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connection and these
If art is to release us from these postulated things ( things we must think symbolically about ) and bring us back to the ineffable beauty and richness of the aesthetic component of reality in its immediacy, it must sever its connection with these common sense entities ''.
In this connection, it has been observed that the increasing number of Irish Catholics, priests and laity, in England, while certainly seen as good for Catholicism, is nevertheless a source of embarrassment for some of the more nationalistic English Catholics, especially when these Irishmen offer to remind their Christian brethren of this good.
In fact, during the first century B.C., an extensive literature sprang up devoted to these subjects, finding its typical expression in the so-called `` wei books '', a number of which were specifically devoted to the Lo Shu and related numerical diagrams, especially in connection with divination.
It is very likely that these incidents have some connection with the former Soviet Ground Forces ' phenomenon of dedovshchina ( institutionalised bullying ).
The fact that the name occurs on these gems in connection with representations of figures with the head of a cock, a lion, or an ass, and the tail of a serpent was formerly taken in the light of what Irenaeus says about the followers of Basilides:
Both Stephanus and Eustathius write of these Amazons in connection with the placename Thibais, which they report to have been derived from Thiba's name.
Together, these identify the virtual circuit used by the connection.
It might appear at first sight as though one connection would serve, but the differences in pressure on which these instruments depend are so minute, that the pressure of the air in the room where the recording part is placed has to be considered.
In chapter 2 these miseries are described in connection with national sins and acts of God.
Geoffroy's name is best known in connection with these tables of " affinities " ( tables des rapports ), which were first presented to the French Academy in 1718 and 1720, as shown below:
We could establish theories of possible relations between pure forms of theories, investigate these logical relations and the deductions from such general connection.
Sometimes these later choral odes seem to have only a tenuous connection with the plot, linked to the action only in their mood.
To account for the 248 fermions in the lowest multiplet of E < sub > 8 </ sub >, these would either have to include anti-particles ( and so have Baryogenesis ), have new undiscovered particles, or have gravity-like ( Spin connection ) bosons affecting elements of the particles spin direction.
The idea, sometimes regulated by law, is to use these portraits to make the public aware of the symbolic connection to the government, a practice that dates back to medieval times.
Within the native culture, however, establishing a connection between English Language Teaching ( ELT ), patriotism and Muslim faith is seen as one of the aims of ELT, as the chairman of the Punjab Textbook Board openly states: " The board ... takes care, through these books to inoculate in the students a love of the Islamic values and awareness to guard the ideological frontiers of your students home lands " ( Punjab Text Book Board 1997 ).
Note that these arguments may indeed have validity, but they require some independent justification of the connection between their terms: otherwise the argument ( as a logical tool ) remains fallacious.
None of these studies suggested any connection between percentage of calories from fat and risk of cancer, heart disease, or weight gain.
Luís de Camões ' Os Lusíadas, which portrays Lusus as the founder of Lusitania, extends these ideas, which have no connection with modern etymology.
Leeuwenhoek did not make the connection between these processes and microorganisms, but using a microscope, he did establish that there were forms of life that were not visible to the naked eye.
Except for the Superman cartoons and the features sold to MCA ( to end up with Universal ), most television prints of these films have had their titles remade to remove most traces of their connection to Paramount the original copyright lines were left intact on Popeye cartoons ( the Popeye cartoons have been restored for DVD release with the original Paramount titles ).
In his discussion of the importance of the ludi Megalenses in early Roman theater, John Arthur Hanson says that this particular festival “ provided more days for dramatic representations than any of the other regular festivals, and it is in connection with these ludi that the most definite and secure literary evidence for the site of scenic games has come down to us ”.
In the first, more philosophically oriented phase, Steiner attempted to find a synthesis between science and mysticism ; his philosophical work of these years, which he termed spiritual science, sought to provide a connection between the cognitive path of Western philosophy and the inner and spiritual needs of the human being.
Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved.

connection and two
The one apparent connection between the two is a score of buildings which somehow or other have survived and which naturally enough are called `` historical monuments ''.
would certainly deny any connection between the two things, or any connection of either with murder.
The secretary's greatest achievement is perhaps the rekindling of NATO realization that East-West friction, wherever it take place around the globe, is in essence the general conflict between two entirely different societies, and must be treated as such without regard to geographical distance or lack of apparent connection.
There was no connection between the two events, because Bobbie wasn't rich, either, though he was more aggressive than John.
Throughout his later career, he made use of his close connection to Thomson and Scott as he established businesses that supplied rails and bridges to the railroad, offering the two men a stake in his enterprises.
He used his connection to the two men to acquire contracts for his Keystone Bridge Company and the rails produced by his ironworks.
A network must establish a connection before two parties can send cells to each other.
Anemometers can be divided into two classes: those that measure the wind's speed, and those that measure the wind's pressure ; but as there is a close connection between the pressure and the speed, an anemometer designed for one will give information about both.
The Bluetooth Core Specification provides for the connection of two or more piconets to form a scatternet, in which certain devices simultaneously play the master role in one piconet and the slave role in another.
Initially, the plan was also to include a rail connection between Boston's two major train terminals.
Bacterial conjugation is the transfer of genetic material between bacterial cells by direct cell-to-cell contact or by a bridge-like connection between two cells.
If that steady-state signal was interrupted, it indicated one of two things: either the operator was about to start transmitting, or something else had happened to break the connection — such as a physical break in the telegraph line.
The two techniques can be used together with the packet filter monitoring a link until it sees an HTTP connection starting to an IP address that has content that needs filtering.
The connection between two partners has a different feel in every dance and with every partner.
He subsequently developed Clark's timid demeanor as a means of ensuring that no one would suspect any connection between the two alter-egos.
When two events are causally conjoined, a necessary connection underpins the conjunction:
# The discovery of crystals with two axes of double refraction, and many of the laws of their phenomena, including the connection between optical structure and crystalline forms ;
It considers the connection between perfect numbers and Mersenne primes, the infinitude of prime numbers, Euclid's lemma on factorization ( which leads to the fundamental theorem of arithmetic on uniqueness of prime factorizations ), and the Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers.
The two electrodes must be electrically connected to each other, allowing for a flow of electrons that leave the metal of the anode and flow through this connection to the ions at the surface of the cathode.
Thus, despite Gemma's intimate connection with a powerful American politician, who was then director of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration ( UNRRA ), it took two years to be cleared and sent to the United States.
Although his career in computing spanned more than two decades, he is mainly remembered in connection with IBM's unsuccessful attempt in 1980 to license CP / M for the IBM PC.
Browser support for the latter two is, however, nearly non-existent, so HTTP Secure is the dominant method of establishing a secure HTTP connection.
This test procedure typically involves two tests performed in connection with each other: an iodine uptake test and a scan ( imaging ) with a gamma camera.
With the exception of the possible CCA cryptographic attack described in the limitations section below, the attacker can only know the fact that a connection is taking place between the two parties, already known to him, the domain name and IP addresses.

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