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complexities and politics
Due to his two periods of exile in 1904 – 1909, to escape the British invasion of 1904, and from 1910 – 1912 to escape a Chinese invasion, he became well aware of the complexities of international politics and was the first Dalai Lama to become aware of the importance of foreign relations.
In 1971 President Allende appointed him ambassador to the United States because he had some unique leadership qualities rare among Latin American socialists of the time: chiefly among them a sophisticated grasp of the complexities of US politics and an in-depth knowledge of the copper industry.
Despite the complexities, contemporary political science has progressed by adopting a variety of methods and theoretical approaches to understanding politics and methodological pluralism is a defining feature of contemporary political science.
Wilson managed to maneuver through the complexities of local politics.
However, it was George who understood the complexities of English politics and constitutional law, which required further acts in 1705 to naturalise Sophia and her heirs as English subjects, and to detail arrangements for the transfer of power through a Regency Council.
However, the counter-argument, that this is an over-simplification which fails to capture the complexities of Quebec politics, society and its economy, has consistently prevailed in public and academic discourse for some time.
' But the complexities of politics ( politics here meaning the science of governing ) do not change much.
Stanley, much more familiar with the rigours of the African climate and the complexities of local politics than Leopold, persuaded his patron that the first step should be the construction of a wagon trail and a series of forts.
Due to his two periods of exile in 1904 – 1909, to escape the British invasion of 1904, and from 1910 – 1913 to escape a Chinese invasion, he became well aware of the complexities of international politics and was the first Dalai Lama to become aware of the importance of foreign relations.

complexities and him
According to him, while the first two visions ( the alter-globalism and the anti-globalism ) represent the reconstructed forms of old and new left ideologies, respectively, in the context of current globalization, only the third one has shown the capacity to respond more effectively to the intellectual requirements of today ’ s global complexities.
" Shaun O ' Connell in the New Boston Review notes that " those who see Seamus Heaney as a symbol of hope in a troubled land are not, of course, wrong to do so, though they may be missing much of the undercutting complexities of his poetry, the backwash of ironies which make him as bleak as he is bright.
Jorge Luis Borges wrote about him, " Despite the scruples and delicate complexities of James his work suffers from a major defect: the absence of life.
In an aside that illustrates the complexities of Southern political allegiances during the relevant period, Portis's narrator Mattie Ross says: " brought a good deal of misery to the land in the Panic of ’ 93 but I am not ashamed to own that my family supported him and has stayed with the Democrats right on through, up to and including Governor Alfred Smith, and not only because of Joe Robinson.
In one of the few negative reviews, Los Angeles Times writer Kenneth Turan wrote a critique of both the film and Jarecki stating, " Jarecki's pose of impartiality gets especially troublesome for audiences when it enables him to evade responsibility for dealing with the complexities of his material.
According to him, " this new concept of justice has emerged from many activists ’ experiences of and reflections on the complexities of globalization ".
When Zodak featured in the 2002 relaunch of the Masters of the Universe franchise, it was inevitable that complexities would arise in updating him for a modern audience.
The critic Raymond Foye wrote about him, " Adapting the harmonic complexities and spontaneous invention of bebop to poetic euphony and meter, he became the quintessential jazz poet.

complexities and story
John Clute, noting Tiptree's " inconsolable complexities of vision ", concluded that " It is very rarely that a James Tiptree story does not both deal directly with death and end with a death of the spirit, or of all hope, or of the race ".
She writes that Night has a useful lesson to teach about the complexities of memoir and memory, and that the story of how it came to be written reveals how many factors come into play in creating a memoir: " the obligation to remember and to testify, certainly, but also the artistic and even moral obligation to construct a true persona and to craft a beautiful work ... truth in prose, it turns out, is not always the same thing as truth in life.
However, this story illustrates the problems and complexities of oral tradition, especially when approached without expert knowledge.
Other story lines focused on actual war events, such as the development of bombing through cloud cover by using radar, and the complexities of operating a large fleet of ( often malfunctioning ) B-17 bombers.

complexities and revolution
Modern cost accounting originated during the industrial revolution, when the complexities of running a large scale business led to the development of systems for recording and tracking costs to help business owners and managers make decisions.

complexities and is
When thinking about orbitals, we are often given an orbital vision which ( even if it is not spelled out ) is heavily influenced by this Hartree – Fock approximation, which is one way to reduce the complexities of molecular orbital theory.
Due to these complexities, there is no " standard " method.
Despite these complexities, the Department pursues a commitment to financial integrity, transparency, and accountability that is the equal of any large multi-national corporation.
Even though it is apparently simple, the paradox's underlying complexities have even led to it being called a " significant problem " for philosophy.
It is a document of remarkable significance for understanding the complexities of the role of early monastics, both in society and in the church ; it is also remarkable for presenting a model of ascetic authority which runs strongly against Athanasius's Life of Antony.
An example of the complexities of the effects of social capital is violent or criminal gang activity that is encouraged through the strengthening of intra-group relationships ( bonding social capital ).
Depending on how much functionality is required, it introduces more or less of the complexities of managing multiple tasks running conceptually in parallel.
Because of these complexities, it is common for organizations to use a real-time operating system ( RTOS ), allowing the application programmers to concentrate on device functionality rather than operating system services, at least for large systems ; smaller systems often cannot afford the overhead associated with a generic real time system, due to limitations regarding memory size, performance, or battery life.
Many supporters of supernatural explanations believe that past, present, and future complexities and mysteries of the universe cannot be explained solely by naturalistic means and argue that it is reasonable to assume that a non-natural entity or entities resolve the unexplained.
In the standard Pinyin system of romanization for Mandarin Chinese, capitalization is used to mark proper names, with some complexities because of different Chinese classifications of nominal types, and even different notions of such broad categories as word and phrase.
Single context recording was developed in the 1970s by the museum of London ( as well as earlier in Winchester and York ) and has become the de facto recording system in many parts of the world and is especially suited to the complexities of deep urban archaeology and the process of Stratification.
This is due to the complexities in movement associated with the knee.
In its desire to paper over the complexities and contradictions of real life, kitsch, Kundera suggested, is intimately linked with totalitarianism.
Lund said: Conversely, the majority opinion was criticized by Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz, who wrote: Some critics of the decision argue that the majority seemed to seek refuge from their own logic in the following sentence in the majority opinion: " Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances, for the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities.
Human complexities, like reason and cognition, can produce well-being or happiness, but such form is limited and transitory.
* Although these complexities make the systems of levies are far from perfect they do have some advantages related to fairness in that since there is compensation for private copying whereas in countries where there is no levies, there is a substantial amount of copying taking place without any due compensation being made.

complexities and told
At the 2006 PBL AGM, Kerry's son James told of the true complexities of the deal.

complexities and measures
Hierarchies of generalized Kolmogorov complexities and nonenumerable universal measures computable in the limit.

complexities and with
But his concentration on personalities and his categorical assessment of their actions fail to convey the political complexities of a long generation harassed by world-wide war and confronted with the problem of adjustment to an unprecedented industrial and social transformation.
The bill, however, was riddled with complexities and had to be withdrawn.
Real systems, with all these complexities, form food webs rather than food chains.
Unwilling to wrestle with the complexities of dividing up the going concern, the owners issued a press release on January 25, 2001 announcing the immediate closure of the business.
To avoid these complexities, consider replacing latitude and longitude with another horizontal position representation in calculation.
He realised he was out of contact with the enormous complexities of religious and cultural life in India, and believed he understood India by getting to know and leading Indians in South Africa.
The Cipher Bureau breaks the German Enigma cipher and overcomes the ever-growing structural and operating complexities of the evolving Enigma machine | Enigma with plugboard, the main German cipher device during World War II.
Loosely-coupled architectural implementations ( e. g.: SOA ) have created additional complexities with performance testing.
Soil building and pest population management benefits can be further utilized with different complexities of crop rotation.
The framework intends to alleviate the complexities associated with product introduction and qualification.
However, in what was thought to be a relatively clear case, inherent complexities have been reported in deciphering the connections between interacting genes in an environmental context and a social phenotype involving multiple behavioral and sensory interactions with another organism.
Transhumeral amputees experience some of the same problems as transfemoral amputees, due to the similar complexities associated with the movement of the elbow.
If there were sharp contradictions in Cuban society under the Autenticos, the circumstances differed only in degree from the complexities and dynamics encountered in free societies everywhere ( how often did Cubans compare Havana with Chicago?
In the second half of the 18th century, tastes began to change: many composers preferred a new Galant style, with " thinner texture, ... and clearly defined melody and bass " to the complexities of counterpoint.
Chandler writes – " The pure military artistry with which he repeatedly deceived Villars during the first part of the campaign has few equals in the annals of military history ... the subsequent siege of Bouchain with all its technical complexities, was an equally fine demonstration of martial superiority.
Following a statement from Dr Hart-Davis, in which he mentions the level of complexities within the UK tax system, his contract with HM Revenue & Customs has ended .< ref name =" Reference to his being ' fired ' bottom of page ">
This incident, with its high death toll, highlighted dramatically the complexities in dealing with Iraq in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War.

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