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commission and passes
Each state also has its own electoral commission or office, but voters need only register with the AEC, which passes the registration details to relevant state commissions.
* November 14: The United Nations passes a resolution calling for the withdrawal of foreign soldiers from Korea, free elections in each of the two administrations, and the creation of a UN commission dedicated to the unification of the peninsula.
" These included prohibitions on the free train passes that railroads had previously distributed generously to influence politicians, a restriction on train passenger fares to no more than two cents, and the establishment of a state railway commission.

commission and Code
This incorporated the revised Code of Rubrics which Pope Pius XII's commission had prepared, and which Pope John XXIII had made obligatory with effect from 1 January 1961.
According to the preface to the Code, " From 1897 to 1907 a commission was engaged in an effort to codify the great mass of accumulating legislation.
In Criminal Procedure Code, though provisions have been made in Section 357 to provide compensation to victims, who have suffered loss or harms in consequence to commission of offence.
In Congress, Obey chaired the commission to write the House's Code of Ethics.
The Model Penal Code does not include the felony murder rule, but allows the commission of a felony to raise a presumption of extreme indifference to the value of human life.
Between the end of 1828 and the autumn of 1830 Prince Miloš created a so-called " legislative commission " to translate the Code Napoléon into Serbian and codify the laws and customs of the country.
The military commission at issue lacks the power to proceed because its structure and procedures violate both the UCMJ ( Uniform Code of Military Justice ) and the four Geneva Conventions signed in 1949.
According to D. C. Code 1-251 ( c )( 1 ), " each advisory neighborhood commission may advise the District government on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation in that neighborhood commission area.
He served on a papal commission to draft a due process procedure giving the laity legal recourse within the Church, and participated in the revision of the Code of Canon Law ; for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, he worked on the adoption of a due process procedure and chaired the bishops ' Canonical Affairs Committee.
Under the Model Penal Code, for a defendant to be convicted of attempt requires that they perform a " substantial step in a course of conduct planned to culminate in defendant's commission of the crime " ( MPC 5. 01 ( 1 )( c )).
For an international commission of lawyers he prepared Draft Gistlines of an International Code ( 1872 ), the submission of which resulted in the organization of the international Association for the Reform and Codification of the Laws of Nations, of which he became president.
If the victim of an entrapment operation uses a symbolic gesture to signal intention to have sexual activity with the police decoy, he can be tried under section 294A of the Penal Code, which covers the commission of any obscene act in any public place to the annoyance of others ( subject to a maximum of 3 months ' jail, a fine, or both ).
The case considered whether the United States Congress may pass legislation preventing the Supreme Court from hearing the case of an accused combatant before his military commission takes place, whether the special military commissions that had been set up violated federal law ( including the Uniform Code of Military Justice and treaty obligations ), and whether courts can enforce the articles of the 1949 Geneva Convention.
Hamdan filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, arguing that the military commission convened to try him was illegal and lacked the protections required under the Geneva Conventions and United States Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Because the military commission does not meet the requirements of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or of the Geneva Convention, it violates the laws of war and therefore cannot be used to try Hamdan.
Tennessee Code authorized the state Commission of Indian Affairs from 1983 to 2000 and from 2003 to 2010 to " establish appropriate procedures to provide for legal recognition by the state of presently unrecognized tribes, nations, groups, communities or individuals, and to provide for official state recognition by the commission of such.
On November 8, 2004 the United States District Court for the District of Columbia halted Hamdan's military commission because no " competent tribunal " had determined whether Mr Hamdan was a POW ( as required by the Geneva Conventions ), and because regardless of such determination, the commission violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice ( UCMJ ).

commission and Ordinances
A parliamentary commission of inquiry for women has criticized the Hudood Ordinances and recommended their repeal.
This commission found that the main victims of the Hudood Ordinances are poor women who are unable to defend themselves against slanderous charges.

commission and for
England contributed a young subaltern named Newton and the naval architect Samuel Bentham, brother to the economist, who for his colonel's commission was proving a godsend to the Russian fleet.
The Armed Forces Epidemiological Board agreed to submit each month a report for one of its 12 commissions, so that each commission will report once a year on some phase of its work calculated to be of particular interest and value to medical officers of the Armed Forces.
Fishing interest calls for a check of the species found, quantity and size, the season they are available, and the stocking program of the fish commission.
The state's railroad system counted miles of broken bridges and missing rights-of-way: it would obviously remain out of commission for weeks.
He said that the group has no candidates for the charter commission in mind at present, but that it will undoubtedly endorse candidates when the time comes.
He said he would not be surprised if some of the more than 30 members of the group are interested in running on the required non-partisan ballot for posts on the charter commission.
The commission also approved a novel plan that would eliminate traffic hazards for pedestrians in the project.
The commission, meeting for the first time with both of its newly-appointed commissioners, Roy Webster, of Hood River, and Dr. Ennis Keizer, of North Bend, approved a year's contract for a consultant in the data processing department who has been the center of considerable controversy in the past.
she was already considering putting in rebellious requests for duty at San Diego, Bremerton, the Great Lakes, Pensacola -- any place the Navy had a hospital -- with a threat to resign her commission if the request were not granted.
He did it because he knows for each guy he puts out of commission that's one less who might take his job away later on.
He resigned his commission in 1834 to return to Kentucky to care for his dying wife, who succumbed two years later to tuberculosis.
Commercial telescopes are available new and used, but in some places it is also common for amateur astronomers to build ( or commission the building of ) their own custom telescope.
In law, it is generally meant to state specifically and in detail what one did and for what reason, often in relation to commission of a crime.
Furthermore, the primary testimony to the commission that connected baseball to Doubleday was that of Abner Graves, whose credibility is questionable ; a few years later, he shot his wife to death and was committed to an institution for the criminally insane for the rest of his life.
Alaric displayed similar wisdom in political affairs by appointing a commission to prepare an abstract of the Roman laws and imperial decrees, which would form the authoritative code for his Roman subjects.
Algardi's first major commission came about in 1634, when Cardinal Ubaldini ( Medici ) contracted for a funeral monument for his great-uncle, Pope Leo XI, the third of the Medici popes, who had reigned for less than a month in 1605.
In 1905, after Henry Chadwick wrote an article saying that baseball grew from the British sports of cricket and rounders, Spalding called for a commission to find out the real source of baseball.
The commission called for citizens who knew anything about the founding of baseball to send in letters.
His important public commissions include a 1912 commission for a monument to Cézanne, as well as numerous war memorials commissioned after World War I.
It was toward the end of this extended period of study that Gassmann was called away on a new opera commission and a gap in the theater's program allowed for Salieri to make his debut as a composer of a completely original opera buffa.
However, in 1778 Gluck turned down an offer to compose the inaugural opera for La Scala in Milan ; upon the suggestion of Joseph II and with the approval of Gluck, Salieri was offered the commission, which he gratefully accepted.

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