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council and is
Paradoxically the council is weakest in areas that register 4- and 5-to-1 in the party's favor, strongest where Democrats and Republicans compete on a fairly even basis.
If they are to be commended for foresight in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town council that compounds this problem during the planning stage??
A certain vagueness may also be caused by tactical appreciation of the fact that the present council meeting is a semipublic affair, with no fewer than six Soviet correspondents accredited.
A petition bearing the signatures of more than 1,700 Johnston taxpayers was presented to the town council last night as what is hoped will be the first step in obtaining a home rule charter for the town.
The Fa ' asamoa is the language and customs, and the Fa ' amatai the protocols of the " fono " ( council ) and the chiefly system.
The first case recorded of the partial exemption of an abbot from episcopal control is that of Faustus, abbot of Lerins, at the council of Arles, AD 456 ; but the exorbitant claims and exactions of bishops, to which this repugnance to episcopal control is to be traced, far more than to the arrogance of abbots, rendered it increasingly frequent, and, in the 6th century, the practice of exempting religious houses partly or altogether from episcopal control, and making them responsible to the pope alone, received an impulse from Pope Gregory the Great.
* 1624 – The president of Louis XIII of France's royal council is arrested, leaving Cardinal Richelieu in the role of the King's principal minister.
Amasis would send one of his eunuchs to capture Phanes, but the eunuch is bested by the wise council man and Phanes flees to Persia, meeting up with Cambyses providing advice in his invasion of Egypt.
This expression encapsulated the right of citizens to take the initiative: to stand to speak in the assembly, to initiate a public law suit ( that is, one held to affect the political community as a whole ), to propose a law before the lawmakers or to approach the council with suggestions.
At the Council of Clermont in 1095, Adhemar showed great zeal for the crusade ( there is evidence Urban II had conferred with Adhemar before the council ) and having been named apostolic legate and appointed to lead the crusade by Pope Urban II, he accompanied Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, to the east.
Also, supporters of this view would characterize Luke ’ s portrayal of the Roman Empire as positive because they believe Luke “ glosses over negative aspects of the empire and presents imperial power positively .” For example, when Paul is before the council defending himself, Paul says that he is “ on trial concerning the hope of the resurrection of the dead ” ( Acts 23: 6 ).
The mayor presides over and is a voting member of the council.
The municipalities merged in the course of the latest municipal reform of the 1970s are also called Stadtbezirke ( quarters or districts ), and are Ortschaften (“ settlements ”) in terms of Baden-Württemberg ’ s Gemeindeordnung ( municipal code ), which means, each of them has its own council elected by its respective residents ( Ortschaftsrat ) and is presided by a spokesperson ( Ortsvorsteher ).
Angus () is one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland, a registration county and a lieutenancy area.
Areas similar to that of the council area are covered by the Angus Westminster constituency for the UK Parliament and the area is also represented at the Scottish Parliament by both the Angus and North Tayside Holyrood constituencies.
The trackbed from Accrington to Baxenden is now a linear treelined cycleway / footpath. As of November 2011 Hyndburn borough council has plans to re-open the rail link to manchester.
The city is governed by a " strong " mayor system who appoints two council members and / or city residents to serve at the mayor's pleasure on the board of public works and safety.
Achduart ( Gaelic: Achadh Dhubhaird ) is a small hamlet in Coigach, in Wester Ross in northwestern Scotland, now within the Highland council area.
Athanasius ' letters include one " Letter Concerning the Decrees of the Council of Nicaea " ( De Decretis ), which is an account of the proceedings of that council, and another letter in the year 367 which was the first known listing of the New Testament including all those books now accepted everywhere as the New Testament.
The Bundesrat (" federal council ", performing the function of an upper house ) is the representation of the Federal States ( Bundesländer ) of Germany and has its seat at the former Prussian House of Lords.
Each borough is governed by a borough council ( Bezirksamt ) consisting of five councilors ( Bezirksstadträte ) and a borough mayor ( Bezirksbürgermeister ).
The borough council is elected by the borough assembly ( Bezirksverordnetenversammlung ).
The seat of the municipal council is the island's main town, Rønne.

council and elected
They elected a city council, although only a small number of rich families were eligible for election.
The aim of the council was to end the schism ; to this end they deposed Gregory XII and Benedict XIII and elected the new pope Alexander V in 1409.
The council resolved that all three popes should abdicate and a new pope be elected.
The advisory council consists of 15 elected members:
James Watterson was elected as a council member in 1997, holding that position for 12 years before retiring on August 31, 2009 to pursue artistic " projects and goals ".
In the United States, the board of directors ( elected by the shareholders ) is often equivalent to the supervisory board, while the executive board may often be known as the executive committee ( operating committee or executive council ), composed of the CEO and their direct reports ( other C-level officers, division / subsidiary heads ).
In the United States, the board of directors ( elected by the shareholders ) is often equivalent to the supervisory board, while the executive board may often be known as the executive committee or executive council, composed of the division / subsidiary heads and C-level officers that report directly to the CEO.
The parish council, which has 15 members who are elected for four years, is responsible for local issues, including setting an annual precept ( local rate ) to cover the council ’ s operating costs and producing annual accounts for public scrutiny.
After thirty years of schism, the Council of Pisa had sought to resolve the situation by deposing the two claimant popes and elected a new pope, Alexander V. The council claimed that in such a situation, a council of bishops had greater authority than just one bishop, even if he were the bishop of Rome.
An individual congregation is led by a church council made of the minister along with elders and deacons elected by the congregation.
* The University Council is a council of 18 people, half of whom are elected from the university staff ( academic and otherwise ) and half from the student body.
A municipality is governed by a municipal council ( or city council ) elected by proportional representation once every four years.
Government is vested in the provincial council, which consists of 30 delegates elected directly by Åland's citizens.
The general council is composed of 19 seats ; whose members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms.
The council had a small minority of elected persons.
His depiction of how members of the council were elected to the senate, for example, aimed to emphasise the way the electoral system prevented factionalism from occurring, instead making sure that “ public benefits are largely extended among the citizens ” rather than narrowly amongst “ one family ”.
As a commune, the Juan Fernández Islands are a third-level administrative division of Chile governed by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years.
As a devout Catholic, he joined the Centre Party in 1906 and was elected to Cologne's city council in the same year.
Another account has it that after reaching Kuwait the Bani Utub held a council and elected a representative to go to Basra to explain their peaceful intent to the Ottomans.
Theobald was elected leader of the crusade at a council in Acre, attended by the most of the important nobles of the kingdom, including Walter of Brienne, John of Arsuf, and Balian of Sidon.

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