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contestants and were
Not only were the contestants pleased with the Class, but it aroused the interest of all in attendance that day.
Contestants are required to evict one of their own on a regular basis ; in the earlier series of Big Brother, contestants were evicted every two weeks, however, as introduced in the UK version, evictions occurred once a week, all of the current series of Big Brother follow this format.
He provided comedy insights into the contestants ' abilities, which were designed to appeal to adult audiences, as well as younger viewers.
There she advised young women contestants who were picking men hidden by masks.
Abdul's contestants were all eliminated from the competition, her final act Lakoda Rayne were eliminated by the public vote on week five of the Live Shows.
If these tournament rounds were held in one competition, up to 512 contestants would participate in the tournament, which is difficult to believe for a single contest.
The contestants ' desires were placed in sealed envelopes prior to the tournament.
The Amazing Race 19 used the detectives of The Adventures of Tintin as a challenge to find out that the contestants were going to Panama City.
A few months later, the contestants were cut down to seven, as well as the time from 45 minutes to 30, however, the prize money remained the same ( with a money tree of £ 50 -£ 100 -£ 250 -£ 1, 000 -£ 1, 750 -£ 2, 500 ; the seventh round being a double round for £ 10, 000 ).
U. S. contestants were later required to pass a more conventional game show qualifying test at contestant auditions.
The Groucho Marx-hosted game show, You Bet Your Life, was primarily composed of Marx ' prescripted comebacks to what was most often candid interviews of the contestants, although some contestants were well-known actors ( usually playing for charity ).
The TV show Expedition Robinson, created by TV producer Charlie Parsons, which first aired in 1997 in Sweden ( and was later produced in a large number of other countries as Survivor ), added to the Nummer 28 / Real World template the idea of competition and elimination, in which cast members / contestants battled against each other and were removed from the show until only one winner remained.
; Job search: In this category, the competition revolves around a skill that contestants were pre-screened for.
The owner of UFC declared that the final match of the first season of Ultimate Fighter was so good, both contestants were offered a contract, and in addition, many non-winning " TUF Alumni " have prospered in the UFC.
During the second season of Hell's Kitchen, it was speculated that the customers eating meals prepared by the contestants were in fact paid actors.
A literary competition was held at Stanford University in 1985, in which the contestants were invited to make Chomsky's sentence meaningful using not more than 100 words of prose or 14 lines of verse.
The Elfstedentocht of 1963 became known as " The hell of ' 63 " when only 69 of the 10, 000 contestants were able to finish the race, due to the extremely low temperatures ,-18 ° C, and a harsh eastern wind.
The contestants were divided into two tribes: Maraamu and Rotu ( Marquesan for ' Wind ' and ' Rain ' respectively ).
This was the first season where the contestants were not given any initial supplies, such as food, water, or matches.
The sixteen contestants were divided into two tribes preselected before the game began, Rotu and Maraamu.
However, once they got to shore, the contestants were shocked to realize they were given no food, this being the first time in Survivor history.
Additionally, contestants were able to win " by default " if an opponent made a mistake while attempting to block.

contestants and Kathy
Having spent time with every contestant came back to work in her favor as a trivia contest about the contestants gave her the immunity win and placed a target squarely on Kathy.

contestants and Bass
The pageant itself was shot at Bass Concert Hall at the University of Texas at Austin and the hotel hosting the contestants was the Hyatt on Lady Bird Lake, again in Austin.

contestants and with
Each series lasts for around three months, with 12 – 16 contestants entering the house.
Although each country has made its own adaptations and changes to the format, the contestants are confined to a specially designed house where their every action is recorded by cameras and microphones at all times and they are not permitted to make any contact with the outside world.
The contestants are required to do housework, and are set tasks by the producers of the show, who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known to them only as " Big Brother ".
From a sociological and demographic perspective, the Big Brother franchise allows the opportunity for analysis of how people react when forced into close confinement with people who lie outside their comfort zone, since they may hold different opinions or ideals from other contestants, or simply belong to a different group of people than a contestant normally interacts with.
All these follow the normal Big Brother rules with the exception that contestants must come from each of the different countries in the region where it airs:
* Since Big Brother 2, the UK series always opens with a twist which have included the public being able to choose the final housemate out of three possibilities ( Big Brother 2 ), the public voting for a housemate to leave during the first week and then the housemates choosing between the two housemates with the least number of votes ( Big Brother 3 ), First Night Nominations ( Big Brother 4 ), Suitcase Nominations ( Big Brother 5 ), Unlucky Housemate 13 ( Big Brother 6 ), Big Brother Hood ( Big Brother 7 ), an all-female House and the first inclusion of twins as contestants ( Big Brother 8 ), the first couple to enter as housemates and set a secret task to hide their real relationship ( Big Brother 9 ), all " housemates " really being " non-housemates " who had to earn their housemate status ( Big Brother 10 ), a mole entering the House with an " Impossible Task " ( Big Brother 11 ), Jackie Stallone entering a house containing her son's ex-wife ( Celebrity Big Brother 3 ), the entrance of a non-celebrity in a celebrity edition ( Celebrity Big Brother 4 ) and Jade Goody's family announced to be visiting.
Each student works on his / her own, with only a computer and no other help allowed, specifically no communication with other contestants, books etc.
She unexpectedly becomes friends with Frasier and the other contestants.
Hart's fellow contestants choose her as Miss Congeniality, and she starts a relationship with Matthews.
The premise of the show would feature contestants in a " physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course.
Abdul, along with fellow judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson ( joined by Kara DioGuardi in 2009 ) evaluated thousands of amateur contestants in their ability to sing.
Furthermore, Plutarch reports that at the next Olympic Games: " Themistocles entered the stadium, the audience neglected the contestants all day long to gaze on him, and pointed him out with admiring applause to visiting strangers, so that he too was delighted, and confessed to his friends that he was now reaping in full measure the harvest of his toils in behalf of Hellas.
The rules are often deliberately written with subtle loopholes that contestants are somewhat encouraged to find and abuse.
While the contestants work as a team when answering questions, they are at this point encouraged to be ruthless with one another.
The show's first winner, David Bloomfield was one of the returning contestants, and was asked the question: If there have been a thousand episodes of The Weakest Link, each with nine players, how many contestants in total have appeared on the show?
The Doctor Who edition, broadcast in 2005, showed a futuristic version of the show in the year 200, 100, with only six contestants, and presented by an ' Anne Droid ' ( voiced by Anne Robinson ) who disintegrates the contestants being voted off.
A normal ' Daytime ' edition of the show was made, with some of Anne's favourite contestants from over the years taking part, and with no audience present during filming or changes to the money tree ( see above ).

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