into a pit of snakes and worms, and boiling oil and sulfur were poured on him but " he lay therein as he had lain in cold water, thanking and loving God.
It sems he lived by the statement in Revelation-that God would either have us be hot or cold towards Truth-not lukewarm or we would be spewed out of Gods mouth.
Aberhart was a fundamentalist, preaching the revealed word of God and quoting the Bible to find a solution for the evils of the modern, materialistic world: the evils of sophisticated academics and their biblical criticism, the cold formality of middle-class congregations, the vices of dancing and movies and drink.
Swapping cold for hot, she moved to a summer theme in 2003's Shade, this time reinterpreting Cole Porter (" Too Darn Hot "), Irving Berlin (" Heatwave "), and The Beach Boys ' Brian Wilson (" God Only Knows ").
" Brighton Beach Memoirs " by Neil Simon, character JACK says " You live in a cold water flat on Delancey Street, bankruptcy is the one thing God spares you.
And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground …' Thus the word ' earthquake ' can also be understood to teach that mankind shakes from the cold.
* Roxanne Davenport ( Amber Sainsbury ) is first portrayed as manipulative and cold leader of the school's elite, but later becomes devoted to God in order to make peace with her actions.
In his earliest volumes one can notice two completely different images of God, once he is almighty, cold, perfect and remote and next time powerless by his coming down from heaven Kapłan ( Priest ), Rozmyślania Pana Cogito o odkupieniu ( Mr. Cogito ’ s Reflections on Redemption ).
They may have drawn heavily on Christian themes, and there is usually a hero who defeats the powers of darkness by a combination of faith in God and reason, in contrast to other characters, who are either blindly superstitious or bound by a cold, godless rationalism ( as noted by critic Paul Leggett in Terence Fisher: Horror, Myth and Religion, 2001 ).
It is said that no fire was ever allowed to warm the cold stone cells even if " cold could be felt by those hearts so glowing with love of God.
Aberhart was a fundamentalist, preaching the revealed word of God and quoting the Bible to find a solution for the evils of the modern, materialistic world: the evils of sophisticated academics and their biblical criticism, the cold formality of middle-class congregations, the vices of dancing and movies and drink.
God ’ s revelation is not a big cold stone fallen from heaven many years ago, a stone which only needs to be dissected and analyzed.
She looked into God's eyes, and they were " cold and calm ," and when God failed to penetrate her he retreated onto the wall.
They thus also celebrated the fact God had given them food to survive the coming cold months.
" She, ordinarily cold in manner, tells him " Mother's love is Given by God, John.
The friars traveled on through the cold, always cheerful and believing they were filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

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