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convention and details
Other ABIs standardize details such as the C ++ name mangling, exception propagation, and calling convention between compilers on the same platform, but do not require cross-platform compatibility.
Handel's instrumentation in the score is often imprecise, again in line with contemporary convention, where the use of certain instruments and combinations was assumed and did not need to be written down by the composer ; later copyists would fill in the details.
" On August 2, 1928 in a meeting with the Bible Student elders who had attended a general convention in Detroit, Michigan Rutherford listed his responsibilities and concluded " when I have attended to many other details, I have not had very much time to go from door to door.
Scholars disagree over the details of the decisions made at the convention, especially whether the ruler of Poland was pledged the king's crown or not.
Configuration files also do more than just modify settings, they often ( in the form of an " rc file ") run a set of commands upon startup ( for example, the " rc file " for a shell might instruct the shell to change directories, run certain programs, delete or create files —- many things which do not involve modifying variables in the shell itself and so were not in the shell's dotfiles ); according to the Jargon File, this convention is borrowed from " runcom files " on the CTSS operating system ; see run commands for details.
The above is in accord with Hartley's original definition, but ( as with the Fourier transform ) various minor details are matters of convention and can be changed without altering the essential properties:
Since copyright law is neither straightforward nor widely understood in its details, nor is the Buenos Aires Convention's previous requirement and current deprecation of the phrase common lay knowledge, the phrase continues to hold popular currency and serve as a handy convention widely used by artists, writers, and content creators to prevent ambiguity and clearly spell out the warning that their content cannot be copied freely.
More information about the convention, as well as details of the 3rd RGS-ICYL held in November 2010, can be found at its homepage.
While the E3 convention only provided a demonstration of the main Half-Life PlayStation 2 game, further details were released relating to Decays premise and story, as well as confirming that the cooperative mode was to be designed for two players.
Anthony also details Harding's induction into the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, a Shrine organization, during the convention week ( making note of the conical hat used by the Tall Cedars in the ceremony ); Anthony writes that he feels that the charges made by Grand Wizard Alton Young ( reported by Wyn Craig Wade in 1985 ) against Harding were in " retaliation for the Shrine speech and another anti-bigotry speech made by Harding at the dedication of the Alexander Hamilton statue at the Treasury Building " in the previous month of May 1923.

convention and amongst
The Council amongst others oversees the budget and cooperates with the General Secretariat on all matters related to the convention.
Although the tria nomina convention is often seen as the classic Roman naming convention, in fact it was only predominant from the mid-republican period to the early Empire, and then only amongst the elite.
By convention, the remaining six positions are divided in the following manner: three from Ontario, two from the western provinces ( typically one from British Columbia and one from the prairie provinces, which in turn rotates amongst the three, although Alberta is known to cause skips in the rotation, and one from the Atlantic provinces, almost always from Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.
The convention amongst modern Egyptologists is to number the months consecutively using Roman numerals.
It is true that language is not a " brute fact ," that it is an institutional fact, a human convention, a metaphysical reality ( that happens to be physically uttered ), but Searle points out that there are language-independent thoughts " noninstitutional, primitive, biological inclinations and cognitions not requiring any linguistic devices ," and that there are many " brute facts " amongst both humans and animals that are truths that should not be altered in the social constructs because language does not truly constitute them, despite the attempt to institute them for any group's gain: money and property are language dependent, but desires ( thirst, hunger ) and emotions ( fear, rage ) are not.
A new convention was drafted at the time, creating a " uniform tariff on all imported goods consumed within such union, and an equitable distribution of the duties collected on such goods amongst the parties to such union, and free trade between the colonies and state in respect of all South African products ".
The Reliant Center is a convention center located amongst the sports venues in Reliant Park.
On February 13, 1861, the secession convention met in Richmond and numbered William B. Preston amongst the delegates.
In more recent definitions, which base themselves on the terms ' origins amongst Indian Tantra, the Right-Hand Path, or RHP, is seen as a definition for those magical groups which follow specific ethical codes and adopt social convention, while the Left-Hand Path adopts the opposite attitude, espousing the breaking of taboo and the abandoning of set morality.
She was believed to be the front-runner amongst the Red Tory candidates going into the convention.
Falk leaves to write songs which celebrate an untainted love and Svanhild sits gloomily amongst the world of convention – a housewife who once had passion and now lives on its memory.
Partnerships who have incorporated Michaels cuebid amongst their agreements usually also play the unusual notrump convention.

convention and other
Since the implementation of the Statute of Westminster 1931 in each of the Commonwealth realms ( on successive dates from 1931 onwards ), the Act of Settlement cannot be altered in any realm except by that realm's own parliament and, by convention, only with the consent of all the other realms, as it touches on the succession to the shared throne.
His motivation for changing it to something meaning ' the East electrode ' ( other candidates had been " eastode ", " oriode " and " anatolode ") was to make it immune to a possible later change in the direction convention for current, whose exact nature was not known at the time.
His motivation for changing it to something meaning ' the West electrode ' ( other candidates had been " westode ", " occiode " and " dysiode ") was to make it immune to a possible later change in the direction convention for current, whose exact nature was not known at the time.
In a social context, a convention may retain the character of an " unwritten " law of custom ( for example, the manner in which people greet each other, such as by shaking each other's hands ).
Consequences may include ignoring some other convention that has until now been followed.
The exactly opposite properties of the two kinds of electrification justify our indicating them by opposite signs, but the application of the positive sign to one rather than to the other kind must be considered as a matter of arbitrary convention, just as it is a matter of convention in mathematical diagram to reckon positive distances towards the right hand.
By convention the audience realises that the character's speech is unheard by the other characters on stage.
On the other hand, the Tandon 5-inch DD floppy format ( 1978 ) held 368, 640 bytes, but was advertised as " 360 KB ", following the 1024 convention.
The Scottish kilt displays uniqueness of design, construction, and convention which differentiate it from other garments fitting the general description.
Madison then argued that a state, after declaring a federal law unconstitutional, could take action by communicating with other states, attempting to enlist their support, petitioning Congress to repeal the law in question, introducing amendments to the Constitution in Congress, or calling a constitutional convention.
Massachusetts and Connecticut, along with representatives of some other New England states, held a convention in 1814 that issued a statement asserting the right of interposition.
An international convention is held annually in cities across the globe for members to meet other Lions, elect the coming year's officers, and partake in the many activities planned.
At the convention, Lions can participate in elections and parades, display and discuss fundraisers and service projects, and trade pins and other souvenirs.
After the state was admitted to the United Nations under the temporary reference " the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ", other international organisations adopted the same convention.
It took Van Buren and his partisan friends a decade and a half to form the Democratic Party ; many elements, such as the national convention, were borrowed from other parties.
Some mosques will even rent convention centers or other large public buildings to hold the large number of Muslims who attend.
Greek philosophy emphasized the distinction between " nature " ( physis, φúσις ) on the one hand and " law ", " custom ", or " convention " ( nomos, νóμος ) on the other.
At the same time, there has been a convention that party and state offices be separated at levels other than the central government, and it is unheard of for a sub-national executive to also be party secretary.
That and other elements of the Conflict rules are produced supranationally and implemented by treaty or convention.
When the convention failed for lack of attendance due to suspicions among most of the other states, the Annapolis delegates called for a convention to offer revisions to the Articles, to be held the next spring in Philadelphia.
A safe seat is usually chosen ; while the Liberal and now defunct Progressive Conservative parties traditionally observed a convention of not running a candidate against another party's new leader in the by-election, the New Democrats and other smaller parties typically do not follow the same convention.
The connection of these two offices – one a convention, the other a legal office – began with the Hanoverian Succession in 1714.

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