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connection and was
Students of anthropology and comparative religion had long been aware that there was, indeed, a direct connection.
In connection with this conference, a 64-page supplement was published in the October 2nd edition of The Providence Sunday Journal.
As long ago as 1851 it was pointed out by Niepce ( 1851 ) that there is a connection between the pituitary and the thyroid.
This connection was clarified by Smith and Smith ( 1922 ), who showed that saline extracts of fresh bovine pituitary glands could re-activate the atrophied thyroids of hypophysectomised tadpoles.
The term enquetes demographiques, previously used for the supplementary investigations carried out in connection with the administrative censuses, was used for the new investigations.
This illusion was described in a far-sighted editorial in The New York Herald Tribune, on March 5, 1947, in connection with the submission of the satellite peace treaties to the Senate.
In this connection, it might be noted that the theory of games was a mathematical discovery long before its uses in political science were exploited.
It seems clear, when one takes into consideration the exceedingly defective eyesight of the patient ( we shall describe it in detail in connection with our second question, the one concerning the psychical blindness of the patient ), that he had to rely on his sense of touch much more than the usual portfolio-maker and that consequently that faculty was most probably more sensitive to shape and size than that of a person with normal vision.
A most useful tool for wetting the surface without running down was made from a greenhouse `` mist spray '' nozzle welded to a hose connection, to be used at low water pressure.
It is the similarity between Estella's hands and Molly's ( `` The action of her fingers was like the action of knitting '' ) that provides Pip with a vital clue to the real identity of both and establishes a symbolic connection between the underworld of crime and the genteel cruelty of Satis House.
If anti-Semitism was on trial in Jerusalem, why was it not identified, and with enough emphasis to capture the notice of the world press, in its connection with the activities of Eichmann's Department of Jewish Affairs, as exemplified by the betrayal and murder of Jews by non-police and non-party anti-Semites in Germany, as well as in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary??
The rule was enforced by demand of Sen. Wayne Morse ( D., Ore. ) in connection with President Eisenhower's cabinet selections in 1953 and President Kennedy's in 1961.
The Revenue Service disallowed the claim, invoking a law provision that generally bars deductions for expenses incurred in connection with what it said was tax-exempt income.
There was no connection between the two events, because Bobbie wasn't rich, either, though he was more aggressive than John.
Perhaps he sensed some connection between the incident on the freighter and the ascetic at Ryusenji, he was unable to put it together.
And very, very few were lost when the final connection was made to the control panels of ship or industrial combine.
Apollo Delphinios was a sea-god especially worshiped in Crete and in the islands, and his name indicates his connection with Delphi and the holy serpent Delphyne ( womb ).
In process of time the title abbot was extended to clerics who had no connection with the monastic system, as to the principal of a body of parochial clergy ; and under the Carolingians to the chief chaplain of the king,, or military chaplain of the emperor, It even came to be adopted by purely secular officials.
The connection many of them had with the church was of the slenderest kind, consisting mainly in adopting the title of abbé, after a remarkably moderate course of theological study, practising celibacy and wearing a distinctive dress — a short dark-violet coat with narrow collar.
The question whether there is a limit to the degree of cold possible, and, if so, where the zero must be placed, was first addressed by the French physicist Guillaume Amontons in 1702, in connection with his improvements in the air thermometer.
The fact that the name occurs on these gems in connection with representations of figures with the head of a cock, a lion, or an ass, and the tail of a serpent was formerly taken in the light of what Irenaeus says about the followers of Basilides:
A search for the author of the publications uncovered the whole plot, yet Aron was only banished due to his connection of the royal line of Bulgaria, whose blood also flowed in the veins of the empress Irene.
Weil realized that to prove such a connection one needed a new cohomology theory, but neither he nor any other expert saw how to do this until such a theory was found by Grothendieck.

connection and explicitly
In the published version of Henry IV, Part 1, Falstaff's name is always unmetrical, suggesting a name change after the original composition ; Prince Hal refers to Falstaff as " my old lad of the castle " in the first act of the play ; the epilogue to Henry IV, Part II, moreover, explicitly disavows any connection between Falstaff and Oldcastle, a dancer declaring: "... where, for anything I know, Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already ' a be killed with your hard opinions ; for Oldcastle died a martyr and this is not the man ".
The Hebrew Bible does not explicitly mention the Law in connection with Noah, nor that there were seven laws.
The connection between space flight and freedom is clearly ( as is stated explicitly in some of the stories ) an extension of the nineteenth-century American concept of the Frontier, where malcontents can advance further and claim some new land, and pioneers either bring life to barren asteroids ( as in Tales of the Flying Mountains ) or settle on Earth-like planets teeming with life, but not intelligent forms ( such as New Europe in Star Fox ).
For example, sometimes servers indicate temporary failures, either by explicitly sending a 4xx error or by ending the connection unexpectedly ( which must be treated as a 451 error, according to Section 3. 8 of the RFC ).
Some authors have pointed to similarities between the Buddhist conception of nothingness and the ideas of Martin Heidegger and existentialists like Sartre, although this connection has not been explicitly made by the philosophers themselves.
Given the reputation of oat grain to have invigorating properties and the obvious connection between plant seeds and human " seed ", it is not surprising that the meaning of the phrase shifted towards more or less explicitly referring to the destructive sexual liaisons of an unmarried young male, possibly resulting in unwanted children born out of wedlock.
His Philosophia Pia ( 1671 ) was explicitly about the connection between the " experimental philosophy " of the Royal Society and religion.
The concept was first introduced in 1970 by H. Dieter Zeh as a variant of the Hugh Everett interpretation in connection with quantum decoherence, and later ( in 1981 ) explicitly called a many or multi-consciousness interpretation.
Frankfurt School theorists were explicitly linking up with the critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant, where the term critique meant philosophical reflection on the limits of claims made for certain kinds of knowledge and a direct connection between such critique and the emphasis on moral autonomy – as opposed to traditionally deterministic and static theories of human action.
Although earlier published radiocarbon evidence suggested a two-sigma age range of AD 408 – 536, which is consistent with the global climate downturn, the connection between AD 536 and Ilopango was not explicitly made until research on Central American Pacific margin marine sediment cores by Steffen Kutterolf and colleagues showed that the phreatoplinian TBJ eruption was much larger than previously thought.
This can be interpreted as the Ucchishta of the deity, although due to its negative connotation the word Ucchishta is never explicitly used in connection to prasad.
In Direct encoding schemes the genotype is the same as the phenotype, every neuron and connection is specified directly and explicitly in the genotype.
This connection is made explicitly by the prosecutor in the trial.
Indeed, many Masonic organizations have explicitly denied any connection to the creation of the Seal.
The phrase " new world order " was explicitly used in connection with Woodrow Wilson's designs in the period just after World War I, during the formation of the League of Nations.
However, the explicit formula for the sinc function for the hexagonal, body centered cubic, face centered cubic and other higher dimensional lattices can be explicitly derived using the geometric properties of Brillouin zones and their connection to zonotopes.
He pointed out that UNESCO had explicitly recognized the Jewish connection to the site, having only denounced Israeli claims of sovereignty, while also acknowledging the Islamic and Christian significance of the site.
: Although The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen are explicitly linked, mostly through several shared characters and plot threads, the connection to Millennium is only concretely expounded in one episode of The X-Files and one episode of Millennium.
Initially, the FPÖ explicitly alleged links between public netbase / t0 and a separate hosting service from the British Virgin Islands, but the sexual content of the TSA and its age-alteration themes was implicitly included when allegations continued after that connection was refuted.
However the connection of thought in the first examples is just as real as in the last ones, where it is explicitly expressed via the syntax of subordination.
Because it was the church's first temple ( save the roughly contemporaneous Bern Switzerland Temple ) built outside of an LDS-dominated settlement, the Los Angeles Temple was the first LDS temple explicitly designed for automobile accessibility: its parking facilities were larger than those of any temple built previously, and there is no direct pedestrian connection between the front doors and Santa Monica Boulevard.
In the latter case, it identifies traffic flows by some connection identifier rather than by explicitly listing source and destination addresses.
The Johanniterorden and its branches became fully independent of the Roman Catholic grand master in Rome, although the Herrenmeisters then and since have continuously and explicitly recognized the Order's historical connection with the Roman Catholic Order of Malta.
In response to accusations that it is affiliated with certain fundamentalist sects, the site explicitly disclaims any connection to the Westboro Baptist Church, a group known for extreme homophobia, and the Landover Baptist Church, a spoof of the perceived moral judgmentalism and intolerance of some American evangelical sects.

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