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cover and illustrated
This was illustrated by Pat Rawlings on the cover of the National Space Society's Ad Astra magazine.
Front cover of ' Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam ' translated by Edward FitzGerald ( poet ) | Edward Fitzgerald, illustrated by Willy Pogány
Its cover, illustrated by Donato Giancola, was awarded the Association of Science Fiction Artists Award for Best Cover Illustration in 2002.
A stone cover was placed over the burial place with two holes where pilgrims could insert their heads and kiss the tomb ; this arrangement is illustrated in the ' Miracle Windows ' of the Trinity Chapel.
They were collected and published in 1939 with cover illustrations by the author, and quickly re-published in 1940, illustrated in full by Nicolas Bentley.
Chiago has exhibited at the Heard Museum and has contributed cover art to Arizona Highways magazine and University of Arizona Press books ; Chana illustrated books by Tucson writer Byrd Baylor and created murals for Tohono O ' odham Nation buildings.
In 1873, the house of Beadle & Adams had introduced a new ten-cent format,, with only 32 pages and a black and white illustrated cover, with the title New and Old Friends.
Ironically, though the lead single was titled " Movin ' On ", the album was a regression to their previous Eurodisco sound as illustrated by their cover of Andrea True Connection's " More, More, More ".
Each cover was illustrated by Greene and colored by one of Eternity's colorists.
Vess also contributed a story to the Fables OGN 1001 Nights of Snowfall, illustrated a Books of Magic cover and produced an issue of The Dreaming ( 2000 ).
Bolland also wrote and illustrated stories for the anthology titles Heartthrobs and Strange Adventures ( 1999 ) and OGN 1001 Nights of Snowfall, as well as providing a cover each for the Gangland and Winter's Edge anthologies.
At the news that Miles J. Berkeley, a world-famous British cryptogamist, and American botanist Moses A. Curtis had collected 6, 000 species of fungi including slime molds, Minakata decided to produce an illustrated book that would cover more.
The works appeared under the name ' Alma Maria Schindler-Mahler '; the cover of the 1915 set was illustrated by Oskar Kokoschka.
The cover of Milly and Olly, illustrated by Ruth M. Hallock and published by Doubleday, Page & Company in 1914
As with SunDog, the packaging cover art was designed and illustrated by David R. Darrow.
The packaging cover art was designed and illustrated by David R. Darrow, for which Andy Jaros posed as the leftmost character pulling on the torch.
The Yellow Book, with a cover illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.
" for Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror # 7 and illustrated the back cover of Treehouse of Horror # 6.
Brinkley illustrated the cover art for Billy Joel's 1993 triple platinum album River of Dreams.
The packaging cover art and title lettering was designed and illustrated by then illustrator David R. Darrow, who is now a fine artist, painting " Everyday Paintings ".
Gil Kane illustrated the cover artwork but incorrectly drew Wolverine's mask with larger headpieces.
The cover was illustrated by Bruce Waldman.
The fiery and irascible Starr temperament and intent in the upcoming circulation war was humorously illustrated by a cover story in the monthy magazine " Arkansas Times " showing Starr squatting atop a Gazette newspaper box with a dagger between his teeth to show his seriousness.
The album's cover was designed and illustrated by Roger Dean, who had also created the artwork for the band's previous albums Fragile ( 1971 ), Close to the Edge ( 1972 ), and Yessongs ( 1973 ).

cover and article
Generally speaking, unlike dictionary entries, which focus on linguistic information about words, encyclopedia articles focus on factual information to cover the thing or concept for which the article name stands.
The Britannica does not cover topics in equivalent detail ; for example, the whole of Buddhism and most other religions is covered in a single Macropædia article, whereas 14 articles are devoted to Christianity, comprising nearly half of all religion articles.
The two articles cover much of the same ground but with different organizations ( sorted by organism in this article ; sorted by application in the other ).
The two articles cover much of the same ground but with different organizations ( sorted by application in this article ; sorted by organism in the other ).
It first appeared in short story form as the cover article for the January 1994 issue of Wired magazine and was subsequently expanded to full novel length.
In a November 2004 cover article, Fortune magazine called him " The Man Who Changed Medicine " for his positive influence on medical research.
This is probably because the term “ nanotechnology ” gained serious attention just before that time, following its use by Drexler in his 1986 book, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, which cited Feynman, and in a cover article headlined " Nanotechnology ", published later that year in a mass-circulation science-oriented magazine, OMNI.
Time magazine ran an article ' Rethinking Marx ' and put Karl Marx on the cover of its European edition in a special for the 28 January 2009 Davos meeting.
The April 6, 1970 cover of Newsweek magazine featured a red Gremlin for its article, " Detroit Fights Back: The Gremlin ".
In the NME ’ s cover article for March 2012, The Cure announced that they would be headlining a series of summer music festivals across Europe, including the Leeds / Reading Festival.
In 1998, reporter Jerry Thomas was fired by the Tribune after he wrote a cover article on boxing promoter Don King for Emerge magazine at the same time that he was writing a cover article on King for the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine.
In his 1914 article “ Disruption of Unity ”, Lenin wrote, " Under cover of ‘ non-factionalism ’ Trotsky is championing the interests of a group abroad which particularly lacks definite principles and has no basis in the working-class movement in Russia.
Other contributors to Whole Earth appeared in Wired, including William Gibson, who was featured on Wireds cover in its first year and whose article " Disneyland with the Death Penalty " in issue 1. 4 resulted in the publication being banned in Singapore.
Under Anderson, Wired has produced some widely noted articles, including the April 2003 " Welcome to the Hydrogen Economy " story, the November 2003 " Open Source Everywhere " issue ( which put Linus Torvalds on the cover and articulated the idea that the open source method was taking off outside of software, including encyclopedias as evidenced by Wikipedia ), the February 2004 " Kiss Your Cubicle Goodbye " issue ( which presented the outsourcing issue from both American and Indian perspectives ), and an October 2004 article by Chris Anderson, which coined the popular term " Long Tail.
A veil is an article of clothing, worn almost exclusively by women, that is intended to cover some part of the head or face.
Monk's Dream would become the best-selling LP of his lifetime, and on February 28, 1964, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine, being featured in the article " The Loneliest Monk ".
In September 1969 Max appeared on the cover of Life Magazine with an eight-page feature article as well as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and The Ed Sullivan Show.
In February, the Creedence foursome was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, although only John Fogerty was interviewed in the accompanying article .< ref >
Although articles by the likes of Mick Farren ( whose article " The Titanic Sails At Dawn ", a call for a new street led rock movement in response to stadium rock ) were published by the NME that summer it was felt that younger blood was needed to credibly cover the emerging punk movement, and the paper advertised for a pair of " hip young gunslingers " to join their editorial staff.
* Lifting the cover, a March 24, 2009 article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Northwest Edition.
In a May 21, 1965 Time Magazine cover article entitled " The Sound of the Sixties ," Dionne Warwick's sound was described as follows :</ br >
In an article about the British music press ' " ferocious one-upmanship campaign " of the mid-1990s, Caroline Sullivan, writing for The Guardian in February 1996, noted Suede's appearance as an unsigned band on the cover of Melody Maker as a pivotal moment in the history of Britpop:

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