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court and can
Correlatively, can we reduce the role of the district courts, so that the action is that of the people of the community or other school district and not that of the law court??
`` By winning against Bradley, Kentucky and Notre Dame on those teams' home courts, they showed that the home court advantage can be overcome anywhere and that it doesn't take a super team to do it ''.
The right to file an appeal can also vary from state to state ; for example, the New Jersey Constitution vests judicial power in a Supreme Court, a Superior Court, and other courts of limited jurisdiction, with an appellate court being part of the Superior Court.
The nature of an appeal can vary greatly depending on the type of case and the rules of the court in the jurisdiction where the case was prosecuted.
In unusual cases the appellant can be the victor in the court below, but still appeal.
This can mean that where it is the defendant who appeals, the name of the case in the law reports reverses ( in some cases twice ) as the appeals work their way up the court hierarchy.
However, certain critical interlocutory court orders, such as the denial of a request for an interim injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court, can be appealed immediately although the case may otherwise not have been fully disposed of.
Similar to federal post-conviction relief, an appellant can petition the court to correct alleged fundamental errors that were not corrected on direct review.
The nature of this form can vary greatly from country to country and from court to court within a country.
The use of abeyance in such instances can allow such an organization to ' settle ' with the party without officially binding its actions in the future, should a new group of decision makers within the organization choose to pursue taking the dispute to court.
The ball can be advanced on the court by bouncing it while walking or running ( dribbling ) or throwing ( passing ) it to a team mate.
Lets may occur because of some unexpected disturbance such as a shuttlecock landing on court ( having been hit there by players on an adjacent court ) or in small halls the shuttle may touch an overhead rail which can be classed as a let.
Lifts, where the shuttlecock is hit upwards to the back of the opponents ' court, can be played from all parts of the court.
The server can choose a low serve into the forecourt ( like a push ), or a lift to the back of the service court, or a flat drive serve.
Once players have mastered these basic strokes, they can hit the shuttlecock from and to any part of the court, powerfully and softly as required.
This first connotation can be further differentiated into ( a ) pure common law arising from the traditional and inherent authority of courts to define what the law is, even in absence of an underlying statute, e. g., most criminal law and procedural law before the 20th century, and even today, most of contract law and the law of torts, and ( b ) court decisions that interpret and decide the fine boundaries and distinctions in law promulgated by other bodies.
The impact Roman law had decreased sharply after the age of Bracton, but the Roman divisions of actions into in rem ( typically, actions against a thing or property for the purpose of gaining title to that property ; must be filed in a court where the property is located ) and in personam ( typically, actions directed against a person ; these can affect a person's rights and, since a person often owns things, his property too ) used by Bracton had a lasting effect and laid the groundwork for a return of Roman law structural concepts in the 18th and 19th centuries.
A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar.
The constitution expanded citizens ' basic rights, including that of " tutela ," under which an immediate court action can be requested by an individual if he or she feels that their constitutional rights are being violated and if there is no other legal recourse.
A class action in such a situation centralizes all claims into one venue where a court can equitably divide the assets amongst all the plaintiffs if they win the case.
Because mass actions operate outside the detailed procedures laid out for class actions, they can pose special difficulties for both plaintiffs, defendants, and the court.

court and generally
The highest state court, generally known as the Supreme Court, exercises discretion over whether it will review the case.
If a party is dissatisfied with the finding of such a tribunal, one generally has the power to request a trial " de novo " by a court of record.
Police officers and court officials have a general power to use force for the purpose of performing an arrest or generally carrying out their official duties.
A court of appeals is an appellate court generally.
Copyrights are generally enforced by the holder in a civil law court, but there are also criminal infringement statutes in some jurisdictions.
The first court to certify will generally exclude residents of provinces whose courts have certified a parallel class action.
In practice a groveling letter of apology to the court is sufficient to ward off this possibility, and in any event the warrant is generally ' backed for bail ' i. e. bail will be granted once the arrest has been made and a location where the person can be found in future established.
Contempt of court in a civil suit is generally not considered to be a criminal offense, with the party benefiting from the order also holding responsibility for the enforcement of the order.
Unfortunately for James, this diplomatic negotiation with Spain proved generally unpopular, both with the public and James's court, with ' Arminian ' divines providing a unique source of support for the proposed union.
One exception is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which locates Arthur's court at " Camelot "; however, in Britain, Arthur's court was generally located at Caerleon, or at Carlisle, which is usually identified with the " Carduel " of the French romances.
On a breach of contract by a defendant, a court generally awards the sum that would restore the injured party to the economic position they expected from performance of the promise or promises ( known as an " expectation measure " or " benefit-of-the-bargain " measure of damages ).
When the German Empire was established in 1871, the Junker nobility controlled the army and the Navy, the bureaucracy, and the royal court ; they generally set governmental policies.
Often enormously complicated matters, ICJ cases ( of which there have been less than 150 since the court was created from the Permanent Court of International Justice in 1945 ) can stretch on for years and generally involve thousands of pages of pleadings, evidence, and the world's leading specialist public international lawyers.
It is generally allowed by a court when a defendant could reasonably have believed that the plaintiff was not going to exercise his or her legal rights and acted on that belief to his or her detriment.
To satisfy the first requirement the state must show that the suspect generally understood their rights ( right to remain silent and right to counsel ) and the consequences of forgoing those rights ( that anything they said could be used against them in court ).
Upon presenting a property agreement between spouses to a court of divorce, that court will generally assure itself of the following factors: signatures, legal formalities, intent, later intent, free will, lack of oppression, reasonableness and fairness, consideration, performance, reliance, later repudiation in writing or by conduct, and whichever other concepts of contractual bargaining apply in the context.
During the previous pontificate the Jesuits had been expelled from Portugal and from all the Bourbon courts: France, Spain, Naples, and Parma ; now the general suppression of the order was urged by the faction called the " court cardinals ", who were opposed by the diminished pro-Jesuit faction, the Zelanti (" zealous "), who were generally opposed to the encroaching secularism of the Enlightenment.
Traditionally, women are not generally permitted to serve as witnesses in an Orthodox Beit Din ( rabbinical court ), although they have recently been permitted to serve as toanot ( advocates ) in those courts.
Because state supreme courts generally hear only appeals, some courts have names which directly indicate their functionin the states of New York and Maryland, and in the District of Columbia, the highest court is called the " Court of Appeals ".
A volley is a shot returned to the opponent in mid-air before the ball bounces, generally performed near the net, and is usually made with a stiff-wristed punching motion to hit the ball into an open area of the opponent's court.
Although the bill aimed generally to overhaul and modernize all of the federal court system, its central and most controversial provision would have granted the President power to appoint an additional Justice to the U. S. Supreme Court for every sitting member over the age of 70½, up to a maximum of six.
Later cases have undermined Slocum, but generally only when the evidence is overwhelming, or if a specific law provides narrow guidelines by which there can be no reasonable question as to the required outcome, may the court enter " judgment as a matter of law " or otherwise set aside the jury's findings.

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