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contract and was
His London contract was rescinded, and now, he explains cheerfully, as a bright smile lightens his intense, mobile face, `` I conduct only one hundred and twenty concerts ''!!
It was a somewhat unusual thing for a reporter to have a contract in those days before the epidemic of syndicated columnists.
But because the governor was determined that friendship should not influence him one way or the other, he looked for a printer with a knowledge of the law ( which Woodruff did not have ), and awarded the contract to a lawyer named John Steele who had started a newspaper in Helena the year before.
The eventual prize in this new battle was the public printing contract that Woodruff still held.
Boniface had to uphold the sacredness of the feudal contract at all costs, for it was only as suzerain of Sicily and of the Patrimony of Peter that he had any justification for his Italian wars, but in the English-Scottish-French triangle it was almost impossible for him to recognize the claims of any one of the contestants without seeming to invalidate those of the other two.
East Greenwich was one of the first Rhode Island towns to enter into contract agreement with the Rhode Island Development Council for planning services we could not provide for ourselves.
Sir Henry Sumner Maine, a hundred years before Communism was a force to be reckoned with, wrote his brilliant legal generalization, that `` the progress of society is from status to contract ''.
Can you consider restricting any additional employee benefits to those paid for by profit-sharing money, such as was done in the union contract recently signed by American Motors Corporation??
Indeed, contract was the dominant legal theme of the century, the touchstone of the free society.
Government itself was based upon contract ; ;
trade was based on freedom of contract, and money was lent and borrowed on contractual terms ; ;
So with all this experience, Bob Fogg was a natural choice to receive the first Emergency Air Mail Star Route contract.
She had quarreled with Lucien, she had resisted his demands for money -- and if she died, by the provisions of her marriage contract, Lucien would inherit legally not only the immediate sum of gold under the floorboards in the office, but later, when the war was over, her father's entire estate.
And in all likelihood, by now, there was more than one person in the house who knew the terms of her marriage contract.
`` I am taking the position that the contract was clearly violated '', Berger said.
The big, 22-year-old shortstop, the 1960 American league `` rookie-of-the-year '', flew here late this afternoon from Baltimore, signed his contract for an estimated $15,000 and was a spectator at tonight's 5-to-3 loss to Kansas City -- the winless Birds' sixth setback in a row.
What Gabriel was asking was that mankind forego all its parochial moral judgments, and contract to let the Angels serve on Earth as it is in Heaven regardless of the applicable Earth laws.
Nevertheless, in 1861, Lincoln justified the war in terms of legalisms ( the Constitution was a contract, and for one party to get out of a contract all the other parties had to agree ), and then in terms of the national duty to guarantee a republican form of government in every state.
Arista's refusal to release the album had two known effects: the negotiations led to a renewed contract and the album was never released.
The marriage contract was signed in September.
One of the terms of the marriage contract agreed to by Alexei was that while any forthcoming children were to be raised in the Orthodox faith, Charlotte herself was allowed to retain her Protestant faith ( an agreement that did not sit well at all with Alexei's followers ).

contract and signed
In accordance with the two-year contract signed in May, 1959, with the International Association of Machinists, AFL-CIO, wages of hourly employees were increased by 4% in May, 1960, and pay levels for non-exempt salaried employees were increased proportionately.
The most popular player in franchise history, " Gonzo " signed a one-year contract worth just under $ 7 million on December 7 to play for the rival Los Angeles Dodgers for the 2007 season.
After Davy Force signed with Chicago, and then breached his contract to play in Boston, Hulbert became discouraged by the " contract jumping " as well as the overall disorganization of the N. A., and thus spearheaded the movement to form a stronger organization.
In 1947, Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the color barrier that had prevented talented African American players from entering the white-only major leagues.
Bronski Beat signed a recording contract with London Records in 1984 after doing only nine live gigs.
In 1983, the building became the official museum of the Baltimore Orioles, which signed Ruth to his first professional contract.
By the time the federal environmental clearances were delivered in 1994, A $ 10 million contract, signed off as a cost overrun, was used to repair these leaks.
Following this performance, Decca Records signed him to a contract in February 1956, misspelling his name as " Holly ".
" But the teenager made an impact on his first night at the London Coliseum, winning more laughs in his small role than the star, and he was quickly signed to a contract.
Karno selected his new star to join a fraction of the company that toured North America's vaudeville circuit ; he also signed Chaplin to a new contract, which doubled his pay.
The court dismissed this claim since he had failed to fulfil his contract requirements, but Chaplin subsequently ensured that every contract he signed prohibited the alteration of his finished products.
Mare was signed to replace fan favorite John Kasay, the last original Panther from the inaugural 1995 squad who was cut with two years left on his contract.
In the offseason they signed Alfonso Soriano to the richest contract in Cubs history at 8 years for $ 136 million, and replaced unpopular skipper Dusty Baker with fiery veteran manager Lou Piniella.
The China Railway Seventh Group Co. Ltd will be in charge of the contract, under signed by the China Railway Engineering Corporation, with construction to be started from June 2008.
However, RCA Records did not renew her contract after it expired that year, and she signed with Columbia Records in 1987.
Longtime Wing Sergei Fedorov signed with the Mighty Ducks as a free agent during the offseason after a long contract dispute.
Following his Ed Sullivan appearance, Jones signed a contract with Ward Sylvester of Screen Gems ( then the television division of Columbia Pictures ).
Bell Records, then having a string of hits with The Partridge Family, signed Jones to a somewhat inflexible solo record contract in 1971.
In December 2011, Afghanistan signed an oil exploration contract with China National Petroleum Corporation ( CNPC ) for the development of three oil fields along the Amu Darya river.
* In February 2008, HP Enterprise Services signed a US $ 1. 3 billion contract with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, one of the largest IT projects ever undertaken in Asia.

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