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complaint and on
In the eyes of those who still cared for such things, it was a reflection on his honor, and it gave further grounds for complaint to his overtaxed subjects, who were already grumbling -- although probably not in Latin -- `` Non est lex sana Quod regi sit mea lana ''.
By Nov. 8, 1958, weakness, specifically involving the pelvic and thigh musculature, was pronounced, and a common complaint was `` difficulty in stepping up on to curbs ''.
In the Georgacarakos v. Watts case Peter N. Georgacarakos filed a pro se civil-rights complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado against 19 prison officials for " interference with the free exercise of his Ásatrú religion " and " discrimination on the basis of his being Ásatrú ".
Grey's lawyers issued their divorce complaint on 10 January 1927.
Cameroon also faces a complaint filed with the African Commission on Human Rights by the Southern Cameroons National Council ( SCNC ) and the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation ( SCAPO ) against the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, in which the complainants allege that the Republic of Cameroon is illegally occupying the territory of Southern Cameroons.
# the complaint must be served on the government but must not be served on the defendant ;
# the complaint must be buttressed by a comprehensive memorandum, not filed in court, but served on the government detailing the factual underpinnings of the complaint.
Following an official complaint from Greece on 24 December seeking clarification over comments by former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz relating to forest fires in Greece in the mid-1990s, the Greek and Turkish foreign ministers, Stavros Dimas and Ahmet Davutoglu, spoke on Wednesday 28 December.
I was also afraid that if my complaint was overruled I would be penalized on the clock when we were in time pressure.
“ When the defense of laches is clear on the face of the complaint, and where it is clear that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts to avoid the insuperable bar, a court may consider the defense on a motion to dismiss .” Solow v. Nine West Group, 2001 WL 736794, * 3 ( S. D. N. Y.
" One of these commercials, featuring Mr. T crashing through a wall on the back of a technical vehicle before firing Snickers bars at a speed walker wearing tight-fitting yellow shorts, was pulled by Mars following a complaint by the U. S .- based group Human Rights Campaign, despite the fact that the advert had never been shown outside the U. K.
However, in November, the state's constitutional court dismissed the complaint against Porsch on technical grounds.
A demurrer is a pleading ( usually filed by a defendant ) which objects to the legal sufficiency of the opponent's pleading ( usually a complaint ) and demands that the court rule immediately about whether the pleading is legally adequate before the party must plead on the merits in response.
Failure to provide such detail could lead to dismissal of the case if the defendant successfully demurred to the complaint on the basis that it merely stated " legal conclusions " or " evidentiary facts.
From now on, a case required only a complaint and an answer, with an optional cross-complaint and cross-answer, and with the demurrer kept as the standard attack on improper pleadings.
This meant that to determine what the parties were currently fighting about, a stranger to a case would no longer have to read the entire case file from scratch, but could ( in theory ) look only at the most recent version of the complaint filed by the plaintiff, the defendant's most recent answer to that complaint, and any court orders on demurrers to either pleading.
A complaint of 1492, brought to the Star Chamber, accuses men of acting riotously by coming to a fair as Robin Hood and his men ; the accused defended themselves on the grounds that the practice was a long-standing custom to raise money for churches, and they had not acted riotously but peaceably.
Although a Rotal decision can be appealed, if not res judicata, to a different panel ( turnus ) of the Rota, there is no right of appeal from a decision of the Signatura, although a complaint of nullity on formal grounds is possible.

complaint and which
But there was no complaint from the Dominican crowds which lined Ciudad Trujillo's waterfront shouting, `` Vive Yankees ''!!
This was demonstrated by the 1987 judgment in the Weaver v NATFHE case in the UK, in which a black Muslim woman brought a complaint of workplace racist harassment against a co-trade unionist.
The court found that the union, had it offered assistance to the plaintiff, would be in violation of its duty to protect the tenure of the accused member, and this judgment remains the precedent for cases in which union members who make complaints to the employer of racist or sexist harassment against member ( s ) of the same union cannot obtain union advice or assistance ; this applies irrespective of the merit of the complaint.
In its judgment, the U. S. Supreme Court held that it lacked jurisdiction with respect to Germany's complaint against Arizona due to the eleventh amendment of the U. S. constitution, which prohibits federal courts from hearing lawsuits of foreign states against a U. S. state.
The armed forces ' reprisals led to a full-blown rebellion in which the absence of opportunities for Tuareg in the army was a major complaint.
According to Nithard's version, both kings first made the same preamble speech, which was a detailed complaint against Lothair.
In the United States, a complaint is the first pleading filed by a plaintiff which initiates a lawsuit.
In some situations, a complaint is called a petition, in which case the party filing it is called the petitioner and the other party is the respondent.
When used in civil proceedings in England and Wales, the term " complaint " refers to the mechanism by which civil proceedings are instituted in the magistrates ' court and may be either written or oral.
An answer is a pleading filed by a defendant which admits or denies the specific allegations set forth in a complaint and constitutes a general appearance by a defendant.
A case would begin with a complaint in which the plaintiff alleged the facts entitling him to relief, then the defendant would file any one of a variety of pleas in opposition, followed by a replication from the plaintiff, a rejoinder from the defendant, a surrejoinder from the plaintiff, a rebutter from the defendant, and a surrebutter from the plaintiff.
Illinois, for example, requires that a complaint " must assert a legally recognized cause of action and it must plead facts which bring the particular case within that cause of action.
In reviewing an incident so important in the history of the Transvaal as the appointment of the Potchefstroom assembly it is of interest to note the gist of the complaint among the Boers which led to this revolution in the government of the country as it had previously existed.
The information was provided by the Nicaraguan Pro Human Rights Association, which had received its first complaint in June 1990.
Another way of highlighting the complaint is to say that in utilitarianism “ there is no such thing as morally permissible self-sacrifice that goes above and beyond the call of duty .” Mill was quite clear about this, “ A sacrifice which does not increase, or tend to increase, the sum total of happiness, it considers as wasted .”
In 2010, the Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman channeled a complaint by a collection of NGOs filed against the IFC for its equity and loan investments in an aluminum smelting operation in Mozambique which the NGOs allege could expose local inhabitants to harmful emissions.
assisted the government in obtaining a $ 155 Million settlement from Medco Health Solutions related to a qui tam complaint which alleged that Medco, " systematically and intentionally switched patients ' prescriptions in an effort to increase the market share for certain pharmaceutical manufacturers, and thereby increased hidden rebate payments it received from pharmaceutical manufacturers.
At the beginning of 1282 the Bishop sent their complaint to the Papal Legate Philip of Ferno, which was to address the settlement of the dispute.
Still unfinished, the vehicle was entered in an SPL competition in 1997 at which a complaint was lodged against the computer control of the DC motor.
Another common complaint is insomnia, a set of symptoms which can have a great many different causes, physical and mental.
He joined in time to record the third album of which the title track ( Doris Day ) was a complaint against TV boredom.
When drafting his complaint, a plaintiff may be able to avoid dismissal on ripeness grounds by requesting alternative relief in the form of a declaratory judgment, which in many states and jurisdictions allows a court to declare the rights of parties under the facts as proven without actually ordering that anything be done.

complaint and warrant
The channel relaunched on Sky Digital broadcasting from Eutelsat 28A on November 14, 2005, after some time awaiting an EPG number from Sky-a period of time which was deemed excessive enough to warrant a complaint to OFCOM by the channel.
t shall be unlawful for any person or persons, other than Indians, to settle or reside upon any lands belonging to or occupied by any nation or tribe of Indians within this state ; and that all leases, contracts and agreements made by any Indians, whereby any person or persons, other than Indians, shall be permitted to reside upon such lands, shall be absolutely void ; and if any person or persons shall settle or reside on any such lands, contrary to this act, it shall be the duty of any judge of any court of Common Pleas of the county within which such lands shall be situated, on complaint made to him, and on due proof of the fact of such settlement or residence, to issue his warrant, under his hand and seal, directed to the sheriff of such county, commanding him, within ten days after the receipt thereof, to remove such person or persons so settling or residing, with his, her or their families, from such lands.
Pollok swore out a warrant against Welsh who was arrested upon complaint that he had bitten his former manager's ear in half.
Morrison was served with a warrant for his arrest based on a complaint from Leach under an obscene-literature ordinance recently rushed through the Minneapolis City Council.
The Snyders ' complaint alleges, among other things, that the Greenberg attorneys made false statements to the court when applying for a search warrant and that one ( Wadyka ) impersonated a federal officer by flashing a badge and stating that he was with the office of the U. S. Attorney.
Enraged at this defeat, Gilpin's enemies laid their complaint before Edmund Bonner, bishop of London, who secured a royal warrant for his apprehension.

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