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couple and also
There were also a couple in Canada, and several in England.
The couple moved to Paris the following year, where Guiler pursued his banking career and Nin began to pursue her interest in writing ; in her diaries she also mentions having trained as a flamenco dancer in Paris in the mid-to-late 1920s.
The couple also made significant donations to the Royal Military College of Canada.
The main weapons of assassination chosen organised the successful assassination of King Alexander I of Serbia and his consort Draga ; he confirmed that Captain Dragutin Dimitrijevic, who had personally led the group of Army officers who killed the royal couple in the Old Palace at Belgrade on the night of 28 / 29 May 1903 ( Old Style ), was also the Black Hand's leader.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, only the active couplethe " 1st couple "-- initiated the action, other couples supporting their movements and joining in as needed, until they also took their turn as leading couples.
The couple were also foster parents to a boy named Gerhard von Ahe, son of an SS officer who had died before the war.
Gifts were often exchanged, especially rings: a gold coin broken in half between the couple was also common.
Ideally the couple were also supposed to refrain from intercourse until then.
A honeymoon can also be the first moments a newly-wed couple spend together, or the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage.
For example: A fertile couple may have intercourse while using contraception to experience sexual pleasure ( recreational ) and also as a means of emotional intimacy ( relational ), thus deepening their bonding, making their relationship more stable and more capable of sustaining children in the future ( deferred reproductive ).
His son, Hermann Christian Wittgenstein — who took the middle name " Christian " to distance himself from his Jewish background — married Fanny Figdor, also Jewish, who converted to Protestantism just before they married, and the couple founded a successful business trading in wool in Leipzig.
These illegally made Croatian weapons " also ended up in the Dutch criminal world: between 1998 and 2000, a couple dozen ‘ Croatian UZIs ’ were seized ".
A papal dispensation was also necessary for the marriage to take place, as the couple was closely related, and was issued by Pope Gregory XII on 6 December 1374.
Tremblay worked also on a television series entitled Le Cœur découvert ( The Heart Laid Bare ), about the lives of a gay couple in Quebec, for the French-language TV network Radio-Canada.
This enabled the young women to have assistance for childbirth and rearing ; it also protected her in case of conflicts between the couple.
A generation ago, some neurologists would have also spent a couple of years working in psychiatric units and obtain a Diploma in Psychological Medicine.
The other pub is the Plume of Feathers ( the Railway-" The Devils Elbow "-has closed as a pub recently ) and there are also a couple of cafes, one of which is situated in what used to be the town's police station.
In ‘ A Modern Herbal ’, Mrs Grieves says “ A rosemary branch, richly gilded and tied with silken ribands of all colours, was also presented to wedding guests, as a symbol of love and loyalty .” If a young person would tap another with a rosemary sprig and if the sprig contained an open flower, it was said that the couple would fall in love.
Legend also states that the couple moved to Worms, Germany while Rashi's mother was expecting.
They also involve a central romantic story, usually in which the couple seem mismatched and even hostile to each other at first, but eventually overcome their differences in an amusing or entertaining way that leads to romance.
Screwball comedies also tend to contain ridiculous, farcical situations, such as in Bringing Up Baby, in which a couple must take care of a pet leopard during much of the film.
Relay races are also held in short track and inline competitions, but here, exchanges may take place at any time during the race, though exchanges may be banned during the last couple of laps.
For a brief while it was also implied that Skuld had a crush on Keiichi ; the second special episode of the first TV series ( where she's grown up for a day ) explored this angle by placing Skuld and Keiichi in situations where they appear as a couple.
If the couple has divorced fewer than three times ( meaning it is not a final divorce ) the wife also receives spousal support for three menstrual cycles after the divorce, until it can be determined whether she is pregnant.

couple and spent
As was the custom, the couple spent the night before their coronation at the Tower of London.
The new couple spent their honeymoon in Switzerland and Italy on a geological tour of the area.
According to author Simon Reeve, Afif, Nazzal and one of their confederates had all worked in various capacities in the Olympic Village, and had spent a couple of weeks scouting out their potential target.
In the following couple of years Dahl and Nygaard spent a lot of time teaching Simula.
Richman spent a couple of weeks sleeping on Velvets ’ manager Steve Sesnick's sofa before moving into the Hotel Albert, a residence known for its poor conditions.
I've spent the last couple weeks writing a window
In the very early episodes, it was mentioned that Rosco spent the first 20 years of his career as a mostly honest lawman, but after the county voted away his pension Rosco joined Hogg in an effort to fund his retirement in his last couple of years as Sheriff.
In August 1947, she married Marcel Carbotte, a Saint Boniface doctor, and the couple set off for Europe where Carbotte studied gynecology and Roy spent her time writing.
The couple spent their honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, where Clarke proofread Childhood's End.
At a banquet, Count Adhemar tries to trip up the unsophisticated " Sir Ulrich " by urging him to show the other guests a dance from his own country ; William, who's only spent a couple of hours learning to dance that day before the banquet, improvises with Jocelyn and comes up with something suited to a rock video ( the featured song in this scene was " Golden Years " by David Bowie ).
The couple spent their honeymoon at Tintagel in 1823, a place that kindled his lifelong fascination with Arthurian legend and later inspired him to write The Quest of the Sangraal.
The couple spent their honeymoon in Hawaii and then stayed at Disneyland, California.
Defeating Ulfran, Val was reunited with Aleta, and the couple spent that winter with friendly Native Americans.
His European years found him living in dire poverty in Paris, with the exception of three trips to the USSR and a couple of years in the early 1930s spent in exile in Spain.
In 1887, at the age of 27, she married a " hired man ", Thomas Salmon Moses, and the couple established themselves on a farm in Virginia where they spent nearly two decades.
The couple spent their honeymoon in Ireland, and arrived in Sweden the 8 July 1905.
The new band hired former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, but he spent only a couple of days with the band.
Treves visited him daily and spent a couple of hours with him every Sunday.
Reputedly the couple spent little time together and the marriage ended in divorce three years later.
After marrying his American-born wife, Masha Lipshitz, in Warsaw, Poland, in 1932, the couple spent about a year in Palestine where Hutner completed his research and writing of his Kovetz Ha ' aros on Hillel ben Eliakim's commentary on midrash sifra.
They were astonished at their findings and spent a couple weeks mapping the site.
He spent the next couple of years as part of Korner's band.
However, the couple have spent the majority of their time at the modest La Zarzuela Palace, a former hunting lodge on the El Pardo estate on the outskirts of Madrid.

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