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computer and game
The researchers invited 45 volunteers to play a computer game and also to watch the computer play the game.
* Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, an adventure computer game
* Antwerp ( Quest For Glory ), a monster in the Quest for Glory computer role-playing game series
* A Protoss tribe in the computer game StarCraft
The Academy of Interactive Entertainment ( AIE ) offers courses in computer game development and 3D animation.
It was initially intended to be a next generation video game machine, but was redesigned as a general purpose computer after the North American video game crash of 1983.
* Ark, in the computer game Doom
* Will Wright's computer game SimCity 2000 allows the construction of four different types of arcologies.
* In the computer game Afterlife, the player controlling Heaven and Hell can eventually purchase Love Domes or Omnibulges.
* In the computer game Civilization: Call to Power, the " Arcology Advance ," found in a near future part of the technology list, grants access to the Arcology building, which reduces overcrowding effects in its host city.
* In the computer game Escape Velocity: Nova, many planets that are part of the Auroran Empire have multiple arcologies on them.
* The tutorial in the computer game Dystopia takes place in Yggdrasil's first arcology.
* The wholly self-sustained utopian society ' Rapture ' in the computer and Xbox 360 game BioShock is an underwater example of an arcology.
* The Outpost computer game and its sequel both focus on building arcologies ( called ' colonies ' in the game ) on various planets to contain what remains of Humanity after Earth is obliterated by an asteroid.
A conversion of the popular computer game was released by GCC in 2004.
In some versions, the two player game can also be played by one player against a computer opponent.
This rivalry inspired the spin-off computer game Beanotown Racing, in which various characters from both comics could be raced around points in Beanotown, including the Embassy.
Enthusiasts build their systems in order to produce a computer that will out-perform an opponent's computer, thereby " winning " in a contest ; to simply enjoy the best images and effects a new PC game has to offer ; or even simply to obtain the best possible performance at a variety of tasks.
Sandy Petersen, now best known for his work on the Doom computer game, contacted them regarding writing a supplement for their popular fantasy game RuneQuest set in Lovecraft's Dreamlands.

computer and Command
Trackballs have appeared in computer and video games, particularly early arcade games ( see a List of trackball arcade games ) notably Atari's Centipede and Missile Command – though Atari spells it " trak-ball ".
" In the " The Apple " Spock points out that Starfleet Command may not agree with his choice to interfere with the computer controlled culture to which Kirk replies " I'll take my chances.
HP's own LaserJet was driven by a simple page description language running on the host computer, known as Printer Command Language, or PCL.
In 1974, David Bell and Leonard LaPadula of MITRE, working under the close technical guidance and economic sponsorship of Maj. Roger Schell, Ph. D., of the U. S. Army Electronic Systems Command ( Ft. Hanscom, MA ), devised what is known as the Bell-LaPadula model, in which a more or less trustworthy computer system is modeled in terms of objects ( passive repositories or destinations for data, such as files, disks, printers ) and subjects ( active entities — perhaps users, or system processes or threads operating on behalf of those users — that cause information to flow among objects ).
* Laibachs version of the Juno Reactor song " God is God " ( which was inspired by Laibach " Life is Life ") from album Jesus Christ Superstars appears on the soundtrack for the computer game Command & Conquer-Alarmstufe Rot and on the album " The Blair Witch Project: Josh's Blair Witch Mix ".
Later in the 1960s, Sylvania's Electronic Systems Division in Needham, MA developed and manufactured several instruments for the Apollo Lunar Lander and Command Module using electroluminescent display panels manufactured by the Electronic Tube Division of Sylvania at Emporium, PA. Raytheon, Sudbury, MA, manufactured the Apollo guidance computer, which used a Sylvania electroluminescent display panel as part of its display-keyboard interface ( DSKY ).
According to the computer profile, Archer was an Admiral and Chief of Staff at Starfleet Command at the time of his retirement.
The Apollo Guidance Computer ( AGC ) was a digital computer produced for the Apollo program that was installed onboard each Apollo Command Module ( CM ) and Lunar Module ( LM ).
Command & Conquer was well received and was widely praised by critics: " Command & Conquer is one of the finest, most brilliantly-designed computer games I have ever seen " said GameSpot reviewer Chris Hudak.
Star Trek: Starfleet Command is a computer game based on the table-top wargame Star Fleet Battles.
Tiberium, known as Ichor to the Scrin, is a fictional substance that is central to the plot of much of the Command & Conquer series of real-time strategy computer games.
* Counterstrike, an expansion pack for the computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
* Chain of Command ( computer game )
An early pioneer of pixel art, her most recognizable works from her time with Apple are the Chicago typeface ( the most prominent user interface typeface seen in Classic Mac OS, as well as the typeface used in the first four generations of the Apple iPod interface ), the Geneva typeface, the original monospace Monaco typeface, Clarus the Dogcow, the Happy Mac ( the smiling computer that welcomed Mac users when starting their machines ), and the symbol on the Command key on Apple keyboards.
Several home console and computer games like Defense Command, Repton, Dropzone, and Protector II copied Defenders design, while other built upon it.
* Command key in apple computer, '⌘', colloquially known as the " cloverleaf " key
One especially remarkable case is the Avalon Hill board game ( later adapted to computer systems ) Star Command, in which characters formally called Espers are available as support troops in infantry squads, and have abilities more or less matching the parapsychological theories of what an esper would be capable of.
* Command success rate, a measure of performance in computer speech recognition programs
** Tcl ( Tool Command Language ), a computer programming language
In addition to the secondary Mid-Canada Line and the tertiary Pinetree Line lines, the DEW Line marked the edge of an electronic grid controlled by the new SAGE ( Semi Automatic Ground Environment ) computer system and was ultimately centred on the Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado command hub of the North American Aerospace Defense Command ( NORAD ).
The game was initially conceived as a real-time strategy " B-title " powered by 2D computer graphics following the popularisation of the genre through titles such as Command & Conquer.
* In the computer game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 the Allied Forces have flying infantry units called the Rocketeers.
Command history is a feature in many operating system shells, computer algebra programs, and other software that allows the user to recall, edit and rerun previous commands.

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