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The connective system, or network, is tailored to meet the requirements of the objective, and it is therefore not surprising that a military body acting as a single coordinated unit has a different communication network than a factory, a college, or a rural village.
Studying The Merchant Of Venice in high school and college has given many young people their notions about Jews.
Even the college professor in America has been affected.
Nor is it an accident that baseball, growing into the national game in the last 75 years, has become a microcosm of American life, that learned societies such as the American Folklore Society and the American Historical Association were founded in the 1880s, or that courses in American literature, American civilization, American anything have swept our school and college curricula.
Their affection for their college home has even caused President Dickey to comment on this `` place loyalty '' as something rather specially Hanoverian.
So, too, is the mathematical competence of a college graduate who has majored in mathematics.
Expressions of even low-key dissatisfaction by a Catholic college faculty member has the effect of confirming the already existing stereotype.
How do you tell a college like Hanford that your son has a vast potential, that he will find himself??
Of these, only SignWriting has much following, being used for example in college newsletters.
This has changed with the closure of several manufacturers, and Albion's culture is changing to that of a college town with a strong interest in technology and sustainability issues.
However, the term " junior college " has evolved to describe private two-year institutions, whereas the term " community college " has evolved to describe publicly funded two-year institutions.
* The American Association of Community Colleges has provided oversight on community college research since the 1920s.
* The Association of Community College Trustees ( ACCT ) has provided education for community college boards of directors and advocacy for community colleges since 1972.
The women's Ultimate club team, known as " Snatch ", has also been very successful in recent years, ranking 44 of over 200 college teams in the Ultimate Player's Association.
Since the NCAA has yet to recognize cheerleading as an official college sport, there are no solid numbers on college cheerleading, yet when it comes to injuries, 67 % of female athlete injuries at the college level are due to cheerleading mishaps.
Although the college game has a much larger margin for talent than its pro counterpart, the sheer number of fans following major colleges provides a financial equalizer for the game, with Division I programs – the highest level – playing in huge stadiums, six of which have seating capacity exceeding 100, 000.
* The two-minute warning is not used in college football, except in rare cases where the scoreboard clock has malfunctioned and is not being used.
Doonesbury is a comic strip by American cartoonist Garry Trudeau, that chronicles the adventures and lives of an array of characters of various ages, professions, and backgrounds, from the President of the United States to the title character, Michael Doonesbury, who has progressed from a college student to a youthful senior citizen in the 40 + years of the strip's daily existence.
The unnamed college attended by the main characters was later given the name " Walden College ", revealed to be in Connecticut ( the same state as Yale ), and depicted as devolving into a third-rate institution under the weight of grade inflation, slipping academic standards, and the end of tenure — issues that Trudeau has consistently revisited since the original characters graduated.
According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics and other proponents of demographic structural approach ( cliodynamics ), the basic problem Egypt has is unemployment driven by a demographic youth bulge: with the number of new people entering the job force at about 4 % a year, unemployment in Egypt is almost 10 times as high for college graduates as it is for people who have gone through elementary school, particularly educated urban youth, who are precisely those people that were seen out in the streets during 2011 Egyptian revolution.

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The college has been ranked among the top ten master's universities in the North by U. S. News & World Report every year since 1996.
This has led to the odd circumstance of a college with fewer than 1, 000 students being dotted with Greek houses of a size appropriate to campuses ten times Wabash's size.
In 2009 the college and the fraternity's alumni associations completed a ten year project of rebuilding or renovating the chapter houses.
Hollings was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Adolph G. and Wilhelmine Hollings and was raised at 338 President St. in the Hampton Park Terrace neighborhood from the age of ten through enrolling in college.
The Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963, which was signed into law by Johnson a month after becoming president, authorized several times more college aid within a five-year period than had been appropriated under the Land Grant College in a century, and provided better college libraries, ten to twenty new graduate centers, several new technical institutes, classrooms for several hundred thousand students, and twenty-five to thirty new community colleges a year.
In 1338, the college was refounded as Clare Hall by an endowment from Elizabeth de Clare, a granddaughter of Edward I, which provided for twenty fellows and ten students.
The Big 12 Conference is a college athletic conference of ten schools, with headquarters located in Irving, Texas.
The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference ( MAAC, ) is a NCAA Division I college athletic conference consisting of ten schools coming from various parts of the northeastern United States: Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.
Later, during the Flavian period, there was a college of ten priests, not castrated, and now Roman citizens, but still using the title " Attis ".
William Anthony Perry ( born December 16, 1962 ) is a former American college and professional football player who was a defensive lineman in the National Football League ( NFL ) for ten seasons during the 1980s and 1990s.
The plan called for 25, 000 homes, a college, a junior college, eighteen elementary schools, ten junior high schools, and six high schools as well as improvements to the town's golf course and harness track at an expense of at least 750 million dollars.
William of Wykeham ordained that there were to be ten chaplains, three clerks and 16 choristers on the foundation of the college.
The gardens of the college cover about ten and a half acres and have been described as the best of the Oxford colleges.
In 19th-century Jerusalem a college was typically an endowment for supporting ten adult scholars rather than an educational institution in the modern sense ; towards the end of the century a school for orphans was founded providing for some rabbinic studies.
In the November 2003 selectivity ranking for undergraduate programs, The Atlantic magazine ranked Swarthmore as the only liberal arts college to make the top ten institutions, placing Swarthmore in tenth place.
The college came under the control of the Bristol Education Authority in 1949 ; it was renamed then the Bristol College of Technology, and in 1960 the Bristol College of Science and Technology, when it became one of ten technical colleges under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.
He did not start the first two games of his college career in the fall of 1987, but made the most of his opportunities in a second-week rout of Tulsa in which he gained 109 yards on just ten carries, including a 66-yard touchdown run.
After three undistinguished short-term clerical presidencies in a ten year period, the college was slowly fading out.
The college is located on a campus in a historic residential neighborhood and includes seven academic buildings, ten residences, a library and a technology center.
Macalester's positive reputation grew during the 1960s, when it consistently drew many National Merit Scholars, enough to come in at the country's top ten ; during this time the college also benefitted heavily from DeWitt Wallace's success with Reader's Digest.
At the age of ten, he attended the college of Brives, where he showed great aptitude for study, but his independence of spirit was so great that he was almost constantly in a state of rebellion against his teachers and was finally expelled.
To acquire the funds for the film, Kevin Smith sold a large portion of his extensive comic book collection in 1993, maxed out eight to ten credit cards with $ 2, 000 limits, dipped into a portion of funds set aside for his college education and spent insurance money awarded for a car he and Jason Mewes lost in a flood.
It is consistently ranked in the U. S. News and World Report's college rankings as one of the top ten U. S. liberal arts schools.

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