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committee's and questioning
The committee's questioning of their next witness, EC publisher William Gaines, focused on violent scenes of the type Wertham had decried.

committee's and their
Though the committee's final report did not blame comics for crime, it recommended that the comics industry tone down its content voluntarily ; possibly taking this as a veiled threat of potential censorship, publishers developed the Comics Code Authority to censor their own content.
The committee's first guidelines recommended that animals require the freedoms to " stand up, lie down, turn around, groom themselves and stretch their limbs ".
) Accordingly, the church body accepted the committee's compilation on August 17, 1835 as " the doctrine and covenants of their faith, by a unanimous vote.
The Chairman and Ranking Member of full committees are permitted to serve as ex-officios on any of their committee's subcommittees.
However, unlike their republican counterparts, democratic chairmen and ranking members are not limited to six-year terms nor are chairmen of full committees prohibited from serving as chairmen of their own committee's subcommittees.
In a resolution passed on 14 February 2007 MEPs approved by a large majority ( 382 voting in favour, 256 against and 74 abstaining ) their committee's final report, which criticized the rendition program and concluded that many European countries tolerated illegal CIA activities including secret flights over their territories.
One of the committee's main jobs was handling issues of discipline, but committee members were not barred from involvement in decisions involving their own clubs.
The committee's questions accused him of improper and frequent communications with the Confederates, of not re-enforcing Baker, of using his men to protect slaveholder property in Maryland, and of returning runaway slaves to their owners — despite the last two of these Maryland as well as Federal law.
For all other stages of markups, committees may set their own quorum requirements, so long as that quorum is at least one-third of the committee's membership.
Many of the committee's hearings were televised live on national television to large audiences, providing many Americans with their first glimpse of organized crime's influence in the U. S. Among the more notorious figures who appeared before the committee were Tony " Joe Batters " Accardo, Louis " Little New York " Campagna, Mickey Cohen, Frank Costello, Jake " Greasy Thumb " Guzik, Meyer Lansky, and Paul " The Waiter " Ricca.
He became the committee's chairman in 1995 after the Republicans under Newt Gingrich of Georgia gained their first majority in the House in forty years.
The committee's subsequent report recommended that the identity of rape complainants should be kept secret, and that the defence should be limited in its ability to cross-examine the complainant about their sexual history in an effort to attack their character.
The history of the Ligue de Football Professionnel dates back before World War II when the committee's primary motive was to ensure clubs in France pay players their wages.
The committee's sittings, which included hearings of witnesses, were televised live and became some of the most publicized and discussed events in Poland at their time.
As a result of the committee's work, trees were cut down and new ones planted in their place.

committee's and next
However, the bill was repealed two years later during the next session after it was discovered that Governor James E. Ferguson had falsely reported the site committee's choice of location.
The committee's recommendations proved to be next to impossible to implement in the face of defence cuts that were imposed in 1920 and 1922.
When party control of a legislative chamber changes, a committee's ranking minority member is likely, though not assured, to become the next chairman of the committee, and vice versa.
At 5 am the House was in committee, but Holder was present, having been called to the chamber to receive the committee's report, and was seated on the front bench, next to the Minister for Home Affairs, George Fuller.

committee's and William
By November the Deputy General Minister and President, William Howland, suggested that the committee's staff consultant and chairperson agree on a specific proposal and bring it back to the committee: that meant Robert L. Friedly of the Office of Interpretation and Ronald E. Osborn.
Among the committee's targets were the American Civil Liberties Union and Communist Party presidential candidate William Z.
William Randolph Hearst, a prominent and wealthy media magnate, began using his newspapers to deride the committee's " reckless attacks on freedom ".
In 1986, while serving on the Judiciary Committee, Laxalt played a key behind-the-scenes role in securing the committee's approval of President Reagan's nomination of William Rehnquist to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
The report was " a powerful propaganda weapon " ( p. 381 ), but the committee's power had waned by the time the final testimony was taken of William T. Sherman on May 22, 1865.

committee's and focused
Sheltrown has focused the committee's attention on economic development by increasing funding for promotion of Michigan's tourism industry through the award winning Pure Michigan campaign and by supporting broader recreational opportunity and access.

committee's and on
The AID committee's chairman in charge of the redecoration, Mrs. Henry Francis Lenygon, was in town yesterday to consult with White House staff members on the project.
The committee's final report, on December 30, 1907, stated, in part, that " the first scheme for playing baseball, according to the best evidence obtainable to date, was devised by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown, New York, in 1839.
* Stephen King's novel Carrie includes many excerpts from a fictional committee's findings on the events in the novel, as well as excerpts from a book on the events in the novel titled The Shadow Exploded.
In 1669 Pepys had to prepare detailed answers to the committee's eight ' Observations ' on the Navy Board's conduct, and in 1670 he was forced to defend his own role.
The committee's report stated that the clause defining the northern boundary depended on " a fact not yet ascertained " ( the location of the southern extreme of Lake Michigan ), and the members " thought it unnecessary to take it provision, at the time, into consideration.
The committee's 447 page report, made public on November 29, 1977, reported on plans by the National Intelligence Service ( South Korea ) ( KCIA ) to manipulate American institutions to the advantage of South Korean government policies, overtly and covertly.
Eighty-one pages ( pages 311 to 392 ) of the report presented the committee's findings on Sun Myung Moon, the Unification Church, and what the committee termed " the Moon Organization.
Their reports and the committee's written views and concerns are available on the committee's website.
If the need arises, the members of either house can force a committee to take action on a bill, or they can ignore the committee's recommendations.
This was revealed by a declassified interview with then-US National Security Council minutekeeper Robert Johnson released in August 2000 from Senate intelligence committee's inquiry on covert action.
Barton had at first specified " on the Summit of it a Palm Tree, proper ", with the explanation that " The Palm Tree, when burnt down to the very Root, naturally rises fairer than ever ", but later crossed it out and replaced it with the Eye of Providence, taken from the first committee's design.
Countering Terrorist Finance: The Central Bank of Sudan and its financial intelligence unit circulated to financial institutions a list of individuals and entities that have been included on the UN 1267 al-Qa ’ ida and Taliban sanctions committee's Consolidated List.
Johnson chaired a House committee to report on the subject, and delivered the committee's report on January 17, 1832.
" The committee's recommendation for establishing a permanent independent research laboratory on the East Coast to " prosecute oceanography in all its branches " led to the founding in 1930 of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Each council member is appointed by the Mayor to one of six standing committee's during the Annual Reorganization Meeting held on January 1 of each year.
On the basis of his studies of international heads of state, Duffy was one of six people ( including Sir Ellis Clarke, the former Governor-General and President of Trinidad and Tobago ) commissioned in 1993 by Australia's Republic Advisory Committee to prepare reports on international republican experiences — to appear as an appendix to the committee's main report.
Lott's strong showing in the polls landed him on the powerful House Judiciary Committee as a freshman, where he voted against all three articles of impeachment drawn up against Nixon during the committee's debate.
The main document, dated November 18, 1952, was supposedly prepared by Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first CIA director, to brief incoming president Dwight Eisenhower on the committee's progress.
The committee's first meeting took place on 7 October, and on 11 October they delegated the arrangements for the individual branches of sports to the relevant governing bodies in Sweden.

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