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combined and material
When combined with the metaphysical notion that pure forms of this universe are best appreciated when least embodied in a material substratum, it becomes clear that while earth will be dross on a scale of material-formal ratios, celestial bodies will be of a subtle, quickened, ethereal existence, in whose embodiment pure form will be the dominant component and matter will be absent or remain subsidiary.
The Nehemiah Memorial, chapters 1-7 and 11-13, may have circulated as an independent work before being combined with the Ezra material to form Ezra-Nehemiah.
Both the Nehemiah and Ezra material are combined with numerous lists, Censuses and other material.
In the nineteenth century, Thomas Bulfinch combined these into a single synoptic view of material which Andrew Stewart calls a " historically-intractable farrago of ' evidence ', heavily tinged with Athenian cultural chauvinism ".
The popularity of the term deconstruction combined with the technical difficulty of Derrida's primary material on deconstruction and his reluctance to elaborate his understanding of the term has meant that many secondary sources have attempted to give a more straightforward explanation than Derrida himself ever attempted.
Early editors of Shakespeare's works, beginning with Nicholas Rowe ( 1709 ) and Lewis Theobald ( 1733 ), combined material from the two earliest sources of Hamlet available at the time, Q2 and F1.
In that it is biconditional, the connective can be likened to the standard material conditional (" only if ", equal to " if ... then ") combined with its reverse (" if "); hence the name.
Harrison realised the importance of using a small braking area with a non-absorbent braking material, combined with a large flywheel.
# Lead Medium-attributed to Velázquez-One part verdigris ( derived from copper-this material is substituted for the lead-based metallic driers ), combined by cooking with 20 parts raw linseed or walnut oil.
In the Known Space stories, Niven had created a number of technological devices ( GP hull, stasis field, Ringworld material ) which, combined with the " Teela Brown gene ", made it very difficult to construct engaging stories beyond a certain date — the combination of factors made it tricky to produce any kind of creditable threat / problem without complex contrivances.
The material cultural remains that are discovered by maritime archaeologists along former trade routes can be combined with historic documents and material cultural remains found on land to understand the economic, social and political environment of the past.
( A Middle-English verse adaptation of the Vulgate Merlin combined with material closer to Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia.
These shortcomings, combined with material shortages, led to the introduction of the simplified model 1915 helmet described above, with a detachable spike.
Piezoelectricity is the combined effect of the electrical behavior of the material:
Americans Peter Campus ' Double Vision combined the video signals from two Sony Portapaks through an electronic mixer, resulting in a distorted and radically dissonant image and Jonas ' Organic Honey's Vertical Roll involved recording previously recorded material as it was played back on a television — with the vertical hold setting intentionally in error.
Soil formation, or pedogenesis, is the combined effect of physical, chemical, biological, and anthropogenic processes on soil parent material.
These, combined with good durability and lack of stickiness, are critical for an effective sealing material.
Flint, knapped or unknapped, has been used since antiquity ( for example at the Late Roman fort of Burgh Castle in Norfolk ) up to the present day as a material for building stone walls, using lime mortar, and often combined with other available stone or brick rubble.
In 2001, the studio material from both albums was combined and released on the single CD Keystudio.
In 1984 the information in the books was expanded and revised and some of the books were combined and the material in them rearranged.
Online video material is encoded by a variety of codecs, and this has led to the availability of codec packs-a pre-assembled set of commonly used codecs combined with an installer available as a software package for PCs, such as K-Lite Codec Pack.
Their paper, combined with the Hershey-Chase experiment and Chargaff's data on nucleotides, finally persuaded biologists that DNA is the genetic material, not protein.
More detailed electron microscopic comparisons between cyanobacteria and chloroplasts ( for example studies by Hans Ris ), combined with the discovery that plastids and mitochondria contain their own DNA ( which by that stage was recognized to be the hereditary material of organisms ) led to a resurrection of the idea in the 1960s.

combined and energy
Alpha decay is the most likely cluster decay because of the combined extremely high binding energy and relatively small mass of the helium-4 product nucleus ( the alpha particle ).
Spectroscopic examination of the energy states in the outflow of matter from the companion star suggest that it is about 224 AU behind the primary, giving a combined separation of about 574 AU.
hydrogen ( H < sub > 2 </ sub >) can be combined in a fuel cell to form water and energy, typically a combination of heat and electrical energy.
They also contribute to the desired effect of converting the ( kinetic energy ) push of the sloped wave face combined with the rider's mass on the sloped wave face ( potential energy ) into redirected energy-lift ( lift ( physics ))-the surfer deflects his surfboard and fins off the water of the wave face ( and / or vice-versa ) to make forward progress across the wave face, or " down the line ," that is, parallel to the wave crest and beach-riding parallel to the crest ( perpendicular to the pull of gravity down the wave's slope ) in this way is known as " trimming.
To deliver the desired amount of energy, the fuel cells can be combined in series and parallel circuits, where series yields higher voltage, and parallel allows a higher current to be supplied.
This fact, combined with a high excitation energy resulting in a particularly rich spectrum of decay gamma rays produced when the metastable state de-excites, makes this isotope useful in nuclear physics experiments as a means for calibrating energy responses and intrinsic efficiencies of gamma ray spectrometers.
The ATP molecule contains pyrophosphate linkages ( bonds formed when two phosphate units are combined together ) that release energy when needed.
Large scale pieces such as De Staat ( 1972 – 76 ), for example, are influenced by the energy of the big band music of Count Basie and Stan Kenton and the repetitive procedures of Steve Reich, both combined with bright, clashing dissonances.
Once the process succeeds, a very large amount of energy is released and the combined nucleus assumes a lower energy level.
After this breakdown, the amount of light energy transfer can be computed by using the known reflectivity of the reflecting patch, combined with the view factor of the two patches.
The combined effect of the leakage flux and the electric field around the windings is what transfers energy from the primary to the secondary.
The university ’ s first-year renewable energy purchase through Blue Sky and 3Degrees has the combined environmental benefit of taking more than 13, 200 cars off the road for one year or planting 1. 7 million trees.
When combined with renewable energy systems such as photo-voltaic solar panels or wind systems they can be stand alone systems.
Thus, it was Gibbs who first combined the first and second laws of thermodynamics by expressing the infinitesimal change in the energy a system in the form:
In a conventional rocket, the fuel is chemically combined to provide the energy, and the resulting fuel products, the ash or exhaust, are used as the working mass.
* Titan Laser: Titan is a combined nanosecond-long pulse and ultrashort-pulse ( subpicosecond ) laser, with hundreds of joules of energy in each beam.
In the last decade, Chile installed five combined cycle gas-turbined ( CCGT ) power plants to meet its nation ’ s growing energy needs.
It was under his guidance that the original accelerator was replaced with the Tevatron accelerator, an accelerator capable of colliding proton and an antiproton at a combined energy of 1. 96 TeV.
A transition in an energy level of an electron in a molecule may be combined with a vibrational transition and called a vibronic transition.
This time lag property of thermal mass, combined with its thermal decrement ( dampening of temperature variations ), allows the use of fluctuating daytime solar energy as a more uniform night-time heat source.
When used well and combined with passive solar design, thermal mass can play an important role in major reductions to energy use in active heating and cooling systems.

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