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committee and secretary
Volten noted, " the relationship between the general secretary and the central committee remained mutually vulnerable and mutually dependent.
The secretary of their planning committee circulated copies of their meeting minutes to movement leaders in cities throughout the country.
Following the 2008-2011 elections of ULI's direction committee, Gonçalo Neves replaced Carnaghan as secretary of linguistic issues in February 2008.
A new linguistic committee was formed in 2010 .< ref > In April 2010, Tiberio Madonna was appointed as secretary of linguistic issues, succeeding Neves.
Andrei P. Kirilenko, a Politburo member and Central Committee secretary under Brezhnev, was first secretary of the regional committee of Dnipropetrovsk.
The Graces managed to survive " a protracted and stormy meeting " with E. M. retaining his key post as club secretary, although he was forced to liaise in future with a new finance committee and abide by stricter rules.
He then travelled to Berlin where at the SDKPiL conference Dzerzhinsky was elected a secretary of its party committee abroad ( KZ ) and met with several prominent leaders of the Polish Social Democratic movement Rosa Luxemburg and Leo Jogiches.
A report by John Dower, secretary of the Standing Committee on National Parks, to the Minister of Town and Country Planning in 1945 was followed in 1947 by a Government committee, this time chaired by Sir Arthur Hobhouse, which prepared legislation for national parks, and proposed 12 national parks.
Charles Alcock of the Wanderers was elected to the committee of the FA in 1866, becoming its first full-time secretary and treasurer in 1870.
Major decisions during this period were made by the Communist head in Shanghai, Chen Duxiu, the Party's general secretary, with a special committee of eight party officials coordinating Communist actions.
Meanwhile he had been appointed secretary to the relief committee ( comité des subsistances ) of the Paris Commune.
Most of the British members of the committee were drawn from the Universal League for the Material Elevation of the Industrious Classes and were noted trade-union leaders like Odger, George Howell ( former secretary of the London Trades Council ( LTC ) which itself declined affiliation to the IWA ( although remaining close to it )), Osborne, and Lucraft and included Owenites and Chartists.
Hart-Davis was also secretary of The Literary Society and a member of A. P. Herbert's committee on censorship.
* Minutes, a record of the discussion and decisions of the meeting, are often taken by a person designated as the secretary of the committee ; they may be legally obligatory ( again, typically for governance committees, especially boards of directors ).
Outside of Parliament Rockingham and his secretary and member of Parliament, Edmund Burke, organized London merchants who in turn started a committee of correspondence itself to support repeal of the Stamp Act by urging merchants throughout the country to contact their local representatives in Parliament concerning repeal.
* Pyotr Masherov, secretary of Belarusian committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Union
Ståhlberg served as secretary of the Diet of Finland's finance committee in 1891 before being appointed as an assistant professor of Administrative Law and Economics at the University of Helsinki in 1894.
In 1945, Katayama became secretary general and committee chairman of the party.
These proposals were taken up by Gustave Moynier, a Swiss lawyer, of great energy, who formed a five man committee with himself as chairman and Dunant as secretary.
In 1848 he was elected a member of the revolutionary Frankfurt parliament, and acted as secretary to the committee for drawing up a proposed constitution.
Charles D. Walcott – secretary of the Smithsonian Institution from 1907 to 1927 – took up the effort, and in January 1915, Senator Benjamin R. Tillman, and House Representative Ernest W. Roberts, introduced identical resolutions recommending the creation of an advisory committee as outlined by Walcott.
Named as secretary of the Labour Party's crisis committee during the Nazi invasion of Norway, he was arrested by the Germans in 1942, was a Nacht und Nebel prisoner of various German concentration camps from 1943 to 1945 but survived.
In 1984, he was named deputy secretary of the committee, and in November 1986, the secretary of the committee.

committee and is
How much they esteemed him is shown by the fact that their underground committee selected him as one of the few who would be helped to escape.
What I want is to have this evidence come before Congress and if the Attorney General does not report it, as I am very sure he won't, as he has refused to do anything of the kind, I then wish that a committee of seven Representatives be appointed with power to take the evidence.
This, it is urged, would relieve the national committee from the necessity of appealing to the trust magnates.
The alternative to this is that if a conservative candidate is nominated the national committee will have to appeal to the trusts for their campaign funds, and in doing this will incur obligations which would make a Democratic victory absolutely fruitless.
The progress reported by the advisory committee is real.
The New Testament offered to the public today is the first result of the work of a joint committee made up of representatives of the Church of England, Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, Congregational Union, Baptist Union, Presbyterian Church of England, Churches in Wales, Churches in Ireland, Society of Friends, British and Foreign Bible Society and National Society of Scotland.
The Carleton Social Co-operative is a standing committee of the Carleton Student Association.
`` My personal view is that not one patented invention in ten is worth making '', he later told a Congressional committee.
A House committee which heard his local option proposal is expected to give it a favorable report, although the resolution faces hard sledding later.
The monthly cost of ADC to more than 100,000 recipients in the county is 4.4 million dollars, said C. Virgil Martin, president of Carson Pirie Scott & Co., committee chairman.
A special presentation was made to Mrs. Geraldine Thompson of Red Bank, who is stepping down after 35 years on the committee.
Mining is secretary-treasurer of the local and Shiflett is a member of its executive committee.
Louis Glazer is chairman of the men's committee that, among other jobs, takes over part of the responsibility for staffing the shop during its evening hours.
Mrs. Theodore Kapnek is vice chairman of the committee for the gala.
Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle is chairman of the committee, which includes Mrs. James A. Moody, Mrs. Frank C. Wilkinson, Mrs. Ethel Coles, Mrs. Harold G. Lacy, Mrs. Albert W. Terry, Mrs. Henry M. Chance, 2d, Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle, Jr., Mrs. Harcourt N. Trimble, Jr., Mrs. John A. Moller, Mrs. Robert Zeising, Mrs. William G. Kilhour, Mrs. Hughes Cauffman, Mrs. John L. Baringer and Mrs. Clyde Newman.
Covered entity can refer to an employment agency, labor organization, or joint labor-management committee, and is generally an employer engaged in interstate commerce and having 15 or more workers.
In BrE, collective nouns can take either singular ( formal agreement ) or plural ( notional agreement ) verb forms, according to whether the emphasis is on the body as a whole or on the individual members respectively ; compare a committee was appointed with the committee were unable to agree.
Since the English Reformation, the Church of England has been more explicitly a state church and the choice is legally that of the British crown ; today it is made in the name of the Sovereign by the Prime Minister, from a shortlist of two selected by an ad hoc committee called the Crown Nominations Commission.
Today the choice is made in the name of the monarch by the prime minister, from a shortlist of two selected by an ad-hoc committee called the Crown Nominations Commission.
An International Council ( IC ) was set up to discuss and decide major issues regarding the WSF, while the local organizing committee in the host city is responsible for the practical preparations of the event.

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